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RUSH: Bernie Sanders. “Bernie Sanders defends how little he’s paying his campaign staff after complaints that they’re not even being paid what his presidential campaign says that people should be paid.” Bernie Sanders is not paying his campaign staff the $15 minimum wage that he is advocating. So Crazy Bernie “defended the pay package on Friday after the Washington Post story highlighted the fact” that Bernie’s being a little bit of a hypocrite, and then Bernie expressed frustration that his employees took their complaints to the media! He said (impression), “It does bother me that people are going outside the process and going to the media.

“That’s not acceptable. That’s not acceptable. It’s really not what labor negotiations are about and it’s improper.” Really? So your employees aren’t allowed to complain? You aren’t even giving them what you’re promising every American’s gonna get, and then they complain about it, and you tell ’em that they are violating policy. Bernie’s solution to this, by the way, has been to cut people’s hours. I’m not kidding. He has cut people from 60 hours to 40.

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