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RUSH: You know, one of the problems we have in this country is that racism has become one of the most casually thrown about insults. It’s thrown around now — if you just disagree with a minority, it could be a woman, you’re a misogynist racist. If you disagree with an African-American, you are a racist racist. And it’s gotten to the point of being absurd now. And I’d like to know where did it originate?

“Go back to where you came from.” Why is that inherently racist? I mean, if you tell some scalawag white European, you know, “Go back to where you came from,” some white liberal, “You don’t like it here, go back to where you came from.” How is that racist?

It isn’t racist. The allegation that it’s racist is meant to put people on the defensive. What it’s meant to do is to quell opposition. It’s meant to quell and stymie any kind of debate. It is a cheap throwaway insult that’s become all too easy, and it’s only thrown around when these four whack jobs get hold of the term, it’s only thrown around at Republicans or conservatives.

But it’s just too easy now and it’s — I don’t know. I think it’s lazy. But it focuses the left. It engenders hatred, which is not productive and not real, creates all kinds of acrimony. It’s just unfortunate it gets thrown around. The reason it does is because for the longest time the Democrats succeeded with it. It’s kind of ironic that it’s now being turned around and used against them and causing them to panic. They have created such a weapon out of the term that now it even gets thrown back at them by other Democrats. You can see it totally, totally bamboozled Pelosi. Totally.


RUSH: Newark, Delaware. June, great to have you with us. Hello.

CALLER: Hello. Thank you, Rush, for taking my call.

RUSH: You bet.

CALLER: Twenty-year listener, first-time caller. I’m a naturalized American citizen since 2004, and I have been voting for conservative Republicans ever since. I was born and raised in socialist China, so I know the devastation that socialism and communism can do to a country.

However, having said that, I do not want anybody to tell me to go back to where I came from just because they disagree with me politically. And let alone my children were born here. So the point I’m trying to make is I think what President Trump tweeted to The Squad of four is just outright racism. And for that, I’m not gonna vote for him again.

RUSH: Now, wait a minute. Why do you think it is racist, June?

CALLER: Why? Because think about it. Does he not know three of them were actually born in America? Of course he does. But why would he say go back to the country where you come from? The only reason —

RUSH: Well, I – (crosstalk)

CALLER: — they don’t look like me.

RUSH: No, no, no, no. No, no, no, no. Please don’t make that assumption. That’s not what this is about. You’re right, he knows three of the four are born in America. He said go back home, fix it, come back, show us how it’s done.

CALLER: We have a home. This is their home. America is their home. So is mine.

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: Where would I go if you say go back to the country where you come from? If he said that to me, I would understand, okay, I was born in China. But to my children? No, they wouldn’t, because they are born here. They’re just as American as you are.

RUSH: Yeah, proudly so, happily so. I’d never tell you to go back to the ChiComs. But if I did, it wouldn’t because I don’t like Chinese people. If I told you to go home, it wouldn’t be until you started running down my country or our country. It wouldn’t be until you started saying outrageous stuff about it. Okay. If you can do better, then, if you can do better, go back to where it’s better. That’s all he’s saying.

He’s tired of people ripping the country to shreds, a country that has made these people wealthy and has made them famous, it has saved them from where they were born and where they came from and their heritage. It has saved them. He’s tired of the lack of appreciation. A lot of people are. Race has nothing to do with his comments.

CALLER: I agree with everything else he says except that point. And there’s no need to even mention that. If he had said go to the country that you love so much, I have no problem with that.

RUSH: Okay. Well, if you’re not gonna vote for him ever again, who are you gonna vote for, who do you want —

CALLER: I think if Democrats impeach him, I would approve that. I think they’ll be doing us a favor, because a President Pence would stand a better chance for reelection than Trump.

RUSH: You think Pence would get the nomination and stand a better chance of winning reelection than Trump and you would support the Democrats impeaching him because of this comment?


RUSH: Wow. That didn’t take much for you to turn and do a 180.

CALLER: I’ve been observing Trump ever since the election. I voted for him, you know, holding my nose. He was my last choice among the Republican candidates. But, you know, I’m a Republican, so I voted for him.

RUSH: Are you at all worried about the politics of the Democrat Party? Do you consider the things that they want to do at all —

CALLER: I am very concerned. I told you, socialism, communism —

RUSH: Right. So you agree it has to be defeated?

CALLER: Absolutely. Yeah.

RUSH: Right.

CALLER: Sir, I’ve been listening to you for so many years, much of my political wisdom I derived it from you, from listening to you. So, you know, I appreciate that.

RUSH: Well, you know how many people have called me a racist over the years, you must not have ever agreed with those times.

CALLER: I have not heard you saying something like that so I don’t agree with — you know, I don’t think you are racist.

RUSH: Well, I have said it, actually. I have said it in response, when Alec Baldwin or Barbra Streisand or any of these other people promise to leave if Trump wins or if Bush won, then I would say, “Go ahead.” The problem is, they never do. They always hang in. They never do leave as they threaten to do.

CALLER: Yeah, but you never say, “Go back to the country where you come from.” Where do they come from? By saying that —

RUSH: Wait a minute. Isn’t that the story of America, that none of us are from here, that we’re all from somewhere else? Isn’t that the great beauty of America, that nobody’s actually from here? Isn’t that what they want us to believe? There aren’t any Native Americans. We are all immigrants therefore we can’t be critical of the illegal immigrants, we can’t be critical of the criminal immigrants because we’re no different. We’re all immigrants. None of us are Americans. We’re all something else first. That’s what they want us to believe.

CALLER: Come on, Rush.

RUSH: No. I’m telling you this is how the left thinks. Read the media. To try to diminish the concept of a natural-born American, they say there aren’t any. We are all something else first. It’s a land of immigrants and none of us were here except the Indians, the Native Americans. This is a constant refrain to justify and qualify illegal immigrants as citizens as well because we’re no different.

This is one of the techniques that they have been employing in journalism for the last 10 years, that nobody in America is an American, that we’re all something else first, either European or Asian or African-American or from Jamaica, wherever. This is the thing they have done to try to diminish the whole concept of a real America, that there isn’t one, that we’re all immigrants. And so none of ’em are any better than anybody else.

CALLER: Okay. If you say that, then why did he even bring that up? You know, so everybody is the same. What he said, without saying —

RUSH: What do you mean, why bring that up? You mean why did I bring it up?

CALLER: Why bring up the, you know, go back to wherever country — the country where you come from. You know, there’s no need to bring that up.

RUSH: Well, because it is a reaction. It is a reaction to people ripping the country they live in to shreds.

CALLER: Come on. We all know —

RUSH: The president’s reaction is by no means unique. What you don’t like about it is that the president said it and you don’t think presidents ought to be using that kind of language. Because everybody says it. I mean, you’ve seen bumper stickers, America, love it or leave it, they’ve been all over the place ever since there have been bumpers.

It isn’t a unique sentiment. And I think in one way, this is another kind of convoluted way that Trump, despite himself, relates to a lot of people. He talks the way a lot of people talk. Now, not you, obviously. You want Trump to be impeached and you want Pence to be the nominee and so forth. Look, I have to run, but I’m really glad, June, that you called and I’m glad you held on.

And you know what else, June? I’m glad you’re here. I’m glad you got here from the ChiComs. I’m glad you had kids here and I’m glad you’re all Americans.

CALLER: (Silence)

RUSH: The ChiComs must have sabotaged the line or something, I don’t know.


RUSH: Yeah, I heard it. Snerdley was asking me, “You kind of glossed over that. Did you not hear what the last caller said?” I heard what he said. He was June, and he said he’s an immigrant from China, and he knows full well about socialism and communism, and when he got to the United States, he learned about America from me. He learned… I heard that, but I wanted to stay focused on what his point was. I tell you, I have a little bitty different theory about June and his problems with Trump telling these whack jobs to go home, or to go back where they came from and fix it and come back, whoever.

He’s from where? He escaped the ChiComs. Folks, I’m just gonna try to impress upon you: If you have not lived under tyranny, there is no way you can understand the fear that is your everyday life. The fear of your government. The fear of anybody who is a rung above you on any ladder — social, work, whatever. Your fear at speaking out, your fear of being noticed, your fear of being spotted doing something unapproved or what have you, and not even knowing what all the rules are.

People that grow up under communism and socialism have a different outlook on life, and if they have spent a lot of time as a human being before they get out of there, it takes a long time to get rid of that fear. Having fear of the unending power of a gigantic military state is something you and I can only try to understand. Many of us think that we can, but we haven’t lived under it. So you put June who lived under the tyranny of the ChiComs…

We think the ChiComs are harmless now because they assemble iPhones and all this other stuff that we buy and that they’re exporting. And we have trade deals. And the ChiComs have got a little vestige of capitalism here, capitalism there. You don’t want to be a Muslim there. You don’t want to be gay there. You don’t want to be anything other than a devoted party person there, or you are going to be sent someplace where you will never be seen again. You’re gonna be sent to a real concentration camp, and it’s gonna be called a reeducation camp, and you may never get out of it.

Talk to the people living in Tibet. The ChiComs have been kicking the crap out of people in Tibet ever since you and I have been alive. It is something you and I can’t relate to. So here’s June. He gets here — loves America, it’s a great place — and then hears the top dog say, “If you don’t like it, go home.” I think that’s got to elicit some fear, memory/fear of what he escaped. You know, everybody has their own reality. Everybody has their own set of experiences that shape their thinking. While June did say that he thought it was racist, I’m gonna take a wild guess that it’s even worse than that.

That just reminded him of what he left.

He doesn’t want to be confronted with the fact it could happen again here, which is why the man had better pay constant attention to the Democrat Party, ’cause it’s the Democrat Party trending toward the direction he escaped. And they are doing it openly and happily with this advocacy of socialism, massive expansion of government power, infringements every day on who can say what, and what happens if you violate those laws and rules. They will destroy you. They will shame you. They will brutally attack you, as Antifa does.

That’s the modern-day left.

That’s the modern-day the Democrat Party.

The home for all of that, the political home for all of this outrageous behavior is the Democrat Party. That’s who they’re voting for. “Rush, are you really saying Pelosi…?” No. I’m not saying Pelosi is one of these mean-spirited radicals, but the mean-spirited radicals vote for her. They vote for her party. That’s their home. They’ve calculated that to achieve their political objectives, the Democrat Party’s far and away the place they need to be, and so they are populating it.

This is why I think Trump’s moves this week have been politically masterful, because he’s illustrating this, and I knew it. You know, the first day when I said, “Folks are looking at this the wrong way. Trump is tying these wackos to Pelosi and to the Democrat Party, making them the face.” “No, Rush, he’s not that sophisticated.”

Brit Hume says, “That’s too clever by half. Trump doesn’t have that kind of smarts! He doesn’t have that kind of strategy.” Now four days in, they’re all gulping. (gulp, gulp) I think… The LA Times, you name it. It’s all over the place. CBS, Major Garrett (summarized), “Oh, no, Trump is succeeding in identifying Cortez and this ragged bunch with Pelosi and the Democrat Party.” They’re getting worried about it now. Here is Sylvana in San Diego. Great to have you. I’m glad you waited. Hi.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. Thank you for taking my call. I think that what Donald Trump did with his tweet is absolutely awesome. I read his tweet. There is no racism there. And also, either by instinct or intent, the effect of that tweet is very clear and undeniable. He put a limelight on a fundamentally transformed Democrat Party. And those four women, congresswomen, are the standard-bearers of that fundamentally transformed Democrat Party that wants to fundamentally transform the United States of America.

And I’m using exactly the phraseology that I’ve been hearing from the Democrat Party officials — a number of them, very high-ranking — since the presidential election of 2008. Now, you can have this emotional debate where you say, “Do they love America or not?” But there is also another debate that you can have, which is a factual one. We know their vision. We see their vision for this fundamentally transformed America, an America without borders, an America without… You have no borders, you have no nation.

RUSH: Right.

CALLER: But we are a nation. I am a citizen of the United States of America, I am a naturalized citizen of the United States of America, and I believe in American nationhood. Now, what you have is you have the Green New Deal from them. You have treatment of illegal aliens when they come here. “Well, they have a right to have everything,” including medical help now from what we see. And it’s the ICE, it’s the police officers, it is the border protection that is the villains. So the guys that are actually protecting the law and preventing lawlessness are the villains, and those that are actually violating the law are the good guys and the best and the brightest.

RUSH: They’re the heroes!

CALLER: Yes. And the most egregious thing that is happening to me… I’m big on free speech. And all the screams of racism. When you ask a question, you’re a racist. If you run against them, you’re a racist. If you win against them, you’re a racist. “White privilege” and everything? It is absolutely killing the freedom of speech.

RUSH: Exactly my point. They’re throwing it around like people throw around Kleenex. It’s absolutely outrageous.

CALLER: Absolutely!

RUSH: And —

CALLER: (crosstalk)

RUSH: Go ahead.

CALLER: Sorry.

RUSH: Twenty seconds.

CALLER: And the freedom of speech is the keystone of a free society. Voting, you can have — and you can have it in China, you can have it in Russia, you can have it in Iran. But those are not free countries. We are a free country because we do have a freedom of speech (crosstalk)…

RUSH: Well, freedom of speech… I don’t deny freedom of speech is crucial. It’s numero uno in the Bill of Rights. But do not forget the right to private property. You take that away, that’s maybe even more disastrous than taking away freedom of speech. It’s close. I just don’t want people to forget about that aspect of our society, country either.

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