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RUSH: By the way, stand by sound bites 25 and 26 before we get back in order at number 5.

So let’s review here what happened yesterday, actually going back to before yesterday. Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and one of the others, Tlaib or Ilhan Omar, got all over Pelosi, branded Pelosi a racist, essentially, by claiming she was disrespecting freshman women of color and not giving them respect and not affording them the respect and opportunity that they deserve as the new power in the House of Representatives.

Then Trump comes out, does his thing. And the left has this mad dash reaction. Now, Pelosi is in the strangest position of her life. Pelosi used to be the standard-bearer for liberalism in the House of Representatives. She was the architect. She was the defining element in the House and throughout Democrat politics. She was, if you ran into somebody that didn’t know what a liberal was, well, just pay attention to Nancy Pelosi.

Well, then here comes Cortez and the rest of her freshman gang, and they start attacking Pelosi. And the person that really is doing the attacking is Chakrabarti — that’s his last name — the trust fund kid who is the money behind Cortez and the other three, and he’s the guy that is actually the energetic impetus behind them. And it is Chakrabarti who’s writing tweets critical of Pelosi. And he’s just the chief of staff.

And Pelosi was asked, “What do you think of what the AOC chief of staff said about you on Twitter?” And Pelosi said, “I don’t talk to staff.” Well, that ticked ’em off even more, ’cause that was a diss. And other Democrats started jumping all over Chakrabarti. Greg Meeks: You don’t do this, you do not disrespect the speaker this way. The Speaker doesn’t talk to staff. You’re nobody. You’re the chief of staff of Cortez, you’re nobody in terms of the leadership of the House of Representatives, Chakrabarti, you’re nobody.

Well, that doesn’t sit well because these people are everything. They are the future, Pelosi is the relic. And so they, without any trouble whatsoever, start calling her racist! And this is after Biden is out there being called a racist by Kamala Harris in the Democrat debate.

Now, she said, “I don’t think you’re racist, but –” and then she dumped all over him for being a racist. So these people are throwing the racist label around now at other Democrats. In the midst of all this, Jerry Nadler can’t keep control of his committee and is desperate to get Mueller in there and do anything they can to impeach Trump.

Pelosi doesn’t want that. She doesn’t want any of this because she thinks that it’s going to unify and solicited Trump’s base, which they have forever been trying to destroy. Since Trump won the presidency, the effort in the media with the Russia collusion stuff, above it all, has been to try to drive a wedge between Trump supporters and Trump because if they could do that, they can defeat Trump.

If they could make Trump’s base leave, there aren’t enough independents to make up the difference. If Trump’s base leaves there aren’t enough Republicans to make up the difference. So they’ve been trying to do — they’re bombing out. Pelosi is worried that all of this talk of impeachment, which will lose in the Senate, and she’s saying if we pursue impeachment and there’s no verdict, he’s essentially been proclaimed not guilty, we can’t do that, we can’t have this guy said to be not guilty going into the 2020 election.

So she’s been trying to talk sense into all these people but placate them at the same time. And they will not be placated. Nadler won’t be placated. Some of these little wackos in his committee won’t be placated. And the gang here of Cortez and her bunch, they will not be placated. So Pelosi was forced to go to the House floor yesterday. It is very rare the Speaker goes to the floor.

If all you took was civics 101 you think the Speaker is the floor. The Speaker seldom goes to the floor to make a speech. She did. And she condemned Trump as a racist. She had to pander to these people. She cannot tamp them down.

Well, that caused all kinds of fireworks because there is a House rule that was written by one of our slave-owning founders by the name of Thomas Jefferson that says personal insults of the president are in violation of House decorum. Personal insults of other members. And it specifically says that no racial insults or comments will be made about the president.

Well, the media is reporting this as a slave-owning founder protecting what he knew would be future racist presidents. So they’re dumping all over Thomas Jefferson, he only wrote the Declaration of Independence. One of the greatest minds in American history, and they’re trying to dump on him. Pelosi has to go to the floor, and she has to chime in. She had to pile on with “Trump is a racist” just to mollify the out-of-control whack jobs led by Cortez as described by Senator John Kennedy of Louisiana.

Well, that caused the Republicans to stand up, Doug Collins, “Wait a minute, you’re in violation of House rules. You need to be censured. That language is not permitted.” So Pelosi was ushered off the floor. Steny Hoyer agreed, her lieutenant, her number two agreed that she had really stepped in it. And the bottom line is, Nancy Pelosi’s House of Representatives was seen to violate all of the rules that they have established and all of the decorum, all of the civility.

You know, the Democrats and the Never Trumpers are out there talking about, “We need to be civil to one another. We need to be polite. We need to be well-mannered. We must not be critical of our good friends who are our opponents,” yada yada yada. Pelosi went and nuked all of that just so they could say Trump violates our values. They blew up House rules and House decorum for the express purpose of being able to accuse Trump of it.

It’s classic how Trump is driving these people crazy. Pelosi would never have done what she did yesterday under normal circumstances. She would have never gone to the floor to call Trump a racist. She’d leave that to the media. She would have never done it. Let the media do it. Let media guests do it. But now they’ve got to deal with Cortez and the whack jobs. And so Pelosi has to pander. And a floor fight erupted because Pelosi did this ahead of a vote to condemn Trump’s racist comments!

It was comical to watch this. I was getting flash emails and text messages yesterday afternoon starting about 4:30 “Rush, I hope you’re watching this,” ‘cause it was imploding on them. And everybody thinks that this is destroying Trump.

So Pelosi this afternoon had a weekly press briefing to try to explain all this. Chief congressional correspondent of CBS News Nancy Cordes said, “On your House resolution condemning the president, what do you think at the end of the day was achieved, given that it was essentially a party-line vote?”

PELOSI: That language that the president used was beneath the dignity of the president, beneath the dignity of the people he was criticizing. By the way, we were offended that he spoke in such a way about members of Congress, but we’re offended that he says that about people across the country all the time, “Go back to where you came from.” And that, by its definition, those words are racism. You go look in the AP and other places where they define certain words, that’s what that is.


PELOSI: We weren’t saying that he was racist. We were saying that the words that he used were racist.


PELOSI: So that was as gentle as it could be.

RUSH: Oh, that’s her cover now. “We weren’t saying the president is racist. It’s his words that were racist.” Well, of course, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and the other whack jobs, “No, no, no, he is a racist. You’re copping out again!” they are saying of Pelosi. When did the AP become the official dictionary of the English language? I missed that. We’re supposed to go look up what racism is according to the AP? That was a grocery chain a while back, then it became the Associated Press.

So another reporter, ABC senior congressional correspondent Mary Bruce, said, “Madam Speaker, the president is clearly trying to cast this broader debate as a choice between him and your more progressive [whack job] members. This fight has dominated the conversation this week. You’ve had your resolution. The Democrats are rallying behind these members. Are you concerned that the president is goading you?”

See, they’re all starting to catch up on this now. Four days! If they had listened to me Monday, they would have been that much ahead of the game. Now it’s Wednesday; they’re starting to figure this out. Now Pelosi is being asked, “Do you think the president is goading you?” A way to translate that is, “Is the president manipulating you? Is the president making a fool of you?”

PELOSI: With all due respect, let’s not waste our time on that. We’re talking about what we’re gonna do to help the American people. Our caucus is unified on all of that. I do think that the president is trying to — and we cannot — uh, uh, and you cannot, and we cannot, um, um, buy into his, uh, fog that he wants to create over everything. We all know the argument that can be made against us in terms of our philosophy, in terms of our, um (pause), priorities and the rest. And the president knows the argument that can be made against him and therefore he wants to distract from ’em. You have to give him credit. He’s a great distractor.

RUSH: Why are you letting him get away with it, then? You’re smarter than Trump! Trump’s a bumpkin. Trump’s an idiot! Trump doesn’t know what he’s doing. He’s too smart by half. He doesn’t know strategy. How come you’re letting him get away with all of this? Now, Roll Call has a story on this today. They say, “Pelosi and Democrats knew that if they called Trump a racist on the floor that Republicans might try to take their comments down.

“Rules Committee Chairman Jim McGovern had warned the caucus about that during their weekly meeting Tuesday morning and urged them to check with parliamentarian regarding exact language. Pelosi then chimed in, saying, ‘I’m not’ checking with parliamentarian, drawing laughter from members, according to an aide who was present,” and yet she’s lying because she said that she did check with the parliamentarian and that she got approval from the parliamentarian.

She knew last week that her remarks would violate House rules, and she even lied about having run it by the parliamentarian. This is all part of the strategy that they concocted. Folks, I think it is backfiring on them. Now, I see things not through the prism that the mainstream media presents to us. So you may think, “Rush, you’re crazy. Democrats are carrying the day on this.” I don’t think so. That’s only because the mainstream media is gonna always make it look like that. Let me give you another example.

You can say what you want about Senator Chuck You Schumer.

But when Chuck You Schumer decides that he’s gotta pick up on and support one of these radical issues, then I think it’s a heads up as to the fact that the Democrat leadership, House and Senate, is losing. Here’s the headline: “Chuck [You] Schumer Announces Support for Slavery Reparations Bill — Senate Minority Leader Chuck [You] Schumer told a small group of reporters Tuesday that he will support legislation proposed by Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-[Mars]) and Sen. Cory Booker (D-[The Moon]) to establish a commission to study reparations for slavery.”

Now, as the top Democrat in the Senate (chuckling), Schumer, is throwing in with the radicals. This isn’t gonna happen. This is pandering! The Democrats are being given the bait to go way, way left, and they’re taking it. Okay, so now we’re looking at you, Joe Biden. You had to apologize for your work with segregationists, and you had to apologize for your work against forced busing. So Democrats clearly now believe they’ve gotta go buy votes. They’ve gotta go buy support. They don’t have any big ideas.

All they’ve got is, “Destroy Trump, destroy Republicans, destroy conservatives — and buy votes.”

They have big slanders. They have big victim cards. They got big race cards. The Democrats running for president are entirely unimpressive. That’s why they have to go buy votes. And now Chuck Schumer comes out for reparations. Can Biden be far behind now? They’re losing control. They’re trying to make… I’m telling you that Schumer and Pelosi are trying to hold on to the illusion that the Democrat Party has not shifted radical — that these young, upstart freshmen are one-off, that they haven’t taken over — but the evidence is clear.

They’re running scared of ’em, and it’s Trump that’s making this happen.

Whether you agree with it or not, that is the case.

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