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RUSH:  If you binge-watch Netflix, if you stream anything and binge-watch it, you need to know that you are contributing to millions of tons of emissions pollution a year, and you are helping to destroy the planet and the climate by watching streamed video on your devices. 

That’s the latest from the tech blogs.


RUSH: So now the fear of video streaming is filtering through our young people, the fear of using their computers is causing the destruction of the planet. Now, if you can make young, impressionable minds believe that, if you can cause a panic, if you can create a panic such that a story like this counts as breaking, exciting, dangerous news, what else are you going to be able to convince them of?

I mean, the sheer stupidity, the sheer stupidity coupled with the ignorance that seems to be taking over young people today is one of the things — as I said earlier, maybe this was like it was 38 years ago when I was 30, maybe stuff was out and about and I saw it differently.

Maybe with age I get more concerned for the future because there seems to be so much sheer ignorance and stupidity among young people, and I don’t remember there being that much when I was their age, but maybe there was. I mean, you read this for comic relief and you realize every one of these people votes Democrat and every one of these people think that Trump’s a racist and every one of them thinks I am, every one of them thinks all of us are racist, bigot, sexist.

And it just adds every day, they see and read evidence that the way they live is destructive. And so they embark on these campaigns to change behavior and the way people live ’cause of the way we are living, the way we are progressing, the way we are advancing, the way we are improving America’s quality of life, is destroying the planet.

Now, an assertion like that ought to be met with sheer laughter and disbelief. Instead, it’s absorbed as truth.

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