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RUSH: Crazy Bernie’s campaign staff does not think their guy is getting a fair shake from the Drive-By Media. Again.

Last time around, Crazy Bernie complained he was ignored, while mobs of reporters followed Hillary Clinton around, and covered every Trump rally.

This time, Crazy Bernie isn’t upset about air time. He gets plenty. But his staff is complaining that journalists find Bernie annoying now. That they aren’t taking him seriously, and they wish that he and his supporters would go just kinda away. Just as bad, many pundits have already written Crazy Bernie off; they don’t think he has a chance of winning. The bloom is off the rose.

Hey, Bernie. And staff. Maybe you’re right. Maybe the Drive-Bys do find you annoying. Maybe they do wish you and your followers would go away.

But you have a bigger problem.

Last time out, Hillary was pretending to be a pragmatic moderate liberal. You were the only radical socialist game in town. Now you’ve got 20-some-odd radical liberals running for the same thing you want, and they’re all embracing socialism to one degree or another.

Crazy Bernie, you don’t stand out anymore. You’re just not new or news anymore. You’ve got competition! And, Bernie, you are annoying, and old.

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