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RUSH: Here’s Robert in Wallingford, Connecticut. You’re next on the phones, on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Rush, it’s an honor and privilege to talk to you. Observation for you. My mom, every time I walk in her house, has always got CNN on. Every TV. Every room. For the last two years, I’ve been listening to her just rattling off the CNN talking points. But in the last couple of months, I’ve noticed something a lot different. She’s not saying anything when I walk in. I said, “Mom, what did President Trump do now?” And she goes, “They have to stop doing this.” I said, “Stop doing what?”

She says, “These people, they just pick on this guy all day long, all night.” Rush, they are wearing down their own viewers. They’re gonna turn this guy into a victim, which is great. I’m not talking about the far left, ’cause they’re done — and I’m not talking about the Trump supporters, because the Trump supporters will walk through a gauntlet of baseball bats to vote for him. But I’m talking about the center-lefts and the center-rights, and it’s happening from the ground up. I just got this big a-ha moment, I had to call and tell you about.

RUSH: You know, I hope you’re right because I’ve been waiting for something. I watch CNN every day here, and I will share with you that I ask myself a variation of your mom’s question every day. ‘Cause every day, it never lets up. It has been going on since the campaign of 2016, and it never lets up. It never lessens in intensity. It never changes in focus. It is as irrational as it has always been, and I ask myself, “Is there going to come a point where the everyday, habitual CNN viewer…? “However few there are. Regardless of that. “Is there gonna be a day when they finally wake up and say, ‘Is there anything else happening today other than you don’t like Donald Trump?'”

I’ve asked myself, “How long can their views put up with it?” Now, it’s not readily answerable because it could well be that many of their viewers are seeking exactly that. I think in the case of PMSNBC, it is exactly that. That network had its audience convinced that Trump was going to jail, that Trump had stolen the election, that Trump was a traitor, that Trump had colluded personally with Vladimir Putin to steal the election from Hillary. And everybody on the air at MSNBC was assuring that audience all day, every day, for over 2-1/2 years that Trump was toast and that Mueller was going to be the person that did it.

And then the Mueller report comes in, and despite all the news throughout the 2-1/2 of years that there was never any evidence, that the Steele dossier was fake, that the FBI never had anything but the Steele dossier, that there was never any evidence… None of that ever made it on the air at MSNBC. That audience (and CNN’s as well) was completely ignorant of at least 90% of the story. Ninety percent of the story was kept from the viewers of those two networks and the readers of the New York Times. So the Mueller report comes out — no collusion and no obstruction — and the MSNBC audience dropped, over time, by 50% because they couldn’t sustain it.

I mean, they had been lied to. They had been led down the primrose path. They had been promised that Trump as gone. Trump was not just gone; he was gonna go to jail; maybe be executed! This guy was gonna be treated in such a way that all of their dreams are gonna be met; then the whole thing blows up, and since they can’t get that anymore from MSNBC, they don’t watch. Don’t know where they went, don’t know what they’re watching now, but they’re gone. Their audience has been halved, and it continues to lose. The network continues to lose audience, and CNN has much less audience than MSNBC did.

So I’ve been asking myself, “At some point, when do these people that watch this stuff every day reach their limit?” My theory is human nature has to take over here at some point. Some of these people gonna have to wake up and say, “Wait a minute!” Some of it’s so over the top that it becomes comical. You could write skits about, “Trump got up, the toothpaste tube was empty, Trump throws it at sink — breaks sink, window, mirror, whatever,” and they would go nuts with that, that kind of silly stuff.

That’s how desperate they were to find anything negative on Trump because, in reality, nothing negative really happened or existed. So I hope your mother is an indication of this, and I think she is. Human nature is human nature, it’s undeniable, and people’s emotional reservoirs are only capable of holding so much anyway before boredom and exasperation set in. The timing could not be better for people to all of a sudden start realizing that they’re not watching news on CNN or MSNBC. They’re watching something entirely different and they’re being lied to in the process.

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