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RUSH: Do you know that almost a million people have signed up to “storm” Area 51? That’s the super-secret military base in Nevada where UFO kooks think the government is hiding aliens, alien life forms.

A Facebook event-page titled “Storm Area 51, They Can’t Stop All of Us!” is supposedly organizing a 3 a.m. raid on the Alien Center tourist attraction on September 20th. Kinda like caravans from Central America have been organized to storm our southern border. It’s a kook surge, is what it is.

This prank has gotten enough momentum for The Washington Post to actually call the Air Force and ask for comment. Spokeswoman Laura McAndrews didn’t say what would happen if a mass caravan of kooks showed up to raid Area 51 looking for aliens. But she did say it’s a training range for the Air Force, that they discourage anyone from trying to enter an area where American armed forces are being trained. She said the Air Force stands ready to “protect America and its assets,” which I guess includes aliens, alien bodies, alien technology, whatever the kooks think is there.

Kooks, the southern border may be porous, but I think Area 51 isn’t. You might want to rethink this.

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