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RUSH: Democrats have a new “race warrior”: Mayor Pete Buttigieg. With almost no support among African-American voters, Mayor Pete announced a plan to fight racism in America. And maybe South Bend, Indiana,  where it maybe outta control.

He calls it the “Douglass Plan,” named after Republican abolitionist Fredrick Douglass. How does the plan work? First: use the federal treasury to buy votes. Buttigieg will hand out $10 billion to black entrepreneurs. He’ll give another $25 billion to historically black colleges.

There’s more. Somehow, Mayor Pete is going to reduce the prison population by 50%, expunge drug convictions, and pass a new Voting Rights Act. I guess that’s to ensure the convicts he lets out of prison can head straight to the polls and vote Democrat for him. Oh, and he’ll legalize marijuana.

So: new government benefits; let convicts out of jail; criminal amnesty; and let folks smoke all the pot they want on the way to the polling place, as they vote Democrat. That is what Mayor Pete thinks African-Americans want, that they crave!

His plan speaks volumes about how he sees African-Americans. Yes, it’s pandering. But he’s a Democrat, and race pandering is Democrat Playbook 101.

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