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RUSH: The Drive-By Media is in a bit of a panic. Robert J. Mueller the 14th is saying that he may not want to testify next week. And so they’re talking about either postponing it or delaying it or at, panic worse, he might not even ever show up. And there’s one reason why they want Mueller to show up, and it’s purely to kick start the impeachment proceedings again because while nobody was looking they’ve died.

The impeachment impetus, the momentum, the inertia is dead. It’s vanished. It never did amount to anything in terms of substance. It was always just a Democrat Party show, but even the show has come to a screeching halt. So they want Mueller to come back to reignite the impeachment atmosphere.

But the problem they have is that Mueller can’t say anything beyond what’s in the report. If he happened to or did go beyond the report there would be hell to pay from any number of quarters, including the Department of Justice. Mueller doesn’t want to face questions from the Republicans on the panel.

And there’s another, there’s another thing that’s come up with this. Nadler wants this to take place with just two or three, maybe five Democrats on the committee asking questions, the, quote, unquote, most informed. But there are 41 Democrats on the Judiciary Committee and the vast majority of them want their two minutes to grandstand.

What’s happening is that Nadler is figuring out that he’s gonna be in charge of a circus, and when it comes time to end it he won’t know how. I mean, gracefully. When the self-imposed time limit that Mueller has placed on it, like two hours, when that comes, how does Nadler end this?

If he could get his Young Turks on the committee and the rest of the crazy Democrats to agree to give up their time to three or four Democrats on the committee who are more informed that could bore in, Nadler thinks he would have a better show. But the 41 Democrats don’t want to give up their time and they don’t want to ask Mueller questions. They want to make their little statements for the cameras for reelection ads and so forth. So we’re following that.

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