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RUSH: The riff between Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Pelosi. Trump defended Pelosi today. I defended Pelosi — well, I didn’t actually defend her, but when I was on Fox & Friends I said it’s mildly amusing to watch this internecine battle going on in the Democrat Party. We generally don’t see one Democrat accusing another of being a racist, but Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez did accuse Pelosi of having a bias against newly elected women of color.

And Trump came out and defended Pelosi while trashing Paul Ryan. He ripped Paul Ryan apart limb by limb, praised Pelosi as somebody who is not a racist. And now there’s a comical story that accompanies this. The Congressional Black Caucasians are ticked off. The Congressional Black Caucasian members are furious at Justice Democrats — what are they calling themselves? The gang? What is Cortez and her buddies calling themselves? The Squad. Right, right. Is it something squad or just The Squad? Just The Squad.

Anyway, Congressional Black Caucasian members are furious at The Squad, accusing the outside progressive group, Justice Democrats, of trying to oust lawmakers of color, particularly African-American lawmakers. What’s happening is you’ve got these members of the Congressional Black Caucasians, let’s be honest, they’ve been sitting there on their chairs for all these years, and that’s it.

When it has come time to come out with a hate-filled screed against the Republicans, go call John Lewis or call Elijah Cummings or call James Clyburn, and they will fall right in line. But that’s about it. And Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the Justice Democrats, The Squad, they’re fed up with these people not doing any work. They’re just sitting there occupying space, and they’re talking about primarying members of the Congressional Black Caucasians.

Of course, this has gotten them off of their chairs. Congressional Black Caucasians are really, really mad at Ocasio-Cortez and her buddies for trying to get rid of them. And this is great to watch. Now, they asked me about this on Fox & Friends today, and my answer to this may have not been satisfactory to some of you, but I think what’s happening right now does not really matter.

The Democrat Party’s been falling apart long before this, folks. The Democrat Party exists for one reason the past three years, that’s to get Donald Trump. And they have failed. And they have failed gloriously. They have failed publicly. They have failed magnificently, and it’s ripping them apart. And that’s the real reason for the disunity.

The real reason for Democrat disunity is failure. They have failed in their objectives. Even after winning the midterms, they still have failed in their objectives. Their primary objective, despite whatever else is on their agenda, is getting rid of Trump. And every day Trump reminds them that they are impotent in their number one objective.

He reminds the Drive-By Media that they are impotent. They’ve launched everything, you know the drill here. They’ve launched everybody they’ve got at Trump. He’s smiling, he’s laughing, and he’s ramming it right back down their throats. He’s governing, got the best economy going, changing trade deals to the advantage of the United States.

The bottom line, he’s undeterred. They’ve not slowed him down. They’ve not distracted him. He continues to just race forward despite every effort they’ve made. And so now, since they have failed, all of these people in the Democrat Party are turning fire on each other.

I firmly believe that what Ocasio-Cortez is really mad about — and there are many things — what she’s really mad about, trying to take advantage of, is that these old lions in the party have failed to get rid — they all hate Trump. Make no mistake. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, all these people in The Squad, they hate Trump. They hate Trump as much and more than anything. And since the old war horses of the party and their media buddies have failed to even make a dent, they’re turning fire on each other.

Now, it’s being made to look like for entertainment consumption that Ocasio-Cortez is upset at Pelosi. And she is. But it’s not as generational as we are being led to believe. That’s certainly a factor. I’m not gonna deny it. But there’s an overriding, overarching reason for the disunity, for the anger. And that’s because they have all failed at getting rid of Trump.

And they are now starting to point fingers at each other, fingers of blame. You’re the reason we haven’t gotten rid of Trump because you’re old. You’re the reason we haven’t gotten rid of Trump because you’re too old, you’re too tired, you don’t know how to fight Trump. We do. That’s the overarching thing.

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