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RUSH: Andrew Cuomo, the governor of New York, has written an op-ed in the New York Daily News. He’s very proud of this. Very, very proud. “The Progressive Predicament in New York, and Across America: Democrats Must Be More about Delivering Results Rather than Making Promises.”

This is stunning! The brother of Fredo Cuomo — this is Andrew Cuomo — is making amazing admissions here about the failures of liberalism. He doesn’t know that’s what he’s doing, but it’s exactly what he’s doing. He outlines all the promises that left-wing progressives make and then blasts everybody who makes these promises for never delivering on them.

This is an amazing admission to me. Progressivism, liberalism, whatever you call it, regardless how much money they have, they cannot solve these problems, whatever they are. They get off on promising and proposing. And they keep people forever on the come. They never deliver because it doesn’t work. They couldn’t keep their promises if their lives depended on it. And they’re destroying so much as they try to.

Here’s a pull quote. “New York exemplifies the promise and the peril in defining progressivism.” Well, boy, that’s a damn truth as it fails. New York exemplifies the promise and the peril in defining liberalism. Another pull quote. “The only response is demanding more money for a broken system. Where is the concerted progressive outrage and, more importantly, decisive action that fixes a broken bureaucracy?”

What he’s saying is that all these people ever do is complain. They complain, and they promise to fix. And if you doubt this, look at the Democrat campaign. What is it? We’re gonna forgive your student loan debt. We’re gonna give free health care to every illegal citizen. Your taxes are gonna go up to pay for it. We’re gonna let anybody who wants in the country get in the country. Stuff that’s impossible, stuff that would never happen. But they’re promising it.

And then the problems that these promises cause, not because the promises are kept, but because they’re not kept. You go out and you promise people all this stuff — how many people do you think their student loans are gonna be forgiven? And it’s not gonna happen. The health care for illegals — I think in California they’re already doing that. If that’s something they could do if they could and they will try, but the fact is 90%, if not more, of what they promise they cannot deliver on.

What’s the big promise of liberalism? Utopia. The big promise of liberalism’s utopia and peace and sameness and equality and nobody’s offended ever and nobody’s feelings are hurt, and it’s getting rid of all the bullies and everybody who makes you feel like a victim. And yet is there ever any progress on any of that? Bullies are still out there. Victims are still victims. Student loans still exist. Student debt still exists.

I mean, they do not, they never, they cannot – because liberalism doesn’t work — they cannot keep these promises. And yet they continue to make them. And they make them. And they make them. And the promises are amplified in the Drive-By Media, which makes people believe that they’re really gonna happen someday. Then they don’t happen, and that’s when people get mad.

But they don’t blame the liberals who’ve made these outrageous, outlandish promises which can’t be kept. They blame Republicans for opposing it. They blame Republicans for stopping it. They blame talk radio. They blame conservatism. They blame Fox News when their own leaders can’t deliver on their promises.

Listening to that Democrat debate and this never-ending long line of “I guarantee you and I promise you and I’m gonna give you,” is it any wonder those people are insane? Because all of their lives they have been promised all of these solutions, and they never happen. Look at the African-American population. For over 50 years the African-American population has rolled the dice that the Democrat Party’s gonna protect ’em, gonna take care of ’em, gonna give them things, gonna provide economic opportunity, whatever, the Democrat Party is gonna do it.

The Democrat Party doesn’t do it. The Democrat Party takes their vote for granted. They never come through. The Democrat Party is reduced to telling African-Americans we’re gonna protect you from all those white racist Republicans. We’re gonna make sure that racism doesn’t succeed, racism doesn’t prosper. They can’t even promise that. Because they’re out there misdefining racism, and they’re falsely accusing people of being racists.

So they keep people that vote for ’em in a constant rage and a constant fit of anger mixed with disappointment. The trick that they’ve gotten away with is blaming us for all of their failure, all of their shortcomings. They promised the entire viewing audience of MSNBC that we’re gonna get rid of Trump. Trump hasn’t been gotten rid of.

Meanwhile, African-American lifestyles are vastly improved precisely because of Donald Trump. African-American unemployment, all-time record low, ditto Hispanic unemployment. When you talk about actual improvement in lifestyle and prosperity, the Trump administration has meant more in the past two and a half years for the African-American population than 50-plus years of allegiance and loyalty to the Democrat Party.

So here comes Andrew Cuomo writing about it, admitting it! “We gotta stop making promises we can’t keep, and we gotta start keeping the promises.” The problem is, they can’t. Every tax increase has been going to do what? Every tax increase is gonna take money away from the rich and give it to the poor. We still have the poor. Every tax increase was gonna punish the rich. The rich were gonna lose what they had, and that money was gonna go to the middle class and they were gonna be all prosperous and become really rich. The rich are still rich, their money is still in their hands. The poor are still poor, the poor are not moving up with the Democrat Party in charge.

Not a single promise has been kept. And they continue to use the tactics of fear to get people to vote for them. It’s amazing what Andrew Cuomo has actually written here. He thinks he’s written a great op-ed. He put a press release out calling people’s attention to it. What he’s really done is identify, acknowledge, and admit liberal or progressive Democrat failures and explain why.

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