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RUSH: The Drive-By Media, they don’t care about Jeffrey Epstein. I’m gonna tell you right now, the Democrat Party and the Drive-By Media don’t care about the abuse of young girls. They don’t care about pedophiles. Do you know how many pedophiles there are that are big donors in the Democrat Party? I can name three of them with the help of a Michelle Malkin column today, which is just disgusting to read. I am going back and forth on whether or not I should read excerpts of it to you ’cause it’s just disgusting.

Some of the gigantic, big donors on the Democrat side who are genuine pedophiles of dubious, questionable character, and the Democrats sweep it all under the rug for the sake of money. And that’s the only reason they care about Jeffrey Epstein. They don’t care about what Epstein did.

Why is Alex Acosta the story, the Secretary of Labor, the former U.S. attorney for the Southern District of Florida in Miami? Back in 2006 when this case originally was adjudicated, why is Alex Acosta the story? Acosta didn’t do anything to anybody. I’ll have more on this as the program unfolds.

I told you yesterday that Acosta unloaded on someone who really is culpable on this but is also a gigantic Democrat, or was, and is not gonna get mentioned in this. But in comparison, Acosta, the labor secretary, former lawyer versus Epstein, there’s no comparison. They’re trying to make Acosta the story, they’re trying to make Trump the story. They’re trying to eliminate and erase any involvement Bill Clinton had.

We’ve already discovered that Clinton lied about the timeline of his friendship or relationship or whatever it was with Epstein. We found out that Clinton had dinner with Epstein in 1995 which predates any acknowledged or admitted date that Clinton and Epstein got together.

There isn’t any mystery about this. Epstein’s a bad guy. He’s a pedophile. He’s been known as a pedophile for years. The Democrats didn’t care about Epstein in 2006 when this case went down. They didn’t care about what he had done then. They didn’t care about who he had done it to. They didn’t care about the victims coming forward then. And they don’t really care about it now.

They care about it now for the express purpose of maybe they can get Trump because that’s all they’ve got, get Trump, get Trump, get Trump. Everything is about get Trump. The Drive-By Media thinks that’s how they can keep the Democrat Party unified.

Then here comes Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez blowing the premise to smithereens by taking on Pelosi and causing Pelosi to respond, now accusing Pelosi of having a bias and singling out newly elected women of color? When’s the last time you ever heard of a prominent Democrat being charged with racism or bigotry or sexism or anything of the kind? “Well, it’s early, Rush. They got plenty of time put this back together.”

Folks, they’re not together. They haven’t been unified. They have been turned upside down since 2016. They have been out of sorts, disunified, turned upside down, and wandering aimlessly through the political muck since 2016. They still haven’t gotten over what happened to ’em. And anything that looks like unity is a show of unity.

This ongoing, daily and now multiple-times-a-day insanity and lunacy is ratcheting up. There is more and more of it. And it is born of two things: What they really believe, things they hold dear, policies they really want to accomplish like the Green New Deal and free health care for illegal aliens and abortion after birth — they believe all this stuff. But they’re also being motivated by their inability to get Trump.

So they’ve launched everything they’ve got. It hasn’t worked so they keep inventing new things, they’re going crazier and crazier trying to get Trump. “But, Rush, but, Rush, the SDNY, they’re the ones pursuing Epstein.” They’re pursuing Trump, folks. If they get Epstein as an ancillary, fine. But don’t be surprised the way this ends up. And I’m not gonna make a prediction right now.

There’s a rumor out there. I mentioned this. I alluded to it. I don’t know if there’s anything to it or not, but I’ve seen it floating around a couple, three different places. The rumor goes something like Epstein has offered the SDNY to name everybody, everybody that came to his homes and shared the young girls with him in exchange for no more than five years behind bars. Now, I don’t know if there’s any truth to this, but it’s being floated.

The fact of the matter is that rich Democrats simply are not held accountable. Rich Democrats get away with it, rich Democrats get away with it in a court of public opinion, they get away with it in the court of law more often than not. I mean, look at Weinstein, Harvey Weinstein.

How many years have we known what Weinstein did, and they still can’t make a move on the guy? He’s lost his legal team now. His legal team abandoned him because it’s impossible to work with him, they say. While he’s without legal representation, you can’t move on him. So it may be strategic that he keeps firing his lawyers or his lawyers keep quitting.

In the meantime, all they care about with Epstein is getting Trump. Let’s go to the audio sound bites. I’ll show you what I mean. We’ll start with number two. We’ve put together a montage today. Remember, now, Jeffrey Epstein’s been doing what he’s been doing with underage girls for decades. In 2006, it was made public.

One thing about this. I have referenced this I don’t know how many times, the Palm Beach police report, the chief at the time was a man named Michael Reiter, R-e-i-t-e-r. They did the investigative work. They got all of the evidence. They had mountains of evidence, and they turned it over to the Palm Beach state attorney’s office, which didn’t do anything with it. It’s an elective office, the Palm Beach County state attorney at the time was a very active Democrat, didn’t do anything with it, said there was nothing to do with it.

The police department in Palm Beach was beside itself. They considered this to have been some of their greatest, some of their best investigative work. It involved months. There was reams of evidence. There were witnesses. And it was just buried. And Alex Acosta mentioned this yesterday in his press conference, we have this coming up.

He said, “We had to come in and do something because the real culprit here is the state attorneys office in Palm Beach County, wanted to let Epstein walk. They weren’t gonna do anything.” My point here is that everybody and their uncle has known who Jeffrey Epstein is since long before 2006. But in 2006, the American public was made aware of who Epstein is, but not much, ’cause the Drive-Bys didn’t cover it much then because there was no Trump to dump him on.

Back then Epstein was solely running around with Democrat politicians, so it was time to follow the lead of the Palm Beach state attorney’s office and cover the whole thing up with a shroud so that nobody could see it. But some of the news leaked out, we found out who Epstein was. Nothing happened to Epstein then. He was given a year and a half jail time, 12 hours a day, allowed to leave jail, go home, do whatever he wanted to do. I mean, the essence of a slap on the wrist.

The people that have really been wronged here, the Palm Beach Police Department and people involved in the investigation back then are still livid over this. If they had consulted me, I could have told them what was gonna happen to ’em. I’ve had my own encounters there. But I don’t want to make this about me. I just have some surface personal experience with this. It’s a highly politicized office. And they weren’t about to take action against such a ranking, wealthy Democrat donor and fundraiser and friend of the Clintons.

This is pre-Obama, don’t forget. This is 2006 when this goes down. And the Palm Beach Police Department has really — I mean, the amount of work they put in on this, ’cause this was happening in their jurisdiction. But they’re kind of like the FBI, they can’t charge anybody. Have to take it to the courts, take it to the prosecutors. The prosecutors wanted to sit on it. So that’s how it ended up in Acosta’s office down at the U.S. attorney’s office Southern District of Florida in Miami.

So here’s the montage we put together. Drive-By Media. We’ve got NBC, we got ABC. We got the New York Times. We got CNN. We have NBC. We have NBC. We have PBS. We have MSNBC. Listen to all of these people talking about this.

LESTER HOLT: Tonight, the sex trafficking case against Jeffrey Epstein and its ties to the Trump administration.

HALLIE JACKSON: The relationship between President Trump and Jeffrey Epstein.

BILL RITTER: Epstein. He’s rich and was once well connected to people like Donald Trump.

CHRIS STIREWALT: Donald Trump was friends with Jeffrey Epstein.

MICHELLE GOLDBERG: He was very close to Donald Trump.

CHRISTINE ROMANS: Trump and Epstein.

DAVE BRIGGS: Epstein and Trump.

PHIL DRUCKER: Trump and Epstein.

NICOLLE WALLACE: Epstein and Trump.

CHRIS HAYES: Trump and Epstein.

CHARLIE SYKES: Jeffrey Epstein and Donald Trump.

JOE SCARBOROUGH: Donald Trump and Jeffrey Epstein.

ANNIE KARNI: Donald Trump and Jeffrey Epstein.

JOYCE VANCE: It is so hard to avoid the comparison between Epstein and Trump.

RUSH: No, it’s not. It’s very easy to avoid it. There was hardly any relationship. Trump threw him out of Mar-a-Lago once because he was soliciting young girls there, hitting on them. Threw him out of Mar-a-Lago. This is the kind of thing that if you let it, it can infuriate you. This is such a pack of lies. This is so obviously a political hit piece.

They don’t care about Epstein. They don’t care about things that he did to young girls. This is the women party, this is the party of feminists and female advancement and making sure nothing happens to women. Isn’t it strange that most of the sex predators that we learn about happen to be Democrats, who happen to be wealthy Democrats, who happen to be given a pass on all of it.

These people in the media are looking so incompetent and so foolish and and so obvious. They’re not fooling anybody here. Trump and Epstein? There’s never been any linkage between Trump and Epstein up until the past week. Any time Epstein was in the news it was always about Clinton and always about other Democrats.

When Epstein was released from his year and a half prison sentence in the Palm Beach County jail, he had a celebratory dinner. Among the people there, George Stephanopoulos, the Clinton war room and ABC News, Katie Couric of everywhere in news, and like-minded people. Donald Trump wasn’t there. There wasn’t anybody from the Trump Organization at Jeffrey Epstein’s celebration dinner after getting out of jail, Palm Beach County jail. This is such a transparent and such an obvious case of journalistic malpractice.

Now let’s move to Alex Acosta. In fact, let’s not. Let me take a break so I’ve got a decent amount of time on the other side. We’ll go to Alex Acosta’s press conference yesterday.


RUSH: So whatever happened to Russia collusion? Now it’s Epstein? Epstein’s gonna bring down Trump? And how about the shelf life of Megan Rapinoe? She didn’t even get past the Espys last night. Yesterday she was gonna take Trump out. What happened to her? Had the Espys last night, the one stage that she did not use the F-word on was the Espy stage last night. We got audio sound bites of that too.

You won’t believe the groveling that was going on on that show last night, men to women. Women got on the stage, they couldn’t even deign to acknowledge that men were in the audience. The men on mic all did everything they could, “Please love me, I love you so much, oh, my God. We couldn’t be anywhere we are without you.” It’s such a one-way street these days. It’s kind of embarrassing in a way.

But nevertheless yesterday Megan Rapinoe was gonna take Trump out, something has obviously gone wrong because now it’s Epstein. Epstein got a day off yesterday. Now he’s be back. What happened? And now Mueller doesn’t want to testify. It means, folks, that everything they have tried to get rid of Trump has blown up.

They are no different than Wile E. Coyote chasing the Road Runner. Literally everything blows up in their face. It is really funny to watch it. It can infuriate you if you don’t watch it with the right attitude.


RUSH: The audio sound bites we’re up now to Alexander Acosta. He’s the current labor secretary, ran the office of the Southern District of Florida, U.S. attorney’s office, Southern District Florida in Miami at the time Jeffrey Epstein was sentenced to a year and a half of jail time in the Palm Beach County jail. It was Acosta’s office that made the deal. He’s come under incredible scrutiny.

There are people who watched Acosta’s press conference yesterday who aren’t buying it, who think the guy ought to go, he ought to resign. He tried to make it look like they did everything possible and but didn’t do anything possible or as much as possible and basically was part of the cabal that let Epstein skate.

Acosta has maintained that they got the best deal they could at the time, and yesterday one of the bits of evidence — ah, not evidence. One of the reasons that he offered was that they had to take the case because the Palm Beach state attorney’s office was gonna let Epstein walk and they thought that was just unacceptable.

He gave an explanation of how difficult it is to get convictions with juries in cases like this because some of the victims don’t want to come forward, some of them don’t want to relive some of them, some of them can be destroyed on cross examination. They made the case that they pretty much got the best they could get. And there are a lot of people that think that’s bogus and they’re not satisfied with it, who think Acosta is trying to skate.

There are people who think that Acosta was in on the deal to let Epstein walk, not just the state attorney’s office in Palm Beach. There are a lot of people who think that all of law enforcement, no matter where you go, was involved in this because he was a big time political player.

He was too important to too many people, raising too much money, entertaining way too many people, or a lot of people, and had a lot of dirt on a lot of people, people going in and out of Epstein’s house, he supposedly has video and photographs of them and could implicate anybody he wants to who was inside. So there was a lot of fear about pursuing Epstein.

But now, see, none of those concerns exist because this is an effort to get Trump. That’s all this is now. Don’t be fooled. Don’t buy into this idea that this is about Epstein finally being held accountable. That’s not what this is about. If Epstein gets caught up in it, then that will be a sad thing. The effort here is to nail Trump.

The problem is that Trump doesn’t have anywhere near the involvement with this guy that other high profile, well-known Democrats do. I have a couple of sound bites from Acosta’s press conference yesterday. Here’s the first.

ACOSTA: The district attorney of Palm Beach County reviewed the evidence and recommended a single charge. And that charge would have resulted in no jail time at all, no registration as a sexual offender, and no restitution to the victims. Further, the state attorney’s office allowed Epstein to self-surrender and arraigned him the following morning. Simply put, the Palm Beach state attorney’s office was ready to let Epstein walk free, no jail time, nothing. Prosecutors in my former office found this to be completely unacceptable, and they became involved.

RUSH: Yeah, they were asked to get involved at the same time. They may have decided to get involved on their own. It was outrageous. And again, if any of you want to spend time Googling this and reading up on it, you really need to focus on all of the work and the evidence that was produced by the Palm Beach police department. That’s where this case was made. And that’s where all of the evidence that was developed was pretty much abandoned or ignored.

Now, to a certain point here, Acosta is correct, the Palm Beach County state’s attorney’s office went light on Epstein. There’s no question about that. It’s a great example of the dual system of justice when political people are involved that has existed in the country for a long time. The latest manifestation of it is the effort to hold Trump accountable for something that he didn’t do, colluding with Russia, while ignoring the people who actually did that, Hillary Clinton and others in her campaign. It’s a clear dual system of justice.

Here’s the second bite. This is Acosta explaining how his office became involved in the case in the first place.

ACOSTA: Our office became involved. Our prosecutors, as this 2008 article recounts, presented the ultimatum: Plead guilty to more serious charges, charges that require jail time, registration, and restitution, or we’d roll the dice and bring a federal indictment. Without the work of our prosecutors, Epstein would have gotten away with just that state charge.

RUSH: Now, for all intents and purposes, that’s true, but the people angry at Acosta today — and, by the way, some of them are women. There are a lot of women mad at Acosta because they think he didn’t pursue it strongly enough, didn’t follow up and just washed his hands of it after it was over, while Epstein continued to do what he did. Epstein hasn’t stopped any of this activity. He’s been doing this ever since this deal was made in 2006.

He goes to jail for a year and a half, 12 hours a day, gets out, has been engaging in the same kind of activity, according to people monitoring it. And nothing has happened to him and that Acosta didn’t pursue it any further and they think Acosta’s copping out here and claiming this was the best he could do. But no matter how you slice it, it’s not about Acosta. Getting Acosta is a way of getting Trump.

The media is totally focused on having — when I say media, by the way, it’s the Democrats. The Democrats, slash, Drive-Bys are totally focused on getting Trump. And if they can force the labor secretary to resign in disgrace and in humiliation, then they’ve got a story. “Trump’s labor secretary, slap on the wrist to Jeffrey Epstein, resigns,” so forth. That’s all this is. That’s all this opportunity represents.

And I’ll make you a prediction. However this ends up and if it ends up that Acosta doesn’t resign, and if it ends up that they can’t get Trump on this, they’ll drop the Epstein thing. They’ll let whatever the SDNY does, they’ll let it happen in invisibility. We will not know how this case is progressing.

Now, I’ve run that theory by some people, and they’re telling me, “Rush, you’re wrong this time. Epstein’s not gonna get away with this. This is really, really bad for Epstein, Rush, and the reason is all of these young girls that were ignored and not listened to 13 years ago are now adults, and they and their parents are loaded for bear, and they’re bringing civil cases against Epstein, and this is not gonna go away this time. Epstein is in a serious circumstance, and they can’t let him go with a slap on the wrist.”

Okay. I hope you’re right, those of you who subscribe to that theory, but I’m just predicting: This is not gonna get Trump. This is not gonna get Trump out of the White House. It’s not gonna interrupt his campaign. Even if Acosta resigns, this is not going to get Trump. And whenever that is realized, like Rapinoe, yesterday Megan Rapinoe was gonna get Trump. Don’t deny it. That’s why she was being lauded. That’s why she was being feted. That’s why she was being celebrated. Megan Rapinoe was not gonna go to the White House. She wasn’t gonna go deign to go talk to that reprobate, that scum, ogre, Trump.

Okay. So she’s a one-day flash in the pan, gone with the ESPYs last night. So now they’ve gotta move on. Now they’re back to Acosta. Whenever this ends up with Trump not being damaged, they’re gonna move on to something else, and you will not hear Epstein’s name again. I don’t know what it will be. Next one’s gonna be Mueller coming back next Wednesday. CNN is already effectively doing a countdown. It’s six days away, and CNN’s already talking about the special anchors they’re gonna have coming in with wall-to-wall coverage.

Meanwhile, Mueller and his crew are trying to chicken out of this thing and not show up at all because Mueller doesn’t want any more of this. So whatever and whoever the latest weapon the Democrats glom onto think that this is gonna be the thing that gets rid of Trump, when that blows up in their face like it does to Wile E. Coyote, something else is gonna have to pop up and replace it.

And it will be something. Who knows what it is, but it will be something and we’ll be sitting here dealing with that. People gonna be saying, “What happened to Epstein?”

“Well, that didn’t pan out. Trump’s still in the White House.” ‘Cause they don’t care about Epstein.


RUSH: Holy smokes, Snerdley. Have you seen this? Have you seen what Epstein’s lawyers have proposed as a bail package? Epstein’s lawyers have proposed a $77 million bail package. They’re offering to put up his town house on East 71st Street and a jet as collateral. They’re offering $77 million bail package to get Epstein out of jail. This is unprecedented.

Now, in no way using every bit of experience guided by intelligence at our disposal, there is no way this guy should be granted bail. No way. And the fact that his lawyers have proposed a package of $77 million — if everything we’ve heard about Epstein’s wealth is true, $77 million, he wouldn’t miss it. The guy is a multibillionaire.

And you know what’s interesting, there are now beginning to be stories written about how the hell did he get his wealth. And a couple of stories are alleging that his wealth resulted from a Ponzi scheme, not like Madoff’s, but it was a Ponzi scheme that generated all kinds of wealth and is still active. And they mention one of the mentors or associates that he partnered with to create this.

So there is an increasing amount of scrutiny and curiosity about how Epstein acquired the wealth that he’s got. Now, under normal circumstances, there is no way a judge — and you can take this to the bank — there’s no way bail would be granted in a case like this, given the guy’s wealth. He’s got six homes around the world, he’s got two private jets, he’s got all kinds of friends in every strata of society that would help him steal out of town late at night, go to some part of the world where there is no extradition treaty. There’s no way. And his lawyers know it.

Offering $77 million — Rachel, you ever heard that? You’re in court. You ever heard of a $77 million bail proposal package? The bail hearing is scheduled for today, which is why the news has reached us about the size of the proposal. His townhouse, seven story townhouse, Number 9 East 71st Street, right off of the park at Fifth Avenue, in the neighborhood of $70 million, probably more given what real estate’s going for in Manhattan these days.

Throw a jet in there. The value of his townhouse and a jet thrown in would be way more than $77 million. So there might be some cash and the like in there. But it’s still mind-boggling, but we will learn a lot, we will learn a lot if Epstein is granted bail. Anybody else in a similar circumstance and it would be such a long shot.



RUSH: Here is Ray in Livermore, California. Welcome, sir. Great to have you with us today.

CALLER: It’s great to be here making all the right people angry dittos to you, Rush.

RUSH: Thank you, sir.

CALLER: Yes. And as you said before, once you say something there is not much left for us to say, but I will give it a try.

RUSH: Go for it.

CALLER: I was listening to the press conference with Acosta yesterday, and from what I got from the media is that the prosecutor, Acosta, is responsible for the perverted actions of the accused Epstein. Did I read that correctly?

RUSH: Well, yeah, if you strip it down to what they’re attempting to do, they’re trying to take as much attention off Epstein as they can and shuffle it to Trump and Acosta is the route to Trump on this story. So, yeah, essentially, they’re trying to say that Acosta is the reason that Epstein was able to do what he did because Acosta also gave him a slap on the wrist and wasn’t serious about it.

CALLER: So the reporters enter that room shooting everything through the lens that how does this make Trump look bad and laying bare their open bias and hatred for this administration —

RUSH: Yeah. I don’t even think it’s a calculation anymore. I don’t think that they have to get together and strategize, “Okay. How do we turn this against Trump?” It just automatically happens. The Trump hatred has become so ingrained and so part of their fabric that if there is a story like this involving a bad guy, that even if he just had a phone call with Trump 20 years ago, “Ah-ha, get Trump!”

Because the whole reason for the Drive-By Media’s existence today is to get Trump. And so this is the latest, they think, opportunity to do that. And if treating Acosta as though he’s worse than Epstein because he didn’t really hold Epstein to account, then they can then lay that off on Trump, they’ll do it. And that’s exactly what they’re doing, as you pointed out.

CALLER: Well, I’d like to use the same logic and say that Robert Mueller is responsible for Russia Trump collusion since he’s the prosecutor and Trump is the accused.

RUSH: And he let Trump get away with it.

CALLER: Yeah. So he’s as guilty and should be hung on the cross right next to —

RUSH: It’s ridiculous, of course. It’s absurd. And if anybody seriously tried to make that case, they would laugh you off this phone line. But that’s your point to illustrate this. It’s crazy to try to turn this around and make Acosta the bad guy, but within the defined purposes of the media it makes perfect sense. If the purpose of every news story is to get Trump — and it is. And when this bombs out, something else is gonna come along to replace it. Epstein will fade away.

The fact that they have no real interest in who Epstein is or what he did, the fact that they want to cover it up as much as they can because it involves Democrats, then somebody else will come along, some event will happen that will give them a new avenue to Trump.

The way to put this in perspective, if you go back two and a half years — or as far back as you want. Go back to 2015, 2016 and the campaign and just remember, folks — and I know you can — because minimum four times a day the New York Times, Washington Post, CNN, MSNBC every day, a minimum four times, a minimum four stories, each story every day containing a new leak, a new bit of information, getting us closer and closer to the revelation of truth that Donald Trump stole the election, that Donald Trump is a traitor, that Donald Trump colluded with Vladimir Putin.

And then remember that that was what it was like in the news every day for two years. Every day for two years they promised, they assured their readers that the evidence was coming, that we were getting closer to it. In fact, it was worse than that. They assured their readers the evidence was there. We were just waiting on the proof, just waiting. And then Mueller’s investigation starts and then every ball got thrown into that basket, every egg in that basket, and they waited then for Mueller’s report, fully convinced that Mueller was going to be able to get rid of Trump.

But the thing I want you to remember is every day the news, every day, multiple times a day, 365 days a year Trump was toast, Trump was history, Trump did it, Trump colluded. Now, where are we today? Where are we today? What do we have today? Today it is that Trump’s Secretary of Labor gave Jeffrey Epstein a slap on the wrist in 2006 and Trump’s gotta go.

What happened to all of those stories four times a day, every day, for two years, assuring the American people that Trump stole the election, that the election should be overturned, that Trump colluded with our enemies, that he might be a traitor. What happened to all of that?

Then the Mueller report comes out. No collusion, no obstruction. Now Mueller’s being called up to testify. They’re trying to do it all over again, hoping for a different outcome. The absolute definition of insanity, but yet where are we? After all of that.

And then add to all of that the incidental incremental things. The Trump travel bans. The various stories about Trump’s taxes, Trump’s finances, Trump insanely saying that the Obama team had spied on him, all that stuff eventually gets revealed as having happened. But just think of all the days in a row that the people of this country were assured Trump was toast. It was automatic. It was just a matter of the calendar, just a matter of the passing of time, the day was gonna come we were gonna get rid of Trump.

Today, what happened to all of that? All of that has been exposed to anybody paying attention as pure outright fabrication. It was totally made up. Not a single aspect of it turns out to have been true. Yet the objective — get Trump — remains the same as it’s always been. Yesterday Rapinoe was the latest Trump slayer. Her shelf life was less than a day. Today it’s Alex Acosta and Epstein. What’s it gonna be next week?

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