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RUSH: We start on the phones with Tilabo in Malibu. It’s great to have you on the program. Hello.

CALLER: Rushbo, love you. Trump supporter in California. There are a lot more out here than you realize. Very quickly, three important points. One, with regard to the soccer comms, first of all, of course Trump should not invite them to the White House, but more importantly, if they want more money, they need to glam it up and sex it up a little bit. For Christ’s sakes, a little makeup wouldn’t kill them, how about wearing some short shorts? And during the break they can freshen up their makeup, for Christ’s sake. I’m telling you, would a push-up bra kill ’em, a push-up sports bra kill ’em? I’m telling you, if they want more viewers, they gotta glam it up. Let’s see some short shorts. Let’s see some makeup. That’s the first point, Rush.

RUSH: Let me ask, if you wouldn’t mind the personal invasion here, Tilabo, can you give me the range of the age you are? You don’t have to give me the exact age. Can you give me your — how old you are in the range?

CALLER: I am younger than George Clooney and older than Brad Pitt. You’re gonna have to Google that. What that means in California is I can date women 30 years younger than me. That’s basically where it is, even though I don’t.

RUSH: Well, I’m just —

CALLER: ‘Cause I find them a bore.

RUSH: Well, we don’t judge here. Have at it. You know, whatever you wish.

CALLER: You know what? Those soccer moms, they can get eyebrow threading anywhere in America, for Christ’s sakes. They can have their eyelashes done, for Christ’s sake. Let’s glam it up and give men a reason to watch women’s soccer.

RUSH: In other words, you’re saying get rid of the team’s made up of lesbians with purple hair and nose rings and whatever else and field a team of traditional women that might appeal to traditional men?

CALLER: Hey, you know what? I know plenty of lesbians out here in West Hollywood that wear makeup very, very well. There’s nothing wrong with taking pride in your appearance, ladies.

RUSH: Okay. Okay, fine. All right. We’ve moved the ball here a little bit. It doesn’t matter that they’re lesbians, just dress up. The reason I mentioned that is because you specifically said they’ve got to appeal to men. Lesbians aren’t interested in that.

CALLER: Doesn’t matter. They want viewership. That’s the point. First of all, they should be wearing short shorts. That’s one point. The second point, they should be wearing two piecers, maybe a halter top. Okay? Something like that. All right? Maybe some — you know what? Not necessarily heels, but that’s another idea.

RUSH: Now, now, now, you’re not gonna get ’em out there in heels. That would defeat the –

CALLER: I’m saying a little makeup wouldn’t kill, okay?

RUSH: How do you know they’re not wearing makeup?

CALLER: Rushbo, take a look at ’em, for Christ’s sake. This is an important issue. You know, you think I’m joking, and maybe a little bit I am. I’m telling you, they can get a lot more viewership. Fine, let’s just change their uniforms, for Christ’s sakes.

RUSH: All right.

CALLER: How about that? Maybe just some shorter shorts. Okay? That’s one thing. Okay, now, moving on from that issue is this. Separating children from their child trafficking pimp and gang members is actually a good thing. If in fact American parents treated their kids and endangered them as immigrant parents do, we would separate them from their kids and we would throw them in jail as well.

RUSH: You know, for Christ’s sakes, you might have a point, you might have a point about. For Christ’s sakes, I hadn’t looked at it that way.

CALLER: That’s right. Pimps and child traffickers are bringing them across the desert like that? That’s child endangerment, and those kids should be separated.

RUSH: Right. They should be separated from riffraff like that, for Christ’s sake. Absolutely right.

CALLER: That’s right. And the third issue is this. Remember that the Democrat Party is a party of pedophiles. Of course, I can name for you more convicted pedophiles that are Democrats, like Epstein and Anthony Weiner or Democrat governor, officials, than I can Republicans that are white supremacists and white racists.

RUSH: I was just gonna mention Carlos Danger. If you want to start talking about Democrats who have quite an unnatural interest in young girls, Carlos Danger’s at the top of the list. He’s got a point about this. In fact, I mentioned this earlier. Michelle Malkin has a column today. I read this column and I felt filthy after reading it. Should I even deign to read excerpts of this?

It’s about current, prominent pedophile Democrat donors who get away with it precisely because they are Democrat donors. She’s done some incredible research out there. Tilabo, thanks for the call. Great to hear from you, and hopefully we’ll get the pleasure again.

So there you’ve heard the suggestion, ladies and gentlemen, if the women’s soccer team is really serious about having more viewers — and that’s a question. Do they want more money or do they want more viewers? Now, you would think the two go together, but when you get politics into this — a lot of people start demanding to be paid but have no concept of market forces or how people end up being paid.

If they look at compensation as pretty much welfare payment or “give it to me because I deserve it” kind of payment, then they think they want to get paid whether anybody’s watching or not. But if they think they’re gonna get paid only if a lot of people watch, then those are some interesting ideas.

I mean, take a look at beach volleyball. I mean, you don’t see those babes out there dressed like the women’s soccer team, do you? It’s just an observation based on the call, that’s all it is.


RUSH: Bergen County, New Jersey, next. This is Will. Great to have you, sir. Thank you for waiting, hi.

CALLER: Good afternoon, Rush. Thanks for taking my call. Listen, three things if I may. I wanted to get in on the Epstein thing but, you know, you brought Megan Rapinoe and I’m saying to myself, if she thinks that the women are so good, play the men. Actually, she could play the under 15 Dallas travel team that beat them 5-2 a couple years ago and play them for their college tuition. I wonder if she would be up for that.

RUSH: Well, yeah, we’ve documented the fact that male coaches of women’s soccer teams claim that they can train against boys’ teams, but once the boys’ teams are 14 or older then it just results in a beat-down and it’s not helpful. And, yeah, they lost to a bunch of 15-year-old teenagers, boys’ team in Dallas. We talked about that.

CALLER: Right. I just wanted to get one thing real quick. And don’t forget, the WNBA is subsidized by the NBA or else they wouldn’t be in existence today, either. So there’s the men helping the women out.

RUSH: Okay. Yeah. That’s pretty much true. But what is your point here? What are you really saying here, Will? You’re presenting a bunch of facts, but what is your conclusion? What does it all mean?

CALLER: Well, I mean, they never talk about this, Rush. I have no problem with women getting equal pay. I don’t think anybody has a problem. But it is a competitive society, and the thing is, the women just don’t give the same game that the men do. And, in fact, she doesn’t argue anything against Hollywood and that the top 10 or 15 Hollywood actors are men, not women. And there’s no, you know, outrageous cries for equality there.

RUSH: Well, now, there is. I mean, now and then women in Hollywood will make an issue of this. But why is this even a problem? Let us face this squarely, shall we? Why is it that we as a society and a culture, why is it — not how. I know the “how.” Why? Why do we put up with this forced-upon-us sense of competition between men and women?

If you listen to the women’s soccer team, those women are mad. They just won the World Cup. And while they are exuberant about winning and so forth, they have an in-your-face attitude like, “Screw you,” like “we’ve shown you, like you don’t think we’re anything.” Where did this sense of competition, gender competition come from?

Now, there’s an answer to some of this. Now, some of it’s natural, but there is some real hatred here from the participants in all this on the left. These are angry women. I don’t know anybody who wants to shut down women’s soccer. I don’t know anybody who wants to shut down the WNBA. I don’t know anybody who thinks they shouldn’t be playing. I don’t know anybody who’s mad about any of it. But they get mad after listening to some of these women start talking about it as though whatever their grievances are are somehow the fault of men.

So we’re not even able to be at peace, one citizen to another, men to women, women to men. Everything is a battle. And the reason for it is that they have politicized everything. And when you politicize everything, then you draw the battle lines. And that’s exactly what’s happened. This is not good. It’s not healthy.

And so when you turn this into a political event, you’re gonna have political oriented responses. And a political oriented response against some of the behavioral techniques, tactics, words that were spoken by some of these women in their championship — folks, I don’t know if you’ve seen the video. Let me put it to you this way.

If last February in Boston, if the New England Patriots’ Super Bowl parade featured the kind of behavior and language and public drunkenness on the part of the players, they would have been called out. They would have been shamed. They would have been ripped to shreds. Similar behavior by men would not have been tolerated.

This rage and this anger that’s born of the politicization of the gender differences in our country is not healthy. Because once you bring politics into it, as I was saying, you’re gonna have responses. So we’re sitting here minding our own business and some women’s team of something or other comes up, gets on a national stage and is angry and starts ripping men, starts ripping America, starts ripping the president, starts ripping this.

Well, people are gonna respond to it. And the people who respond to it automatically become what? Women haters! They become sexists. They become misogynists. And they didn’t start anything. They’re minding their own business. They might have watched the soccer game, they might be watching the celebration parade. Then here comes the victory speeches, and they are political attacks on half the country, what do you think is gonna happen? People are gonna react to it.

And once the reactions start then here comes the people on the left, “You’re mean, you hate women, you’re anti-female, there’s a Republican War on Women,” when nothing of the sort ever existed and doesn’t exist now. It struck me, the calls that we’ve taken on this the past couple of days all are people reacting not to the women’s play on the field and not celebrating that. They’re reacting to the way the women acted afterwards and who they’re criticizing, making a big deal out of not going to the White House. “I’m not gonna spend any time with that ogre.” The media loves it, they give us more of it. People are gonna respond to it.

So where did this sense of gender competition start? Well, we all know the answer to that. It starts politically with the feminazis and the big mistake the feminazis made. The feminazis, in trying to elevate the status of women, decided to make it a competition and to blame men for whatever they thought the short end of the stick was they were getting as women.

They blame men while trying to emulate men. They want to do the same things men do, they want to act the same way they think men act, they want the same kind of jobs, they want to dress the same way. There wasn’t any individuality about it at all, but it featured rage and anger. And then that bled over into other aspects of society that had nothing to do with it the previously. It began to affect divorce proceedings, custody hearings. It wasn’t long before all men became predators. And no man’s child was safe with him around, especially without the mother at home. What the hell? It’s only gotten worse.

So, once again, our society, our culture is roiled from within because of the politicization of the left wing’s agenda and their attempt to impose it and force it on everybody. And some people are just not gonna have things forced on them by anybody. And they’re gonna react to it. And the people who react come in for even more criticism. And so it just is a self-perpetuating cycle. Glad you called.


RUSH: Here’s an example. A small, little example of what I was just talking about, a story of the Washington Times from yesterday. “U.S. Women’s Team Snub of Christian Player Roils Soccer.” This is about Jaelene Hinkle, “a 26-year-old star for the North Carolina Courage professional team, has been called the top left defender in the U.S. game,” meaning she’s the best left defender in all of women’s soccer. But she was not selected for the national team because of politics.

You see, “In 2017, Hinkle turned down a call-up from the national team,” meaning they called her, they offered her a spot on the national team. They were gonna play a couple of games against friendly opponents as a tune-up, she turned them down. She turned down the offer after learning that the team would have to wear rainbow themed jerseys in honor of gay pride month.

She said that the uniform conflicted with her Christian faith and they rescinded the call-up, she refused to go, and she has not played for the national since. All because she didn’t want to wear — now, it’s a soccer team. What are they doing? They’re wearing the gay pride jersey. She didn’t want to. It was forced on her, a political statement was forced on her in the form of the uniform that she would have been required to wear. And it was a political statement uniform.

It was not the U.S. team uniform. It was a political statement uniform to be worn during the month of June for gay pride. She didn’t want to be forced. They said, “Okay. Screw you. Then you’re not coming on the team.”

This is a pull quote from the story: “Excluding Hinkle, however, made the team less diverse, both ideologically and racially. Not only does she hold conservative religious views, but she also would have been one of the few black players on a predominantly white team.”

This is but a small example of the point. They start this stuff, folks, they start this by forcing what are minority and obscure political positions on everybody, and a lot of people are close to reaching their fill of it. And there are vestiges of pullback.

There’s a story from the U.K. Guardian today that for the first time since the AIDS crisis there are more negative opinions expressed about same-sex relationships, about gay relationships since the 1980s. And everybody there is trying to figure it out, they’re scratching their head, “Gee, why? What could have happened here?” Just out of the blue, a majority of Brits now are expressing opposition to gay relationships, not just marriage, gay relationships.

Well, I mean, do we need to work hard to find the answer to this? Take a look what’s been happening immigration-wise in Europe. You think there might not be a whole bunch of new people here with religious views that are completely intolerant of same-sex anything?

Think that might be a factor? Because it’s clearly they don’t believe the, quote, unquote, native populations had an attitudinal shift on this in the U.K. They’re totally taken aback by it. They don’t understand it. They’re scratching their heads like crazy, and it’s right in front of them and they either don’t see it or don’t want to acknowledge it, one of the two.

Here’s Tania in Atlanta, as we head back to the phones. Great to have you on the EIB Network. Hi.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. How are you?

RUSH: Good!

CALLER: Love the show.

RUSH: Thank you.

CALLER: I have two statements. The first one was about the Epstein. You know, the first second I read that, I thought, here we go. He’s gonna be said to be best friends with Trump and they did all this together. The thing that really upsets me is that it’s been known for years, and there’s even logs from the flights, you know, that Clinton’s been on that plane, what, 26 times, but not a peep from the media, nothing. And here we have a president who sacrificed a great life, he could have done whatever he wanted and he’s working his butt off for us, it’s upsetting, really upsetting.

Second comment, I played soccer in college, so did my husband. And we find the women’s team, to be honest, kind of unwatchable. I mean, I love watching the men’s soccer. And I’m a female, and honestly I tried to watch it and I had trouble after —

RUSH: Wuh wuh wuh wuh wuh wuh wuh wuh. Why is it unwatchable?

CALLER: The skill level. I mean, I’m sorry. It’s just not there.

RUSH: Oh! Oh! The skill level!

CALLER: I gotta be honest. I love watching men’s golf. I struggle to watch women’s golf. And I’m a female and I’m telling you —

RUSH: Wuh wuh wuh wuh, now, wait a minute. A great golf shot’s a great golf shot no matter who makes it. Why don’t you like watching women’s golf?

CALLER: I just feel like the men, you know, they make a higher percentage of things. I just feel like it’s a little bit better quality. I mean, I agree with you, a great golf shot’s a great golf shot. It’s just the quality — I’ll stay with the soccer. I just felt the men’s is much higher quality. And look at the numbers you said on —

RUSH: Let me ask you one more question.


RUSH: From the beginning of time up to the present, however long ago that is, either a billion years ago or 10,000, whatever the beginning of time is, it is undeniable that only a minuscule, tiny percentage of any population is interested in watching even professional women compete in athletics as compared to men. Why is that, do you think?

CALLER: You know what? I don’t know. I’ll be honest, I was saying to my husband, there’s probably two sports I could watch that women play. Volleyball I like, and I like watching tennis. I’ve been watching Wimbledon. Other than that, I can’t watch basketball, find it unwatchable. I mean, golf I can watch a little. I don’t know if it’s the skill, the men bring more athleticism. I know I’m gonna get barbecued for that. And I’m an athlete, I played, I ran track, I just found it unwatchable and then to top it off with what’s her name, clown, the captain of the team, she’s playing for the USA and we’re paying her and she’s kneeling for our flag. Awful.

RUSH: What about women’s wrestling, like the WWE?

CALLER: I think that men might enjoy that more. (laughing)

RUSH: (laughing).

CALLER: Sorry. (laughing)

RUSH: All right. Look. Tania, I appreciate the call. Thank you very much for taking the time. It has been the case, it’s just the case. And I guarantee you no matter how much the left wants you to believe it, it isn’t discrimination. It isn’t people actively saying, “Watch women? To hell with that. I don’t like women.” That’s not what it is, because men love women!

Men love women. I mean, with the obvious exceptions now that are quite public and supposedly normal, men love women. It’s not discrimination. There’s a reason for it! And it’s not that anybody’s wrong or mean or discriminatory. There’s a reason for it. We’re talking about at the professional level now where people pay to get in to watch professional athletes compete. There’s a reason for it. Don’t make me say everything here, folks. Cut me some slack!

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