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RUSH: Amy in Los Angeles. We have a little bit more time here. You were thinking that all that’s happening here with this contretemps regarding unfairness of pay in soccer and so forth, it’s all about open borders, globalism, and the attack on the sovereignty of the country, as I basically understood you. If you want to expand on that, have at it.

CALLER: Awesome. And thank you, Rush, for the service you do to our country. I just have to get that in. It’s important. It really ties in so much with sports where years ago they’re gonna stop keeping score. And it’s ironic because the USA won, USA women won, and just like Trump said during the campaign, that we’re gonna be winning so much that we’re gonna say we’re tired of winning. The left is tired of America winning. And it’s like they don’t want to level the playing field.

RUSH: Wait, wait, wait, wait. We can’t just let that float by. That’s profound. “The left is tired of America winning.” The left is threatened by America returning to greatness, and the question is, why? And if you could honestly get people to listen to the answer to that question, which you can’t, but if you could get them to honestly take a moment to listen to the answer, why is the left threatened by a great America, why does the left not want America to be great, it’s a tremendous educational opportunity. So okay, go ahead and finish. But I just didn’t want to let it float by with people not registering.

CALLER: Listening to you there’s so much — they don’t want a level playing field. They want to lower the bar. And, you know, equal opportunity does not mean equal results. It’s like with the globalists and open borders and everything, they want to make it okay for people to cut in line and send us the bill for their treatment, their goodies, all their perks. And so what do they get out of that? What do they accomplish other than power, control, over telling everyone what to do, how to do it. But God forbid you win, God forbid you have better results and you get compensated for doing better, equal opportunity is —

RUSH: I think —

CALLER: The women’s team doing national soccer — international soccer, it’s amazing what they accomplished. And they apparently don’t like winning.

RUSH: No, I think they love winning. That’s the hypocrisy. I think they love winning. What’s incredible is how they permit their great victory to be essentially taken from them and repurposed and constituted as some sort of a political weapon with them as victims. They just won! They’re the world champions in women’s soccer!

But that’s not the message. The message is they’re victims, they’re discriminated against because they’re Americans and because Donald Trump is president. And they willingly allowed that, at least Rapinoe does. She claims to speak for the whole team, by the way. If Rapinoe doesn’t want to go to the White House then nobody else on that team is gonna go regardless if some of them want to. We don’t know. So she may be a bully and an autocrat as well.

But the bottom line is, stop and think of that. In terms of just the athletic performance, it is world class. World Cup champions. And what’s the message? America sucks. ‘Cause we don’t make as much as the men and Donald Trump’s in the White House and it was really hard to get here today, really, really hard, but we did it. We did it for you. That’s what amazes me.

And your observation of equal opportunity, it isn’t about equal opportunity anymore. They used to hide behind that, but they don’t even make that claim. They’re not even talking about equal opportunity. They don’t want equal opportunity. Equal opportunity does not get them where they want to go. You said it. They want equality of outcome with them determining the outcome for everybody under the auspices of fairness and equality and sameness and all of that.

I’ll tell you where this is all headed, folks. You see it in the open borders movement here and the reason why a question about citizenship on the census is so controversial. What the hell is controversial about that? As I’ve been saying all week, the real controversy is how did the question get removed.

But what the objective is, over time — and do not doubt me on this — the objective is to erase concept of citizenship altogether and replace it with simple residency so you become an American simply because you’re here, however you got here, you’re an American, entitling you to everything, all of the benefits, quote, unquote, that Americans are entitled to.

And if you live in the Netherlands, then you’re not a citizen there. You are a resident, and you live in the Netherlands. And so the globalists — Amy, you’re right — they want to erase, obliterate all of the cultural norms that have been used to identify and distinguish for legitimate purposes people all over the world. They want to obliterate all of those. And the reason is to take away any unique identity from everybody.

If you take away everybody’s unique identity and deny them the opportunity to be who they are, such as deny them the opportunity to be a legitimate American, then you have that much of an easier job to control everybody, which, make no mistake, is what the globalist objective is all about. It’s total control and power over people to get the desired outcome you want for yourself, and to hell with the people whose outcomes you are deciding.

They are mere fodder. The population at large, en masse, is merely a mechanism to achieve what you want. This is a total move by elites to further distance themselves from people they think average, ordinary, common, and beneath them. And it’s a worldwide movement that is headed up by aristocratic elites in European and American capitals. And it’s been underway for a while. These are the people threatened when they hear Donald Trump talking about making America great again. Amy, thanks again for the call. Appreciate it.

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