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RUSH: The Daily Beast had a headline that announced “Swalwell That Ends Well.” California Democrat congressman Eric Swalwell calling off his presidential campaign after three rigorous months of no success.

The Daily Beast must not like Swalwell very much; the headline continued: “Good Riddance to Another White Guy.”

Then the leftist Daily Beast rolled out a slew of insults. Swalwell’s campaign was dismissed as “Seinfeld-esque” —  a presidential campaign about nothing. The article pointed out that in a recent CNN poll, Swalwell’s poll numbers registered as an asterisk.

But what Daily Beast writer Matt Lewis — who also happens to be “another white guy” — may not realize, is that Swalwell got exactly what he wanted from his three-month run. Whenever he is introduced at some political function, he’ll be referred to as “former Democrat presidential candidate Eric Swawell.”

And, unlike the other 20-some-odd Democrats who are never going to be president, Swalwell got out early. Without a lot of debt, without a lot of expense. And because he got almost no exposure, he got out before the inevitable major humiliation.

So, from his point of view, it really did end well for Swalwell and his campaign about nothing! It was never attended to be about anything. And it never amounted to anything except for “former presidential candidate.” And that’s about all he’s got going for him now.

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