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RUSH: Joyce next in Pittsburgh. Great to have you, Joyce. Hi.

CALLER: Hi, good afternoon, Rush, and always a thrill.

RUSH: Thank you very much. I appreciate that.

CALLER: Well, my comment is straight to the point. I saw the LGBTQ and, you know, transgenders, what happens to the women’s soccer team when transgender men start identifying as women and go out to play women’s soccer?

RUSH: Ahhhhh now.

CALLER: Happening all over.

RUSH: Now, we’re not supposed to talk about this out loud.

CALLER: Sorry. I thought I’d go there.

RUSH: I think, Joyce, you have presented me with such a target. Hitting the bull’s-eye on this, I could do with both eyes closed. The question is do I take the shot or do I pass on this for peace the rest of the week. Snerdley said, “Take the shot, Rush!” First, did you understand her question? Tell me what you think her question was, just to make sure… (interruption) hm-hm. Women. Okay. That is basically it.

Her question is for all of this pomp and circumstance and all the celebration of women champions, what happens, what’s gonna happen when a bunch of transgender men enter this arena? Answer is it’s already happening. And do you know where it is already happening? Yes indeed. It is happening in wrestling, ladies and gentlemen.

Oh, by the way, I have a piece. We’re not allowed to say “ladies and gentlemen” anymore. We’re not allowed to. Well, it’s a piece in The Stack here. It’s discriminatory to identify that there are men and women in the audience. You’re not supposed to say “ladies and gentlemen” or “men and women.” I’ll get to it here in just a second.

There are a bunch of really crafty guys out there who probably, in the normal course of events, can’t get women to look at ’em. And they’ve decided, you know what? I’m gonna go be tranny. So they claim to be transgender and then they join the wrestling team. And they’re winning. And it’s being permitted! It’s being permitted in high schools across the country. It’s being permitted in colleges.

Joyce, it’s already happening. I’m sure it’s happening in soccer somewhere. And, by the way, all of this is supported by the feminazis! The feminists are supporting this under the theory the more women, the better. And the more women with penises, I guess, the better. Folks, I’m not making this up at all. And it is infuriating some, and those who express their anger and objection to this at the high school and college level are being told to shut up and to stop being discriminatory and bigoted.

Now, for these guys who decide they want to become women and then get on the women’s wrestling team? Folks, I’m just telling you here now that once it starts, it’s gonna creep everywhere. And the real point of this is, while we’re consumed here with fairness and equality, just how fair is it that a bunch of men who think they’re women or want to be women will be acknowledged as such, their desires will be met, and they will be allowed to enter women’s competition in whatever athletic endeavor.

At what point – (interruption) Well, so far the real women are not quitting. Real women, I mean, the nontransgender women. That’s probably discrimination to say that. “Real women.” But, no. The nontransgender women so far — some of them their parents are complaining, some of them are, but they’re being accused of bigotry if they oppose this.

It’s no different than when North Carolina tried to pass laws basically against this kind of thing and professional sports leagues, “All right, if you’re not gonna permit this, we’re gonna boycott. We’re not gonna bring our events to your state. We’re not gonna support your state. We’re not gonna do business with businesses in your state.” They engaged in corporate blackmail if this kind of stuff was not permitted.

But it’s going to corrupt the whole concept of women’s athletics. That’s what Joyce’s question is. I’m telling you this process has already begun. (interruption) Why don’t transgenders have their own league? Because that destroys the whole point of transgender. (interruption) Transgender men have their own league and transgender women have their own league?

So the transgender men’s league would be a bunch of women and the transgender women’s league would be a bunch of men. Right. Well, that would defeat the whole point of transgender. You want to join the other. You don’t want to separate yourself. That’s the whole point of this.

We’re talking about not even 1% of the population here. That’s another little fact. You’re not supposed to say that out loud. Could be getting in real trouble here. In fact, in America today, the media, the more factual oriented you are, the greater peril you are and at greater risk you are.


RUSH: David, Sherman, Texas, you’re next. Great to have you, sir. Hi.

CALLER: Rush, how far we have come. I think the ancient Greeks are rolling over in their graves because women were not even allowed to attend sporting games under penalty of death, much less participate in them. Only men attended and participated.

RUSH: Wait a minute. Is that really true? You mean women couldn’t even show up and watch the Olympic games?

CALLER: They were not allowed to attend or participate on penalty of death, and the men performed in the nude. That’s the truth.

RUSH: Well, I’d heard the nude part, hence all the Greek jokes. But why were women not permitted? It was because the men were nude? I mean women had —

CALLER: No. It was a male oriented society, and under penalty of death, they were not even allowed to attend.

RUSH: Well, maybe that’s when we had the first transgenders, women trying to dress up like men so they could go watch.

CALLER: Well, and I also heard that the trannies were kicking around balls in Transylvania a long time ago.

RUSH: Now, now.

CALLER: Transylvania.

RUSH: Now, now, we understand, yes. Everybody thinks they can do this at home.

CALLER: Well, in ancient Rome the women were only allowed to sit in the uppermost part of the Colosseum with the slaves.

RUSH: Uhhh…


RUSH: Do you happen to know why? Was this because of ancient male discrimination, white male supremacy? What was it?

CALLER: It was just a male oriented society, and, you know, that’s just the way it was if you read back in history and do your research. So they were just not even allowed to attend. Only in Rome, up in the upper parts of the Colosseum with the slaves.

RUSH: I thought the slaves were actually in the pit.

CALLER: Oh, these were slaves that, you know, were household slaves.

RUSH: Oh. Oh. Oh. Household staff.


RUSH: The women were forced to sit with staff. Common parlance, yes.

CALLER: In the movies we’ve been shown, you know, you’ve got Caesar and his wife sitting by his side. But that never happened. It was only men in the Colosseum, except for the upper parts. But in Athens women were not allowed even at the theater, they couldn’t perform in the theater, they were not even allowed to shop in the agora. So men did all the shopping.

RUSH: Now, wait a minute. You had me until you tell me that the Greeks did not allow women to shop.

CALLER: Not in the agora, in the marketplace, women were not allowed. Only the men did the shopping.

RUSH: Maybe the Saudis got their idea for this from ancient Greece.

CALLER: Well, and the women had separate living quarters away from the men in the house.

RUSH: Hmm.

CALLER: So, look how far we’ve come. It’s like now, the women —

RUSH: Yeah, that’s true. We’ve gone from soccer moms to soccer —

CALLER: So I think the Greeks, you know, they had this philosophy and this procedure for some reason. And I think we’re we’re seeing that play out —

RUSH: I just want to prepare you, I have a sizable Greek audience in this program. I know many people of Grecian heritage in California who are dyed-in-the-wool fans of this program. We even have members of the EIB highly overrated staff of Grecian heritage, and I’m sure I’m gonna hear from these people about this. In fact, I’ll bet you if I turn 90 degrees to the right I’ve already got a couple of emails reacting to what you’ve said. So we’ll follow this up.

If all that’s true, you could understand why women might be mad after a while. Anyway, I appreciate the call. I’m just wondering what Megan Rapinoe would do if she found out. It’s why I paused there for a moment. Appreciate the call out there, David.

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