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RUSH: Speaking of Biden, his poll numbers are up. They can’t get rid of the guy. They can’t get rid of the guy. I guarantee you this is starting to cause real panic in certain sectors of the Democrat Party. When you go through all of the new woke status, the new diversity definition of what it is to be a leftist and a Democrat and the constant attacks on white men, white males, white privilege, white nationalism, the last thing that the future of the Democrat Party wants is Biden as the nominee.

Many of these people in the Democrat Party trying to redefine it, think he’s a little slow in the IQ department. They’re not impressed, and they can’t believe that the segregationist stuff didn’t take him out. They can’t believe being an idiot hasn’t taken him out, they can’t believe it.

Then you’ve got Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in the never-ending battle with Pelosi. The Democrat Party is in heap big trouble. You just will never know it because the Drive-Bys will not report it. Even Carl Bernstein’s out today with a little piece, either said this on TV on CNN or wrote it or something. He’s mad the media has totally blown this effort to get Trump. They’ve totally blown it. Bernstein’s mad at the media. They have really messed this up. I’ll tell you what he’s thinking in due course.

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