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RUSH: Now the left is going after the Turtle. The left has done a genealogical trace on the Turtle, and they found that the Turtle somehow is descended from slave owners!

The Turtle’s family had something to do with slaves, they claim, and so they’re now going after Turtle as disqualified. Mitch McConnell.


RUSH: Snerdley did not believe me when I mentioned this. It’s a Washington Post story, and the headline: “Mitch McConnell’s Ancestors Owned Slaves, According to a New Report. He Opposes Reparations.”

They have done a genealogical trace on the Turtle, and they claim that his ancient ancestors owned slaves, but what a phony, what a mean-spirited extremist because the Turtle opposes reparations, and they’re out to get him now. I didn’t know how much they hated this guy ’til that debate. They hate the Turtle. They despise this guy almost as much as me.

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