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RUSH: Democrat party tensions are running high. The House’s radical-left emergency border-aid legislation failed.

Senate Democrats took one look at it and knew it was a total loser. It was so bad that Chuck-You Schumer went with the Republican plan which then passed overwhelmingly in both houses.

The young “progressives” — radical leftists — in Congress are furious. But what else is new? They’re angry all the time. At everybody who doesn’t think like they do. Losing their precious bill in the House turned these angry little progressives into a rabid mob, out for political revenge.

Moderate Democrats are spooked, says Politico. The moderate Democrats are looking over their shoulders, and with good reason. Progressives are putting targets on their backs: they want senior members of the Democrat party primaried and gone. Dumped into the ash-heap of history. These young radicals don’t plan to wait for political power to come their way they want to take it by force. If they can. Which is what the game is all about. Can’t really blame them.

For us, this is great! The more time and money Democrats spend on infighting, the better. And the more radical they become, the less electable they are. I really hope that’s true.

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