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RUSH: Now, I mentioned earlier in the program that a British diplomat, the ambassador to the United States, had written some scathing memos for British diplomats to read sharing his observations of Trump and the Trump administration. Somebody leaked them to the U.K. Daily Mail. The U.K. Daily Mail ran a gigantic story on this, and the Brits have since apologized for this.

But I want to break down some of the things the guy wrote, because it is a teachable moment. But the U.K. today said that it will formally apologize to the White House after leaked confidential memos revealed its ambassador to the U.S. described the Trump administration as inept and dysfunctional.

A spokesman for the Prime Minister Theresa May told reporters: “Contact has been made with the Trump administration, setting out our view that we believe the leak is unacceptable. It is, of course, a matter of regret that this has happened.”

The trade minister, Liam Fox, said he’s gonna apologize directly to Trump’s daughter Ivanka, whom he is expected to meet while he is in Washington. He told the BBC radio, “I will be apologizing for the fact that either our civil service or elements of our political class have not lived up to the expectations that either we have or the United States has about their behavior, which in this particular case has lapsed in a most extraordinary and unacceptable way.”

We’re talking about Sir Kim Darroch. And Britain has launched an investigation into who leaked the emails from this guy that he had sent to others. Liam Fox said, “I hope if we can identify the individual, either the full force of internal discipline — or if necessary the law — will be brought to bear because this sort of behavior has no place in public life.”

Now, what’s fascinating about this is that they reacted so quickly to this and that nobody in the U.K. wants to back it up publicly. They want to apologize for it and get rid of it. Here’s the upshot of this. Sir Darroch, who is, again, U.K.’s ambassador to the United States, said that Trump is inept, uniquely dysfunctional, his career could end in disgrace — this is a series of memos that he sent to the prime minister and others at Number 10 Downing Street.

And this is a key quote from one of the leaked emails. “This ‘America First’ administration could do some profoundly damaging things to the world trade system: such as denounce the W.T.O., tear up existing trade details –” By the way, these memos are two years old up to the present. I mean, it’s a lot of leaked data. Could “denounce the W.T.O., could tear up existing trade details, launch protectionist action, even against allies. It could further undermine international action on climate change, or further cut U.N. funding.

“He said that Trump’s ‘spontaneous’ missile strike on a Syrian airbase in April 2017 had won him ‘the best headlines of his brief time in the Oval Office,’” that’s how old some of these leaks are, “but warned that ‘a less well judged military intervention is not inconceivable.’”

So what this is rooted in — and again these leaked memos go all the way back to the early days of the Trump administration. And it’s rooted in a bunch of European elites, just like their American counterparts, having a cow over the concept of make America great, Make America Great Again, keep America great. This somehow poses a gigantic threat to them. It poses a gigantic threat to the world order that they have all set up and think that they administer for themselves.

And, of course, this world order requires that the super power United States subordinate itself to lesser nations, that the United States be willing to act as a piggy bank, that the United States, because of it’s wealth and power and size assume the responsibility of defending Europe. This is only fair. It is only just while the nations of Europe allocate their resources to other more pressing needs. And this is a world order that everybody’s accepted, that the United States takes it on the financial chin and that this concept of Make America Great Again threatens everything.

And these guys are paranoid about it, they literally get paranoid over the whole concept of making America great again, because it totally upsets their established order. They do not understand it. To be afraid of that, just like their U.S. counterparts are, the American left, the Washington establishment, they likewise are also threatened by this concept and haven’t the slightest idea how it resonates with the American people.

There’s nothing wrong with America being great. America being great does not threaten anybody, except America’s enemies. And the U.K. is not one. Europe is not an enemy. Europe is an ally. Making America great does not diminish Europe. But these people don’t see this this way.

They look at Trump as somebody who wants to take the United States out of the world order, out of all preexisting agreements and do nothing but make the United States a lone island in the world doing everything possible and everything necessary to make it great at and to the expense of others. That’s not what it means.

As Trump has said, he thinks every leader of every country ought to have that attitude about his or her own country. That Angela Merkel ought to be trying to make Germany great again, that Theresa May and the Brits should be trying to make the U.K. great again. What in the world be wrong with it? When everybody is working toward that goal, it’s best for every citizen in these the countries.

These guys don’t see it this way. They are threatened by the concept of America being great because to them it means nationalism. It means white supremacy, which is a big crock and hoax. And it means America as all alone and in it for itself and nobody else.

So you boil it all down, what it really means, when they hear Trump talk about Make America Great Again, it’s like their bank is shutting down. It’s always all about money. And these people are afraid the great American federal reserving is shutting down, the bank is shutting down, Trump’s gonna choke off payments, Trump is gonna start making ’em pay their dues to NATO and this kind of thing. It’s gonna cost them money.

The idea of an American which is the solution to the world’s problems, getting better, getting stronger, the idea that that threatens supposed small D democrats, how in the world can that possibly be? We do not conquer. We do not take. We do not steal. We do not move in on other countries and conquer them. We liberate people. It’s the exact opposite of this paranoia.

So this guy starts writing his memos on the basis that Trump poses a threat to this established order, this America first administration could damage world trade. No. It’s gonna fix it. The World Trade Organization deserves to be denounced. The World Trade Organization is the organization set up that was to decide against the United States in trade disputes as an element of fairness. The big guy needs to lose some. America needs to lose now and then. We can’t win everything. It’s not fair. We’re too big.

So the WTO comes along and sides in trade disputes with smaller nations. And this is the way the world order was set up. And this is what we’re supposed to accept. And every previous president to Trump did. It’s how we kept the peace supposedly. Kept the peace, we’re talking about our allies here. And they worry about upsetting trade deals. Trump is doing that, but he’s improving them. There isn’t any protectionism going on here. The tariffs raise is about leveling and taking care of preexisting problems.

But then this guy later on in his memos tells people, “Don’t write Trump off.” In one of the most sensitive areas of the leaked documents, Sir Kim writes, “We don’t really believe this Administration is going to become substantially more normal; less dysfunctional; less unpredictable; less faction riven; less diplomatically clumsy and inept.”

In other words, we don’t think this can ever get better, not with this guy Trump there. This is gonna remain inept, abnormal, dysfunctional, unpredictable, and driven by factions. All of this means nothing more than these people are threatened by an ally. Normal to them is the United States not acting like and not really being the world’s superpower. It’s a little bit more complicated than that, but for the purposes of making my point I’m putting it that way.

“One account of a Trump rally says that there is a ‘credible path’ for Trump to win a second term in the White House – but describes the crowd as ‘almost exclusively white.’” So a white ambassador to the United States from the U.K. looks at a Trump rally and sees what he doesn’t see. He says it’s all white.

They’re not all white at Trump rallies by any stretch of the imagination. So he’s no different than a Washington establishmentarian. And this just illustrates what Trump has been up against since day one, not just here but throughout the great halls of the European Union.


RUSH: There’s a lot more in these leaked emails from Sir Kim Darroch, the U.K. ambassador to the United States, but this is the remaining big finale. “But while warning Whitehall that Trump’s White House could collapse under the weight of scandal, he also urged the British Government not to write Trump off. The president, he noted, has been mired in scandal most of his life but has always survived.” He seems unperturbed by scandal.

Let me tell you something. You do not know what this guy is saying. This guy is voicing a shocked disbelief of every Trump opponent. They can’t believe that he survived all this. They can’t believe he hasn’t gone crazy. They can’t believe he’s survived the Access Hollywood video. They can’t believe that he survived the allegations of colluding with Russia.

And by survive, I mean they can’t believe he hasn’t lost his mind. And I’m not exaggerating. They’ve been trying to drive him crazy. They’ve been trying to drive him crazy psychologically, self-esteem, beat that down. They can’t believe the guy’s still looking younger, still out there on message, on point, still with as much energy as ever. They are in shocked disarray.

And this guy is letting us know that the same type of elites, pointy-headed academics in the U.K. feel the same way. “The president, he noted, has been mired in scandal most of his life, but has always survived. Sir Kim Darroch,” the leaker — well, he’s not the leaker. He’s the author of all these analyses. “drew a parallel with The Terminator, a 1984 science fiction film featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger as a cyborg that is almost impossible to destroy.”

Wait a minute. We’ve just come from inept, embarrassing, clumsy, incompetent to now being somebody they can’t destroy? “Trump may,” it says here, “emerge from the flames, battered but intact, like Schwarzenegger in the final scenes of The Terminator.”

It shocks me this guy would deign to admit he watched such a thing. I’ve never known an establishment type to admit they watched Terminator movies. When do they have time to leave the club and their port and cigars to go watch Terminator movies? It’s so beneath them. But yet that’s the analogy.

“Looking to the future, Sir Kim warned ‘there are real risks on the horizon’ and that Trump ‘will do or say things we oppose.’”
(gasping) The shock of it all. The arrogance of it all. The disrespect of it all. That Trump is going to say things and do things that we oppose. And we cannot tolerate this.

They’re scared to death, folks. They’re scared to death because Trump literally poses a threat to their way of life, the threat to their cushy, establishment existence which does not require performance to survive, does not require being good at what they do to survive, does not require accomplishment to survive. It maintains a pecking order based on membership. And Trump is threatening every one of them throughout the entire western alliance. Gotta love it.


RUSH: Here’s Brent, Nashville, Tennessee. Back to the phones we go. Great to have you, sir. I’m glad you waited. Hi.

CALLER: Oh, thank you for taking my call, Rush. I’m an independent conservative down here in Nashville, Tennessee, don’t often like to find myself in the place of defending the president or the White House, but these particular leaked emails by the U.K. ambassador have just, frankly, disgusted me.

RUSH: Hey, wait, wait, wait. Why don’t you like to find yourself in the position or the place of having to defend the president or the White House? Why does that make you uncomfortable?

CALLER: You know, it’s probably on the basis of I’m a conservative Christian and I know that many Christians have supported the president, and it’s probably just my personal — I take a different road on conduct. And I think I generally fit the category of I just wish he would conduct himself differently.

RUSH: Okay. Okay. So what you’re admitting is it’s tough for you to defend him but you’re going to on this?

CALLER: Absolutely, a hundred percent.

RUSH: Okay. Okay.

CALLER: Because I don’t think that President Trump or his administration or his decisions on his worst day are as dangerous as a global diplomatic class who exist in a completely delusional, unrealistic set of metrics by which they measure their success.

RUSH: Amen. What a great way to say it! Delusional bunch of diplomats who have set up their own system by which they measure their place in the world and their — that is brilliantly constructed, sir. I applaud you.

CALLER: So if I were to take up the cause of being the president’s press secretary today, here’s how I would respond to these leaked emails. Mr. Ambassador or, you know, U.K. government, you’ve described the administration as inept, dysfunctional, and unpredictable. And so I would say inept in what? Inept in being able to put together a cabal of global elitists to deal with climate change that’s both ineffectual and you’ll never actually deal with — you’ll never experience the pointed end of your policy decisions, i.e., the Kyoto protocols, the U.N. climate change accords.

Am I dysfunctional because I wouldn’t be able to work well in a room of nation state actors as we develop an agreement that not only doesn’t address the problem that it’s supposed to but it actually facilitates the problem, i.e., the Iran nuclear deal?

Or am I unpredictable as in I wouldn’t announce when we’re gonna withdraw our troops from Iraq and thereby create conditions on the ground for sectarian violence and the rise of ISIS? I mean, the list goes on and on. And it’s only someone who exists in a fantasy land that can sit there and, from a total position of elitist arrogance, sort of take on the president according to these metrics. Because they’re not real.

RUSH: No, they’re not. You’ve nailed it. I mean, to call the president inept, these are the guys who don’t have a solution to a nonexisting crisis. They’re trying to fabricate a crisis over which they think we have some means to stop it, i.e., the climate of the world! We somehow can affect the temperature around the whole world! They sillily believe that they have the ability when they know that they don’t and yet they advance these policies. No, that’s exactly right. They are the inept. They are the delusional. They are the ones who haven’t got a track record of any success in any of the areas they have chosen to explore.

CALLER: Yes. And it shows the thing we should not fear is a particular policy prescription of one president of the United States or another. But this coalition of people who continue to make decisions, the results of which they never experience. You know, you’ve got guys that go to Davos and go to Aspen Institute and all these places, and they, you know, engage in this mutual self-congratulatory environment where they talk about all their successes, but nothing changes. You know, is the U.K. ambassador referring to the global diplomacy apparatus that basically deferred dealing with North Korea for the past four years of — or I guess I can’t remember, ’50 — from 70 years post the Korean War? Now President Trump is trying to deal with it in a multitude of different ways to seek real change and real —

RUSH: All of these, ongoing, never ending diplomatic problems that never solve because they’re not designed to, bureaucracies exist to exist. The worst thing that can happen to a bureaucracy is solve a problem. These people have evolved a system for permanent existence, making it look like they’re the only ones qualified to deal with something, they never fix it, never solve it. Somebody comes along and does represents a threat. I’m glad you held on, Brent. I’ve gotta go. ‘Cause I’m way long here, but I appreciate it.

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