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RUSH: Scientists worldwide are amazed at a sensational find in Iraq. And, no, it’s not oil.

A 3,400-year-old palace has emerged from the receding waters of the Mosul Dam reservoir, on the ancient banks of the Tigris River.

This palace was huge, folks. Aside from the main palace, there are several mansions, an extensive network of roads, and even a cemetery.

Archaeologists say this is one of the most important discoveries in decades. How did they find it? A drought! A drought lowered the water table in the reservoir, and bingo, there it was.

This discovery is important for another reason. It is yet another reminder that climate change is nothing new. The water levels rose, covered this magnificent palace, and whoever lived there moved somewhere else. They had to move out or they would drown. Over 3,400 years later, a drought uncovered it again. And one day, it’ll probably be back underwater. Or nuked to smithereens depending on the Iranians.

The climate on earth has been changing since there was an earth. And it will continue changing as long as there is an earth. And despite the amazing arrogance of some human beings, human beings have nothing to do with it! Not a thing.

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