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RUSH: And here we are, back at it, folks. Great to be with you. After a long Independence Day weekend, Rush Limbaugh back at it here behind the Golden EIB Microphone at the distinguished and prestigious, one-of-a-kind Limbaugh Institute where there are no graduates and no degrees because the learning never ends. Telephone number, 800-282-2882. The email address, ElRushbo@eibnet.us.

Man, a lot has happened. There was no downtime. The news — and life — does not take any time off anymore, no matter what the week, no matter the weekend, no matter the holiday. And, of course, Americans, as Newt Gingrich wrote in an op-ed over the weekend predicting, by the way, that Kamala Harris is gonna be the Democrat nominee. It’s a long essay. It would print out to like nine or 10 pages.

It’s a long way of getting there, but he thinks Kamala Harris, he acknowledges that there’s a lot to happen between now and when the Democrats choose, but, if it were today, he thinks Kamala Harris has it hands down and explains why. But in that piece, he makes a couple of observations that are really spot-on.

One of them is that Americans are more focused on the future. What’s next as a society, what’s next? We get bored very easily, we have things happen, we get used to them, we get saturated, we want to know: What’s next? What’s next? You know, Apple comes out with a new iPhone every September and by November people are ready for the next one. What’s next? Apple upgrades the software one day and then a week later, what’s next, what’s next? Nothing can keep up with as fast as the American people want to change, in some ways.

And then there are other aspects of life where Americans don’t want much to change at all, particularly the stuff that’s being advocated by the left and the Democrat Party. Now, the reason I’m — and I’m gonna expand on all of this as the program unfolds, ’cause it’s a lot of stuff that’s happened, but I want to really start by going back to something.

But before I get there, I just want to chronicle that by going back, I am not gonna be ignoring the present, which, of course, is the Jeffrey Epstein stuff. I can’t believe — Well, I can believe it. Everybody says that this Epstein thing poses a great threat to Trump? How about Bill Clinton, for crying out loud? Bill Clinton was flying around all over the world with this guy. George Stephanopoulos and Katie Couric attended dinner with Epstein after he was released from jail, Palm Beach County jail here.

He spent 10 months in jail on this really convoluted deal where he was granted immunity from federal prosecution, but that’s been thrown out now. They’re going out of their way to try — Trump said one thing about this guy. Bill Clinton traveled the world with this guy. They’re gonna be doing everything they can to protect every Democrat that was involved with Epstein, but almost everybody that was involved with Epstein was a Democrat because Epstein’s a big Democrat donor and fundraiser and so forth.

Big earthquakes in California and we had earthquakes all over the country in the form of job approval news, ABC News/Washington Post, Trump has hit his all-time high. They’re in panic at ABC/Washington Post in the polling unit because the poll says also Trump has a narrow path to reelection victory. Narrow. Exactly what they were saying in 2016.

Remember as they were getting close to the election they were looking at the Electoral College map and, “Well, there’s a very narrow path for Donald Trump, but things have to fall exactly right, highly unlikely, wouldn’t worry about it.” We know what happened. They’re just repeating things. Trump’s job approval is at an all-time high in the ABC News/Washington Post poll. The economic numbers are jaw dropping, 224,000 new jobs added in June.

That’s six-million-plus jobs added since the election of Trump in 2016. Average hourly wages are up 3.1% this past year. It’s the 16th consecutive month the unemployment rate has been at or below 4%. We had the America female soccer team — the women’s — what is it, female soccer team or women’s? Which do they prefer, female soccer team or women’s? They won the women’s World Cup and now there’s this massive cry for equal pay with men’s soccer.

I’m gonna tell you the economics of it and why the pay isn’t equal, and it’s purely a matter of economics. It’s not bias, it’s not misogyny, it’s not anti-women or any of that. It’s just the economics. Men’s soccer generates gazillions times more dollars than women’s soccer does. There’s simply a bigger pie to divvy up in men’s soccer.

“Yeah, Rush, and that’s the problem. It’s inherently unfair.” It’s the market! And it’s related to what people want to see. What they’re willing to pay to see, what they’re willing to line up and stand in line to pay to see.

Pelosi interview op-ed, New York Times, called out the radical the leftist young whippersnappers in her party, and they are firing back. Kamala Harris has promised free housing for blacks. If you are a young white Millennial couple, say, earning $70,000, hundred thousand dollars a year, you don’t get jack. You get nothing. But Kamala Harris wants to give black young people free housing.

This British ambassador to the United States for which the Brits have now apologized — I want to get into this this too. This is a very long story in the U.K. Daily Mail and I want to parse it, because all it is, all it is is an establishment Brit, aristocratical, elitist Brit who could be right at home in the Washington establishment; his problems with Trump are identical to what the D.C. establishment is. It’s not even specific. It is generic. And it’s highly embarrassing for the Brits that it leaked, but it is quite instructive. I’m gonna break that down. I spent a lot of time editing that piece this morning, which we will do.

The Iranians are just challenging everybody on their uranium enrichment limits. They are going beyond what the limits are in the so-called Iran deal. And they are literally begging for somebody to make ’em stop. So we shall see.

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