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RUSH: Now, one other thing from the past, and that happens to be Nike and Colin Kaepernick. I read a funny piece somewhere over the weekend about the courage of Colin Kaepernick crossing the Delaware, as though he were somehow equivalent to George Washington.

Anyway, the point here is that any time the left wants to tell you that they’re not anti-American, you just have to look at this episode here. I go back and forth between the term “un-American” and “anti-American,” and I don’t think we should shy away from anti-American, because, folks, that’s what the Democrat Party is. Make no mistake about it. This is where they’ve thrown their lot in.

I can’t imagine the thinking, but it’s present. It’s front and center that somehow to win the presidency in this country you have got to hate this country, you’ve got to have major problems with it. This country has got to be the biggest repository of unfairness, injustice that the world has ever spawned and the idea that it’s unsuitable as it exists, they somehow think they’re going to win, and they’re now in a contest to see who can get the more radical position on all of this. And it’s epitomized in this Colin Kaepernick Nike business.

So here’s Nike, who must have done some market research and thought that they had a great product on their hands, they’re gonna introduce a new set of sneakers or tennis shoes with the Betsy Ross flag on the back of the shoe. Now, the reason the Betsy Ross flag’s important is because Betsy Ross — and she was a tough woman. She was one of the early feminists before the word was coined, before the term was coined.

And she created the first flag that had the Stars and Stripes, 13 stars in the blue rectangle in the upper left hand — and Colin Kaepernick comes out, who we all thought was simply opposed to the cops. He was kneeling during the national anthem at national football games featuring his team, the San Francisco 49ers and he said, “Nah, nah, nah, I’m just protesting the wanton killing of blacks by racist cops.”

Well, now we know that that was all BS. He was protesting the flag. He was protesting the national anthem. He was protesting the country. And he had people sign up. And the Drive-By Media could not wait to televise all that. Any time anybody has problems with America that is in any way notorious or famous, the Drive-Bys are right there promoting it.

And Kaepernick, one guy comes out and says, “I think Nike ought to not sell this shoe,” and so Nike cancels it. And then we get stories about how Nike’s stock price shot up, how Nike’s sales shot up. If that’s the case, then why did Nike think about introducing this shoe in the first place? If getting rid of the shoe was gonna be such a market success, then what was the research that led them to create and produce the shoe?

Now, a lot of people were irritated by this for a host of reasons. And I was one of them. This is the exact kind of thing that we are up against. There’s nothing wrong celebrating the first flag of this country. There’s nothing racist about it, there’s nothing slave-generated about it. There’s nothing other than an historical aspect of America’s rise to becoming the greatest nation on earth.

It is a significant moment in American history, and it was created by a very significant and great American, who is now being sullied, who’s now being trashed along with the rest of the country. And I’m sorry; to me this is simply unacceptable. This is the exact kind of thing that needs to be pointed out and opposed. People need to be educated and informed about this.

So last Thursday I told Kathryn, who runs the Rush Limbaugh Store, “We need a Betsy Ross shirt. How quick can we get a turnaround?” Well, the answer is we have it up and running and we have it ready today, and I want to show it to you on the Dittocam.

Before you ask any questions about obscene profit, all proceeds go to the Tunnel to Towers Foundation. Now, our T-shirts have some of the most incredible fabric. People who get these first remark on the fabric.

Here is the shirt. It is the Betsy Ross flag that Nike decided to cancel. Tennis shoes that had it on the back that they decided to cancel. This is the Betsy Ross flag that Colin Kaepernick said was not permissible, we couldn’t have a product that featured this flag on it, not as long as he’s in the country.

Now, underneath the flag says, “Stand up for Betsy Ross,” and then it has the Rush Limbaugh show logo beneath it. It is up at RushLimbaugh.com in the store for pre-order. We’re gonna have them this week to begin shipping to you.

Now, last week when this happened, I made it clear to everybody that Betsy Ross is an American hero, as were many other strong patriots of that time. And if you take the time to read about the history of Betsy Ross, much like our flag, she was a strong, hardworking, independent, patriotic woman.

Every day we have to put up with this idea — we have had for years — that there is a War on Women, and the most recent manifestation of it was this equal pay complaint about the U.S. women’s soccer team, anything, anything to poke at America, anything to jab America, anything to take the opportunity, the occasion to say, “America’s unjust, America’s unfair, America’s unequal.”

And, meanwhile, all these people who rip this country to shreds never leave it! In fact, they now want anybody in the world in this hemisphere to come to this country and they’ll give them free health care. Every Democrat’s hand goes up. Free health care that you and I will pay for and free health care that you and I will not get.

We hear every day that there’s this War on Women, yet there’s no problem whatsoever attacking a woman now who defined what a strong, courageous woman is. Of all the people to start trashing and denigrating, Betsy Ross, of all the people to start making fun of. To a lot of people — and I know this is gonna sound quaint, and to people in the Drive-By Media, it may sound simplistic and sophomoric. But the American flag is the most fundamental symbol of on our country and its history.

Our flag represents independence from tyranny, for freedom for everybody. It represents ingenuity, strength. It represents perseverance. It represents entrepreneurship. It represents excellence and greatness. I think we should always continue to defend our country, our unique American symbols, our fundamental patriotic institutions. They are worth defending, especially when they’re all under assault now by a major political party.

So what we did over the weekend, we created a special Betsy Ross iconic flag shirt now available at the Rush Limbaugh Show Store and on the shirt it reads, “Stand up for Betsy Ross,” has an illustration of the flag that she designed. Proceeds from the sale of this shirt directly benefit the Tunnel to Towers Foundation in honor of all American patriots. Tunnel to Towers Foundation is a wonderful organization dedicated to helping those lost on 9/11, our military and first responders.

So here, let me show it to you again. And I have to tell you, it’s been frustrating in the past. We wanted to do this so many times, but we weren’t able to do the turnaround. But we have now put in place systems that allow us to turn things around in a matter of days even over a holiday weekend.

Here is the shirt. It’s a T. There’s no collar on it, but it is a gorgeous T-shirt. And it’s not only a gorgeous T-shirt, it’s fabulous fabric, but it also carries a direct response message. And, as I say, it’s now available for pre-order at the RushLimbaugh.com store.


RUSH: Again, just want to stress that the proceeds from the sale of the special “Stand up for Betsy Ross,” T-shirt directly benefit the Tunnel to Towers Foundation. It’s in honor of all American patriots. The Tunnel to Towers Foundation is a great organization dedicated to helping those who were lost in the 9/11 tragedy as well as military and first responders.

The point being that we’re not introducing this for personal, Rush Limbaugh, profit, folks. We want this to be multifaceted, but we want to be able to participate in the pushback whenever we can involving as many people as possible to the effort by the left to denigrate and tear down this country.


RUSH: Okay. One more time here, remaining moments, there you go at the Dittocam, we’re showing it, Stand Up for Betsy Ross, brand-new quick turnaround T-shirt available at RushLimbaugh.com. Proceeds directly benefit the Tunnel to Towers Foundation, folks. This is pushback to Nike, Kaepernick, and all the others who somehow think this is a symbol of hatred. Screw that.


RUSH: Also, one last reminder here. We’ve introduced a new T-shirt to the Rush Limbaugh Store that benefits the Tunnel to Towers Foundation. It is a Betsy Ross T-shirt. “Stand Up for Betsy Ross.” We’re getting a lot of requests. It’s beautiful. This flag on this shirt is awesome, folks. I’m just telling you. The cameras cannot do it justice. We’re getting a lot of requests. Women are asking for a V-neck T-shirt, and we’re thinking seriously about it.

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