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RUSH: You cannot find anywhere — and correct me if I’m wrong — on this Jeffrey Epstein story, you do not see that this guy’s a raging, big Democrat, do you? I don’t want to be wrong about this. Well, they have no choice but than to collect and do Clinton, and there’s a bunch of others. This guy got out of jail — he was released — this is a sordid, sordid story. And I want to cut to the chase on just one thing.

He was let out of jail, Palm Beach County jail, after serving 10 months, but he was allowed to leave for 12 hours a day and then basically spend the night. He was allowed to go to his Palm Beach house and do whatever he was doing, ankle bracelet kind of thing, and then go back and spend the night in the jail. Obviously a sweetheart deal for 10 months and then he was released for a time with I think home whatever.

When he got out of jail, he has a dinner party and at the dinner party, Katie Couric, George Stephanopoulos, all of these A-list, left-wing journalist and socialite A-listers that show up at cocktail parties, they’re all there, and they know what the guy did, they know who he is, they know what he does. And you know what the lure is, in part? The lure is money.

Rich people could be the biggest dregs on the face of the earth. I mean, super wealthy. They can be the most boring, uninteresting people in the world, in many ways, and it doesn’t matter, people will flock to them.

Now, this guy, Epstein, happened to be a major Democrat fundraiser, a major Democrat donor. And so you look at all of the efforts to discredit Donald Trump and keep him from being nominated by the Republicans, look at the Access Hollywood video where Trump just uttered some words, versus this guy, who was openly procuring girls under 16 to come in and perform basic sex acts for Epstein and his friends, whoever his friends were at any of his homes here in Palm Beach and in New York City.

He’s got a seven-story townhouse, one of the largest private residences in Manhattan. I think it’s number nine, East 71st Street. It’s right off Fifth Avenue near Central Park. It’s sordid. And everybody involved knew what he was doing, and half of them, if not more, were participating with him.

Now, the Drive-Bys are doing everything they can to link Epstein with Trump because there’s a photo of Trump and Melania before they were married with Epstein and his madam. Epstein had a woman who helped procure the girls. Her name is Ghislaine Maxwell. She’s the daughter of Robert Maxwell, who was Rupert Murdoch’s competitor for a time. He owned the New York Daily News for a while, and he and Murdoch had a rivalry and competition for worldwide journalism penetration and so forth.

Maxwell was found dead floating off his boat in the Mediterranean, mysterious death some years ago. But his daughter Ghislaine was basically being paid by Epstein to secure and round up this never-ending stable of young girls. And it was all hidden under the title of massages. Epstein was having these young girls come in and perform massages, and friends would go and participate in the activities and so forth.

And the original case against Epstein was put together by the Palm Beach police because Epstein’s a resident at times here on Palm Beach. And it was an exhaustive case. It crossed every T. It dotted every I. Then the case was turned over to the Palm Beach state attorney’s office where they treated it as though it was no big deal, and the Palm Beach Police Department was livid at the way it was treated, how insignificantly it was tweeted, how light the punishment was. And all of that had to have been political too.

And then there was at the end of it — and I’m really compressing this — there was a plea arrangement where Epstein was granted immunity from federal prosecution if he would serve the 10 months or one year and a half in the Palm Beach County jail and able to leave during the day for eight to 10 hours at a time. That further infuriated the Palm Beach police. ‘Cause they had done the legwork, they had done all the detective work, they’d done all the investigative work.

They had assembled a massive amount of data that they thought could have been a profoundly detailed indictment. And it was treated as though a minor misdemeanor. So the federal immunity deal was sealed by the then federal judge in Miami. And this was considered an outrage because it prevented any of the victims from taking action, civil action against Epstein. They basically built a wall around the guy and said any of the victims have no recourse now.

Well, the victims persisted. They got lawyers to attack the immunity deal. And eventually they succeeded. And the reason the Southern District of New York has picked this up is because that first immunity deal signed, the federal judge was Alex Costa, who’s now Trump’s labor secretary. And he’s defended his action left and right. Professor Dershowitz is one of Epstein’s attorneys. He had a massive legal team.

But it’s really rare to have an immunity deal attacked and reopened and disqualified. And that’s basically what’s happened here because the outrages were so great. So now the victims, who are in their thirties. This has been going on a long time. Epstein put these girls on his plane. I think he had a Boeing 727 at one time. Who knows what he’s got now.

He’d fly them down to his home in the Virgin Islands, he’d fly them to a home in Paris, bring ’em down here, had a string of women going in and out the door here. Lots of underage girls. And everybody involved knew they were underage. It wasn’t just Epstein. I mean, he provided the location, he participated, but there were lots of, quote, unquote, friends that also walked through Epstein’s front door. And they thought nothing to it. It’s fine. It’s not anybody’s business, nobody’s being harmed here.

Except the victims were being harmed, but they had no recourse until now. So what this is all about now is about the victims having this immunity deal blown to smithereens and having a chance to go in, the Feds have now decided this immunity deal was illegal, shouldn’t have happened, a gross miscarriage of justice. And now the Southern District of New York arrests Epstein at Teterboro. So he’s not flying a 727. The 727 can’t land at Teterboro, not fully loaded anyway, the runway is not long enough. So he had to be flying something else.

Coming back from Paris on Saturday, lands, had no idea they’re waiting for him, they arrest him, they take him to jail, no bail, he was arraigned or gonna be arraigned sometime today. And this is all just beginning. And now the stories are really percolating. And all of this stuff that you’re reading about now has been known since the nineties. It was just buried.

Look, everybody involved on the federal side claimed that it was a great negotiation, they got Epstein to admit a bunch of things, he paid a fine, he served jail time, but the federal immunity to this is what soured everybody on it. And the Palm Beach Police Department has been livid about this from day one because they thought that the state of Florida went light, then the federal immunity on top of that just — they thought there was no justice whatsoever.

So all of this has been known and it’s all been suppressed and it was all hidden behind an immunity agreement that’s now being wide open. So now these headlines that you’re seeing with details, just keep in mind all of this stuff has been known to everybody investigating this case and everybody involved in it since the 1990s.

And there is a political element to this that cannot be denied. Epstein was a famous New York financier. He’s one of these rich guys that just acts as a magnet to people. It’s just human nature. I’ve seen it. The fact that somebody’s a billionaire says everything about them, makes them wonderful, makes them great, you gotta get to know them, gotta be their friend. It just has this magical allure to certain people. And Epstein was one of these people. And he shared everything. He shared the girls, he shared his jet, he shared his homes. I think you had to pay the girls, but that was it.

And for the people that he was inviting in paying the girls was chump change. Didn’t amount to anything. You pay it with the walking-around money. So now it’s all been wide open again here. And I have to think that one of the reasons why — and I really hope this is not case — but I have to think one of the reasons, there’s many factors. One, the miscarriage of justice in the original immunity deal being granted by the Feds, but there’s gotta be some people in the SDNY who think this is another avenue toward Trump.

But they had better be careful, because the people that are Epstein’s closest buddies are gonna be very famous, very well known, Washington and European establishment types and big-time Democrats. And it’ll be interesting to see who succeeds in getting what suppressed as this all goes forward. Sex trafficking is gonna be the basic charge. We don’t know how many counts or any of that yet.

He’s considered a flight risk and he would have no problem posting whatever kind of bail is demanded if bail is offered. But, look, Epstein has funded — he’s been very smart — he has funded medical research at Harvard and Yale, Brown. He has funded climate research at Stanford and all these places. He has greased skids everywhere.

He has given money to politicians, universities, think tanks, medical and scientific research centers. There hasn’t really been an exploration of where he got all his money. He’s been said to just be an asset manager. He’s one of these great wealth managers, hedge fund types, although it may not have been a hedge fund, but he’s just made a lot of people a lot of money, and in a lot of cases made himself a lot of money.

But the amount of money we’re talking about here is extraordinary, and there hasn’t really been much of an expose on how he came by his billions. It just has been accepted. And you have people like the Clintons who are naturally gonna gravitate to people with money because the Clintons have always wanted to be rich. That’s why there was Whitewater. That’s why that scandal even existed.

The Clintons back in the eighties thought that rich people got there by scamming the system, by turning money over real quick, making a fast buck, playing on the margins, playing on the edges. There wasn’t any real legitimate hard work. And they were denied the opportunity ’cause they were in government. They were limited on what their outside activities could be, their salaries were it. So they wanted to come up with secret, hidden ways to earn big bucks.

And then after they left the White House and took some of the White House silver with them, they started bragging about how much money they had and how they didn’t care that their taxes went up. (Clinton impersonation) “I’m happy to pay those taxes now. I don’t think anybody ought to oppose an increased tax rate. You should be proud you can pay it.” They took every opportunity they could to let people know that they had arrived financially.

My point is it’s always been a compulsion with them. So guys like Epstein attracted the Clintons and vice-versa. You know, you got the good buddy of yours who is the president of the United States, when Clinton leaves office is when he was really busy with Epstein flying to Africa. It’s all couched in charitable works, by the way, all the travel, all this and that, is all done on the basis of being engaged in charitable activities so that it would give the veneer of respectability to it.

But all of that hid what was really going on. It was sex trafficking, sex pleasuring, and the time-honored use of massive wealth for hedonistic pursuits. Anybody ever heard of Aristippus of Cyrene? He was a big believer of Socrates, big follower of Socrates. He was a philosopher and he was the guy who came up with basically the definition of his philosophy toward life: Eat, drink, and be merry for tomorrow we will die. Aristippus of Cyrene is the author of this line of thinking. This is what we’re looking at here.

All kinds of philosophers have had different answers to why we exist and what our purpose is. And throughout life if you’ve viewed life as nothing more than a vehicle to pleasure yourself, why, that’s been frowned upon, ah, that’s not serious enough, no, you need to have a greater purpose than just pleasing yourself. You need to have a life devoted to others.

Well, this guy Aristippus of Cyrene said, no way, it’s all about pleasing yourself. When you do that, you please others. You only get one life and why should you spend it in pain and suffering and so forth? Eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow we shall die. I wouldn’t be surprised if that motto is in Epstein’s airplane.


RUSH: I checked the email during the break. It’s Aristippus of Cyrene. People, “What were you talking about?” He was an ancient philosopher of life. He was a student of Socrates, ancient Greece, became aware of Socrates — he traveled to — we’re talking BC, 300 BC, three to 450 BC. And he traveled to Greece for the Olympic games, and he had heard of Socrates, was mesmerized, wanted to meet Socrates and did and became a gigantic follower.

Socrates could have been said to be a mentor except he broke with Socrates on the philosophy of life. He created an actual named philosophy. It’s named after him. It’s Aristippus of Cyrene, so the name of his philosophy is Cyrenaic hedonism and it’s typified by the phrase “eat, drink, and be merry for tomorrow we may die.” And I was simply relating this. This is one of the, no doubt, guiding principles of the entire Epstein scenario.

Folks, let me tell you something about this, just to be as roughly clear as I can. The people who were walking inside Epstein’s homes to take advantage of the opportunity to have themselves pleasured by these underage girls, these people will do anything to keep their names out of the news. No. I’m not gonna name any names here. I don’t know that many. I can only imagine.

But I’m telling you, you would know a heck of a lot of them, my guess is, were they to be made public. And there are people, I guarantee, the phones are burning at lawyers’ offices at the Southern District New York because some of the people involved in this will do anything to keep their names out of this. And once that has been firmly established, that’s gonna ratchet up the interest in this even more than what it already is.

And I think a lot of people don’t even know anything about the Epstein story at all when this thing broke because it was so successfully suppressed as a Florida story back when it happened.


RUSH: Jeffrey Epstein, in a shocking move, has pled not guilty. I’m being sarcastic. Now, his bail hearing is on Thursday. And it’s kind of funny watching the Drive-By Media discussing the upcoming bail hearing. Federal prosecutors have said the guy poses a tremendous flight risk and the Drive-Bys are analyzing that.

“What do you mean, flight risk? Well, let me try to help out here. The guy has six homes. Let me see if I can name them. He’s got the gigantic townhouse on East 71st Street in Manhattan. No, I’ve never been in there. He’s got a home here on Palm Beach, not near the EIB compound nor my personal compound. Never been there. He has a home in Hawaii. He has his own private island in the Virgin Islands. I think he’s got a home somewhere in France from which he was returning on Saturday while they were laying in wait at Teterboro.

He’s got two private jets. So, yeah, I would say he poses a flight risk. And I would say that he could very easily end up somewhere where we don’t have an extradition treaty. I’m sure he’s got all kinds of foreign bank accounts. But you know what folks? You should try an experiment. If you know anybody in the financial business, if you know anybody in asset management or just basic Wall Street, ask them. Who is this guy? How did he get his money? Where did he come from?

You’ll find more people cannot answer those questions that can. Now, normally when somebody’s a billionaire you can trace how they did it. Hedge funds or industrial manufacturing, massive sale, any number of reasons, asset worth when it comes to owning a sports franchise or something like that. You ask people who are big time power brokers on Wall Street where Epstein got his and you’ll find a lot that will not be able to tell you, meaning nobody knows. And nobody questions it. They just want to be close to it. A la Bill Clinton.

Jeffrey Epstein was a guy made to order for Bill Clinton. Epstein was created as a magnet for guys like Bill Clinton. And you keep a sharp eye because they’re gonna be doing everything they can in the Drive-By Media to link Epstein to Trump. And they’re gonna do everything they can to shield Clinton. And let’s see how cooperative the Clintons are when the requests for documents start flying. The bail hearing is on Thursday.

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