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RUSH: I want to move forward here with the audio sound bites here of Democrats and Drive-Bys just shocked, dismayed, angry that Trump’s speech and military display on the Fourth of July is unprecedented, and that putting tanks on the streets of Washington, having military jet flybys violates the norms of a peace-loving nation.

Here’s the montage…

MAJOR GARRETT: (music) Fourth of July has been a tribute to universal American themes, a star-spangled civic hymn. This year, by design, it will be much more about (pause) him.

ELEANOR HOLMES NORTON: (background noise) He’s politicized the Fourth of July before he opens his mouth!

JAKE TAPPER: The president will also break with tradition and address the nation directly!

JEN PSAKI: What President Trump is trying to do here is use the men and women who are serving as political props!

MICHAEL STEELE: We have never had to prove our patriotism by rolling out planes and tanks. I find this to be offensive.

CHRIS MATTHEWS: What do big tanks got to (cough) do with it?

JEREMY BASH: This is nauseating. This is not just obnoxious tackiness. It’s fundamentally unamerican.

ERIC SWALWELL: It’s just not who we are as Americans. We don’t thump our chest, put tanks in the streets, fly jets over The Mall.

JOY REID: It’s always a threat when you roll out your military!

LEON PANETTA: We have never had to display that power to the world in order to prove it. Roll tanks down the street…

ANAND GIRIDHARADAS: Tanks rolling, being trucked into Washington to have a military parade that is inspired by Vladimir Putin and Kim Jong-un…

EUGENE ROBINSON: A combination Trump rally and Kim Jong-un style military parade of hardware and equipment. It’s just obscene! Presidents don’t speak at the Fourth of July!

RUSH: (impression) “That’s Eugene Robinson of the Washington Post telling you what presidents just don’t do on the Fourth of July.” And it was that idiot, Eric Swalwell, in this bite who said, “It’s just not who we are as Americans. We don’t thump our chest. We don’t put tanks in the streets or fly jets over The Mall.” You all remember in 1992, the week prior to the inauguration of Slick Willie, Clinton scheduled all kinds of events on the Washington Mall — parties and events.

One of the things that Clinton scheduled was a flyover of military jets, and there was an actor by the name of Ron Silver. Ron Silver got mad as hell. He said, “What the hell is that? We don’t do that! We’re flying jets over Washington? What the hell?” and somebody had to calm him down and say, “Ron, those are our jets now.” “Oh, yeah!” So when the Democrats are in, “Those are our jets. They used to be Reagan’s jets and they were Bush’s jets. They weren’t ours. But now they’re our jets!” It’s an indication right there.

Ron Silver later became a great conservative before he passed away. The idea that this stuff has never happened before is absurd. Put that picture up. We’ve got some stuff to show you here on the Dittocam. This is a picture right here of the Dwight Eisenhower inauguration parade in 1953. You might be saying, “Why 1953?” Because it was delayed for all of the post-World War II stuff and everything. But right there — and for those of you not watching, it is an endless parade of tanks turning the corner in Washington, D.C., in 1953.

We’ll have the photos published at RushLimbaugh.com. Move to the next one. Right there! See that missile? This is the John F. Kennedy inauguration. (interruption) No, no, no. Go back. Go back to the missile. Go back one. Go back one. Okay. Okay, we’re gonna stay there. That’s from 1939. That is Army Day. Oh, there we are. That’s the JFK inauguration in 1961, with that giant nuclear ICBM leading a parade of military Jeeps. If you look, you can see the U.S. Capitol in the background — and here come these dummkopfs in the Drive-By Media.

(sputtering) “We’ve never… We’ve never… We’ve never… We’ve never done this! This is obscene. This is what Kim Jong-un — Kim Jong-un and — and — and — and — and — and — and Putin do!” What a bunch of small-minded, uncreative, uninnovative bunch of people that do nothing but recite whatever talking point they’re given. Now go to the Army Day tank. This is 1939. It’s the next shot. That is a tank on Army Day, 1939. If you look in the back, there’s the U.S. Capitol there in 1939, Army Day.

And that’s just three shots that we ran across trying to put there together showing that we have done this on many occasions in the past, and we did it with great fanfare and great celebration. It did not mean that we’re a warmongering nation. It does not mean that we’re run by a bunch of tinhorn dictators like Kim Jong-un and Vladimir Putin. (interruption) What? The program observer is looking at me with… (interruption) Oh, there are all kinds of pictures of uniformed military personnel marching in inaugural parades and others, Labor Day, Memorial Day parades.

While they were alive, there were Civil War veterans paraded down the street of Washington, D.C., on various celebratory days in the late 1800s after the Civil War. So these people don’t know what they’re talking about. They’re trying to make it look like Trump has become a tinhorn dictator. It is a really lame attempt. But what are these people doing? What they don’t realize they’re doing is they’re actually taking anti-American stands, anti-American positions on cable TV claiming (impression), ‘This kind of stuff…

“This is beyond the pale. This is politicizing Independence Day. Presidents don’t speak…” Presidents don’t speak on Independence Day? I guess presidents don’t go to the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier anymore, either. We can’t politicize that, can we? But that’s not all we have. Audio sound bite number seven. April 1938. This is what you saw if you went to the movies in 1938. You saw a little bit of a black-and-white newsreel…

ANNOUNCER: (bouncy music) It’s Army Day and 12-hour military marchers parade in the nation’s capital. On the 21st anniversary of America’s entry into the world war, the rhythm of marching troops echoes in Washington. From Fort Myers comes the famous Cavalry Band. The commander-in-chief of the Army receives the salutes of the marching legions.

RUSH: April 6, 1938. That’s the Pathe Gazette newsreel. That’s how people got news back then before Walter “Klondike” and Eric Sevareid on CBS News. This is how you got news, in the newsreels, between features at the movies. January 20, 1961, newsreel covering the inauguration of John Kennedy…

ANNOUNCER: (bouncy music) The parade symbolizes the desire of the American people — regardless of party — to wish their new leaders well. The cadets of the United States military academies. The midshipmen of the United States Naval Academy. This patrol boat is identical to the one commanded by President Kennedy during his service in the Pacific in World War II.

RUSH: Wait, you can’t do that! That’s politicizing Kennedy. You can’t do that. You can’t do that.

ANNOUNCER: And so a nation spend the afternoon of an important day celebrating the inauguration of its 35th president. However, President Kennedy’s day is far from over. Early evening brings a display of fireworks.

RUSH: No! No!

(fireworks exploding)

RUSH: Fireworks for Kennedy? They actually had a replica of the boat JFK piloted, commanded in the Pacific in World War II! You talk about politicizing something? The newly elected, being-inaugurated president’s weapon of war was being honored and celebrated at his inaugural parade. Let’s go back to 1991, CBS News coverage, George H. W. Bush (Bush 41) presiding over a massive military parade in Washington in honor of our victory in Desert Storm…

SCHIEFFER: It was the biggest military celebration in the nation’s capital since World War II, as Washington today honored the U.S. servicemen and women who fought in the Gulf War. Two-hundred thousand enthusiastic spectators watched a parade of troops and their weapons, all part of the national victory celebration. Eric Engberg has our report…

ENGBERG: (tanks moving) So much military hardware was moving that at times it appeared Washington was under attack. The stealth bomber, oddly shaped to deceive radar, led a fleet of 82 planes over the parade route. The Patriot missile got the loudest applause of the day.

RUSH: Holy smokes, folks, do you hear this? The stealth bomber! We had 82 planes flying over and a Patriot missile! It got the biggest applause in 1991, ladies and gentlemen. But the Drive-Bys say, “We don’t do this! It’s unseemly. We have never done this.” One more. Chris Cillizza from CNN yesterday afternoon. Listen to this…

CILLIZZA: Let me just remind people: George W. Bush, Barack Obama, Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, George Herbert Walker Bush, all these people were president on July 4th! All of them were patriots, whether they were Republicans or Democrats. None of them chose to make this July 4th into, if not a political event — that remains to be seen — a personal event like Donald Trump has. Ask yourself the question of why.

RUSH: You don’t even know what you’re talking about! He doesn’t even know what he’s talking about. “None of these presidents ever sought to make…” No, just their inaugurations. Ha!


RUSH: A quick pregunta. Democrat presidential candidates are gonna go to a bunch of rallies tomorrow. Are they gonna be doing speeches? Yes, they are. Well, how is that not politicizing the Fourth of July? You know Bite Me’s gonna be out there putting his foot in his mouth while he eats a hot dog. Kamala Harris is gonna be out there. Mayor Pete’s gonna be out there with his husband probably doing all kinds of wonderful things with hot dogs on the Fourth of July. What the hell do you think they’re gonna be talking about? You think they’re gonna be…?

You think they’re gonna be politicizing the event? Chris Cillizza… (By the way, all of you on hold, please stay. I’m coming there as soon as I finish something here. We’ve got some really good calls on hold. I’m gonna get to you.) But Chris Cillizza… Let me just review. I don’t want to play the bite again. Chris Cillizza said (summarized), “George W. Bush, Barack Obama, Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, George Herbert Walker Bush, none of these people chose to make July 4th into a political event. None of them made speeches on the Fourth of July.”

Ronaldus Magnus, July 4th, 1986, on the USS John Kennedy in New York Harbor…

REAGAN: It’s worth remembering that all celebration of this day is rooted in history. It’s recorded that shortly after the Declaration of Independence was signed in Philadelphia, celebrations took place throughout the land, and many of the former colonists — they were just starting to call themselves Americans — set off cannons and marched in fife-and-drum parades. What a contrast with the sober scene that had taken place a short time earlier in Independence Hall. Fifty-six men came forward to sign the parchment. It was noted at the time that they pledged their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honors.

RUSH: Uhhh, there’s Ronaldus Magnus making a speech on the Fourth of July 1986 celebrating the actually signing of the Declaration of Independence. (Gasp!) “Politicizing the Fourth of July! Can you believe it?” Furthermore, he was on a gigantic weapon of war, an aircraft carrier named after John F. Kennedy. And these clowns in the Drive-By Media say that presidents don’t do this. Uh, William Jefferson Blythe Clinton, July 4th, 1993, in Philadelphia, outside Independence Hall…

CLINTON: On this, our nation’s birthday and our nation’s birthplace, all of us are part of a truly historic occasion as we welcome these two leaders in the journey to nonracial democracy in South Africa. We honor the dedication, the dignity, and the discipline of the ANC president, Nelson Mandela, who walked out of prison after 27 years — astonishingly, still unbowed, unbroken, and unembittered.

RUSH: Yeah. Don’t know about the last. Ever heard of necklacing? At any rate, there was William Jefferson Blythe Clinton on the Fourth of July 1993 with Nelson (impression) “ain’t too proud to beg” Mandela. But presidents don’t do this! We were just told, “Presidents don’t do this! They don’t politicize the Fourth of July!” Not only was Clinton politicizing the Fourth of July, he was trying to spread the ingredients of our Fourth of July to Nelson Mandela and the African National Congress.

Finally, the piece de resistance, July 4th, 2014, NBC’s the Macy’s Fourth of July Fireworks Show…

OBAMA: Happy Fourth of July, America. Tonight, Michelle and I are celebrating at the White House as we usually do, with a few hundred members of the military and their families. Some of them signed up to serve before they were even citizens.

RUSH: What?

OBAMA: They were prepared to fight and die for an American they didn’t fully belong to yet.

RUSH: Oh, wow. So we were honoring illegals back when Obama was in the White House. But remember, this was a video that he used to politicize the Fourth of July, hijacking the NBC Macy’s fireworks special to push for amnesty for illegals! “Presidents don’t do this,” we were told. “They don’t politicize the Fourth of July!” Obama turned the Fourth of July into a push for amnesty for illegals — and a celebration of America’s military might, brought to us by illegals who are members of the military themselves.

This is too easy. It’s just like shooting fish in a barrel, as the saying goes. These clowns in the media, these Democrats, they come out, “This just doesn’t happen! This has never happened,” and of course it always has and does and it’s just a matter of going to the archival footage and library and finding it.

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