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RUSH: So, Mr. Snerdley walked in here, looks at me, and says, “You’re gonna catch hell today, buddy.” I said, “Why? What did…? What did I do?” He said, “You gotta get that Nike shirt off, man! You can’t show up on the Dittocam…” “Oh, my God. I forgot. I didn’t even think about it.” So I made a mad dash into the dressing room in there that we use about twice a year when I do television. Thankfully, I had a shirt not made by Nike in there. It’s a Steelers coach’s shirt. So I slapped it on there. It’s a good catch by Mr. Snerdley. I didn’t even think of it. It didn’t even occur to me.

Who makes the shirt doesn’t matter to me when I go grab ’em and put ’em on. It’s not why I bought ’em. Anyway, greetings, folks. Here we are set, ready, and loaded to unload on another day in the United States of America. We’re coming up on Independence Day, which is Thursday, a couple days from now. Oh, by the way, have you heard? Mike Pence was scheduled to do an event in New Hampshire and his plane has been called back. The event, whatever it was in New Hampshire, has been canceled.

Pence is on the way back now to D.C. (he may be back by now) for an unspecified emergency. I haven’t seen any more on it than that. If there is something, it has escaped me. But whatever. When we learn more, we’ll pass it on. I wonder what it is. You know, then you realize Trump is gonna be front and center in Washington on Thursday. He’s asked for there to be tanks and a flyby on The Mall as part of the celebration of America. That is gonna… (chuckles) If that happens, can you imagine the provocative nature? I mean, putting tanks on the street!

The Democrat Party, the American left is gonna go bonkers. By the way, folks, is there any doubt that what we’re dealing with here — flat-out, now — is straight-up anti-Americanism? When I have mentioned casually and pointedly over the recent past that the American left has now become a political group that does not believe America could be fixed. America needs to be disbanded. America needs to be ripped up, torn apart, and rebuilt. We are forever flawed because of our founding.

Even though all of the grievances that they have about the founding have been addressed, have been fixed, such as women being able to vote, slavery and any number of things. That’s not good enough — and this Nike situation with Colin Kaepernick proves it! Colin Kaepernick is objecting to today’s flag, not the flag that flew before slavery. He’s objecting to today’s flag, and here’s Nike (because one of their paid athletes objects to the flag) pulling the shoe made with the American flag on it! I mean, there isn’t any question here that what we’re dealing with is not people who are aligned with us on things in common.

It used to be said of the two political parties that we all want what’s best for America. That can’t be said anymore. And it has not been the case for a long time, if you ask me. These people are not interested in what’s best for America. They want to tear it down, folks. They’re not even hiding it anymore. They’re not trying to even camouflage it. They aren’t trying to mask it. They aren’t trying to deceive us. They’re flat-out in our faces. They don’t like this country, and it’s not about fixing it. It’s about tearing it down. It’s about ripping apart the fabric of this country and destroying the people who are the descendants of those who founded it.

I don’t mean in a genetic sense. But people who believe in the founding, they’ve gotta go. Make no mistake about it. Colin Kaepernick and his behavior and Nike going along with him, in my estimation, is flat-out un-American. It’s anti-America, let’s put it that way. We don’t have any overlap here where it used to be said (impression), “Yeah, well, we’re all… We all want the best for America. We just have different, uh, theories about how to get there.” They’re not looking at the best! They want to rip this country apart. They want to tear up the concepts of the American founding.

Here we are two days before the Fourth of July, and I wouldn’t blame any of you if you’re out there kind of pulling your hair out, saying, “Can we not just have one day to celebrate this country? Can’t we just have one day between us?” This little AOC, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and this gaggle of hysterical women that she takes down there with her to the border, lying their way through that border visit. You know, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has had happen to her what a bunch of shock-jock type people on the radio always have happen.

After a while, your gig gets old, your schtick no longer shocks, and so you have to keep crossing new lines. And that’s all she’s doing. She’s addicted to getting noticed. She’s out there, a former bartender, saying that Ivanka Trump has no business being a diplomat. “She’s got no experience being a diplomat! She doesn’t know what being a diplomat is,” from a former bartender who’s been elected to Congress with one of the lowest vote it turns out in the history of the congressional district.

Now she runs down there and starts trashing and lying about conditions at the border and the people who administer the people who come into this country illegally. She flat-out lies that the detainees are being forced to drink out of toilets! The Border Patrol and ICE people are denying this. Even this gaggle of lunatics with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez admit they haven’t seen it. There aren’t any witnesses have actually seen people being forced to drink water out of a toilet.

But, my friends, based on what we’re told about the circumstances where these people are fleeing, maybe toilet water’s a step up for some of them. Based on what the left is telling us their homelands are like. So we’ve got that to deal with. Now we have Nike canceling the rollout of a flag shoe — a new flag shoe — at the behest of a triggered anti-American ex-jock, Colin Kaepernick. But in a way, you can’t blame Nike because Kaepernick and that ad campaign they ran sold a heck of a lot of shoes. You couldn’t blame Nike for thinking that Kaepernick’s audience and the people that buy tennis shoes or whatever are indeed themselves anti-American. Not un-American, anti-American.

They are two different things. In the meantime, we’ve got Independence Day coming up two days from now, and the people who are trying to rip this country apart don’t even appreciate or have any understanding of the significance of it. Because, to them, Independence Day was one of the worst days in the world. It was the day the United States declared itself a country, declared itself an independent country, declared its existence — and began a human renaissance like the world has never seen.

And here we come with a bunch of ingrates — ill-informed, uneducated ingrates — who are devoted to tearing it down because they don’t have anything better to do. Their lives are so void, so absent any meaning, that the only thing they can do to give themselves some sense of purpose is to rip down that which has meant so much to so many. I mean, if you doubt me, take a look what the left is openly talking about. They are hell-bent on removing all borders. Beto O’Rourke is campaigning in Mexico! He’s campaigning in Mexico!

Not on our side of the border. He’s campaigning in Mexico, and he’s telling everybody (summarized), “Yeah, we understand why you want to go to America, but…” He gives his various reasons why America’s, you know, not all that great a place but that he still understands it. He says, “You people, I know your homelands are in great problems because we’ve created climate change. We’re probably causing you to leave. The United States is to blame for everything.” So they want to remove all borders and they want to let the world in and they want to give the world free everything once they get here.

Do you not logically carry this out to its conclusion because you can’t. It doesn’t make any sense. Okay, get rid of borders. Give the left what they want: Get rid of borders, let anybody in the world come in, and then after they get here, they get free health care and free whatever. You… (sigh) Such a circumstance is not possible! You cannot envision a country this way. It would cease to exist as we know it — which is the objective. I don’t believe these people actually have the sophistication to know that if they got everything they wanted, the country would not be able to provide any of the demands they have.

Now, their leaders may know this. I think, you know, you’ve got the rank-and-file — the marchers, the leaders, the rioters, the protesters — and then you have the organizers and leaders. These people are from the Cloward-Piven school of thought, which means to destroy the country you just have to overwhelm the welfare system. Once you do that, you create anti-American riots that no government can stop. You just put as many people on welfare as you can. You get ’em into the country however you can, and you get ’em all on welfare.

Make ’em all demand this, demand that — and then when you cannot provide it, they riot. They cause hell and tear down the existing structures and principles and institutions of the country. There are people that want to do that. They teach at Columbia University, or did. They think that’s the only way to destroy this country and its immoral, unjust founding. It’s to illustrate that it isn’t what it claims to be, that it isn’t the best place on earth for people. They want to illustrate the United States isn’t the best by virtue of flooding the country with people who have no intention of working because there won’t be any jobs, anyway.

There won’t be anybody paying anybody anything because tax rates are gonna be so high that nobody’s gonna dare go to work — if they get what they want, which is what they want. So you’ve got a bunch of people with no ability to feed themselves, demanding the government do it but there isn’t any money left — or food, for that matter, because these people are gonna destroy virtually everything that provides all of this. That’s one way of ruining America. And that’s one way of illustrating to people that America is not what the believers in the country say it is.

It’s not the best economic outpost. It’s not the most prosperous. It’s not this. The way you illustrate that it isn’t is to destroy all of that. They want to remove all borders. They want to welcome in — just wave in — everybody around the world; then give them all health care. It’s “a basic human right,” right? (impression) “I mean, you can’t deny people health care! They get sick, and anybody who wants to go to the hospital or go to the doctor, they go and don’t pay for it.” If Bernie Sanders is president, the middle tax will pay for it! The middle class will pay for it with rising taxes.

What that sets up is a situation where there’s no concept of citizenship, which is another objective they have. No citizenship. They object to a citizenship question on the United States census. Why? Because they don’t want there to be the concept of citizenship. America doesn’t deserve to have citizens because America doesn’t deserve to exist. You might be asking, “What’s the root of all this?” Communist influence, folks! Communism around the world from its interception has been opposed to capitalism and freedom and liberty, because communism is all about control. It sounds kind of simplistic. “What do you mean, Rush, control?”

It’s about control!

They want to be able to control you.

Those of you who don’t desire to control people may have trouble fathoming it. If so, I’m one of you. I have no desire to control anybody. I wouldn’t know how — I mean, to the degree that these people are talking about. But don’t let that fool you. There are many people who want to control you who right now have no power over you in any way, shape, manner, or form. It’s one of the reasons why they want to control you. Most of the people who want to control you want to do it to get even with you ’cause they resent you, they’re jealous of you, they hate you for whatever variety of reasons.

So if everybody walks in, gets health care, and there’s no distinction between being a citizen and not being a citizen, then there’s no country — and they’re given IDs, by the way. They come in and they’re given IDs, which further blurs the lines of citizenship, which they are trying to annihilate. Citizenship is not fair, you see. It’s not fair that some people living here are citizens and some aren’t. Why just because you’re born here does that make you a citizen and somebody born 10 feet on the other side of some imaginary line isn’t? Why are they not citizens?

This is the old Phil Donahue argument. Phil Donahue on his old TV show would wring his hands often and share with people the misery and angst and guilt he felt over the accident of his birth, meaning his birth as an American was a total accident. They had nothing to do with it. Why should he have a better lifetime than other people who weren’t born here? It just isn’t fair. That attitude is predominant and prevalent throughout the American left. “Why should you be a citizen just ’cause you’re born here, and somebody not born here can’t be?”

“Well, they can, but they gotta go through the process.” “That’s too hard. That’s not fair. That gives the people who are citizens control over those who are not. That’s not fair! You shouldn’t be able to say who’s a citizen and who isn’t.” So get rid of citizenship. It’s unfair. It’s intrinsically discriminating — and, of course, who is primarily hurt by the concept of citizenship? Why, minorities! Women and children and minorities hardest hit. No IDs. They want to erase everything except one thing.

They want to be in charge of the government that has the power to issue dictats like this. They don’t want to have to win elections to have this power. They want to intimidate opposition into giving it up, into conceding, or into attempting to defend it but being unable to by being unwilling to fight the way the left is willing to bring the fight to you, to us. They want to be in charge of a government that has the power to determine every individual’s lot in life, economic circumstances, and whether or not that person lives or dies.

These are their out-front, stated policy ideas. I’ve said all week, the past week, that Democrats have nothing new. And they don’t in the sense that the way they present their issues publicly, there’s nothing new in it. The issues are recycled. But this is new. The anti-Americanism is new. The full-throated, endorsed-by-Democrat-presidential-candidates anti-Americanism — the full-throated attack on America as founded — is new in the sense that they are being boldly public about it.


RUSH: No, no, no, no! I’m not giving up anything here. I’m doing what I always do. I’m attempting to explain to as many people as possible who the Democrat Party is, what they have become, and how they do not deserve anybody’s vote or anybody’s support. They have to be defeated. There is no coequal opposition. There is no circumstance where we belong to two different parties who both want the same thing with just different ways to get there. That’s gone now. We’re talking about the preservation of the country.

We’re not… Look, the shock here is that the people who want to do this are now so open about it, and what really distresses me… I’ll ask you some questions. How does Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez go to the border and whine and moan about conditions there — and have a #MeToo moment at the same time — when she voted against both the House and Senate bills to approve money to address these conditions?

She votes against the money to improve conditions, then goes down there and complains about it. So you have to ask, “How does she do that? ” She does that because the media lets her get away with it! That’s how she gets away with it. How does Nike let one person sway them into ditching an entire product, already made? It’s because the media supports. The media doesn’t condemn. But the media and the Democrats do not represent the majority of thinking in this country by a long shot.


RUSH: So how does Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez go to the border, whine and moan about conditions there — and get to have a #MeToo moment at the same time — when she voted against two different bills that would have appropriated money to deal with these conditions? She gets to do it because nobody holds her to account. She gets to do it because the media doesn’t shame her or call her out, because the media is literally directing political operations of the Democrat Party. The media’s the stage manager, the floor manager, the scriptwriter. The media is the producer.

The Washington media-political complex, if you will, authors the daily script. It’s one-sided. How does Nike let one person sway them into ditching an entirely already-made shoe, featuring — by the way — a flag designed by Betsy Ross. Now, did not Kaepernick tell us when he began kneeling — as a barely-could-get-on-the-field bench rider for the San Francisco 49ers. Did he not tell us that he was kneeling to protest police brutally? Did he not tell us this? He did! That’s all it was. He was protesting the fact that the cops were shooting people like him.

That the cops are shooting black people and women and minorities first. It was all about the cops. Except it wasn’t! It was about the flag all along! He was taking a knee because he opposes the country! He opposes the national anthem. He opposes honoring the flag. This proves it! They always lie. They always lie to us. They hide so much of their real core. Even when they are in the process of displaying it, they still deceive. And there was the media and the Democrat Party applauding the guts and the courage of the forever untalented bench retired, Colin Kaepernick.

Then the media led the charge demanding that NFL owners hire the guy every time they had a starting quarterback that’d get injured, and none of the NFL owners wanted the hassle. Nobody wants somebody anti-American on their team, certainly not as starting quarterback. The media does, though! The media wants Kaepernick starring… Not starring. He’s not capable of that. They want him playing for some team so that they can carry the narrative through every NFL game he’s playing — and then, of course, he’ll get other players to join him ’cause they’ll want to shine in the spotlight.

The NFL then can be presented as an anti-American institution and the people leading the anti-Americanism will be made heroes. We’ll be told that they are very courageous. You might ask, “How does the left get away with saying for months that the border was a Trump manufactured crisis? ‘There wasn’t any crisis at the border,’ they said.” Trump was making it up. Trump was trying to shift blame. “There isn’t any crisis! Trump is trying to get the wall built. Trump is trying to make sure that people that don’t look like him aren’t able to get into the country. There is no crisis.”

How do you go from that to now staging an hysterical visit and blaming Trump for a border crisis! You do it because the American Drive-By Media promotes you and lets you and doesn’t hold you accountable. It’s no more complicated than that. But the media, as has been demonstrated time and time again… While a formidable foe and I’m not trying to suggest to you that they’re not powerful, they do not define the majority thinking in this country. Let me ask this. The left is so concerned about squalid conditions at the border.

“Noncitizens are being treated like animals,” they say. “They’re being forced to drink water out of toilets,” they say. Meanwhile, not a single Democrat and not a single media outlet expresses the slightest bit of concern for rampant and record homelessness in downtown Los Angeles. You cannot find a serious story on what’s wrong in San Francisco when there have to be maps created to help people avoid literal piles of human feces. You don’t hear about any of the squalid conditions that result from unchecked, unopposed Democrat rule in any city you want to name where that occurs.

The literal misery, the gap between the haves and have-nots is more pronounced where liberals run the show than anywhere else. Poverty is worse wherever liberals are in total control. Human misery and suffering knows no comparison to when Democrats are running the show unopposed with no opposition, and yet where is the concern? Where is the media? Where’s anybody! Where’s Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, as a Democrat? Where is she calling out Mayor Garcetti and the rest of the people that run Los Angeles for this horribly embarrassing homeless situation?

She doesn’t say a thing about it.

They can’t say a thing about it because that’s one place — California — where they can’t blame Republicans for it. But give them time. I’m sure they’ll come up with some kind of creative way to do so like, “Republicans have caused climate change,” like Beto O’Rourke is trying to sell down in Mexico. So you want to know how these people got so much power? I’m not trying to be overly simplistic with the answer. Do you think…? Let me ask you: Do you think the people outside the New York congressional district Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez represents…? Do you think a handful of Americans outside there really care about her?

They don’t. You do a name recognition poll and there aren’t gonna be that many people who know who she is. Don’t doubt me on this. Do not fall for the trick. The media wants you to believe that everybody knows who she is, everybody loves here, she’s the biggest star. Ain’t the case. If it weren’t for the media, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez going to border to complain and whine about it, it wouldn’t make news whatsoever. This is media driven. Remember one thing. Never forget this about the Democrat Party: They are not driven by public opinion. They run opposed to it.

The Democrat Party, even after they win elections, is constantly running against the will of the American people. Ditto the United States media. They are not taking the temperature of the American people and then trying to implement whatever that would result in. They are governing against the will of the majority of Americans. Obama was governing against the will of the people. Obama lied to people about keeping their health care plans or insurance plans, their doctors. The media still really hasn’t held him to account over that.

When the Republicans call Obama out, guess what? The news becomes how mean Republicans are, how racist Republicans are. All the Republicans did is point out what Obama promised, how he lied. “You can’t say that! You’re just a bunch of racist pigs,” the media says. When a story is damaging to the Democrats, then the story becomes how mean the Republicans are to talk about it. When the story is how bad, incompetent, and mean the Republicans are, the story then becomes that and how wonderful and great the Democrats are at the same time.

But, folks, they don’t represent the majority of the country yet. Otherwise, Donald Trump wouldn’t be in the White House. You might think it’s close and maybe it’s okay to behave that way. But I don’t believe we’ve gotten to the point where a majority of Americans are gonna go out and celebrate Colin and buy a bunch of Nike stuff. Nike can make enough money selling to apparently half the country or whatever percentage Kaepernick talks to.

I was all prepared today to ask, “Where are the Republicans? Where are they?” I mean, Trump does amazing things internationally, domestically, and there still — to this day — is not a press conference called with Republicans in the House or Senate encouraging him, applauding him, amplifying what he’s accomplished. He’s out there all alone. The governor of Arizona spoke up about Nike. So it does happen here and there.


RUSH: You know, the New York Times has started something. (Did I print this out? Yeah.) The New York Times. Snerdley brought this to my attention this morning. The New York Times… This is two days before Independence Day, and the New York Times is turning over a new leaf. They realize that if they’re to make it, if they’re to continue to make it, they’ve gotta deemphasize the printed word because Millennials and others don’t read.

They don’t take the time to read. But if you hit ’em with pictures, if you hit ’em with videos, you can own ’em. So the New York Times has this gigantic video out on their editorial page, on their website. Headline: “The myth of America as the greatest nation on earth is at best outdated and at worst, wildly inaccurate. If you look at data, the U.S. is really just O.K.” Now, what’s the purpose of this? Two days before Independence Day — coordinated with AOC and what’s his name, Kaepernick — here comes the New York Times with a video op-ed, the premise being (summarized), “There isn’t any greatness in America.

“We’re not the greatest nation. Don’t fall for this American exceptionalism bunch. We’re just average. We’re just barely okay!” Aside from the fact that it’s, of course, biased, it’s just flat-out wrong! If we’re “just okay,” why aren’t people here fleeing to where the greatness is? Why is everybody coming here to get what they want for whatever reason, be it hard work or with of? Why is everybody coming here? Why is nobody leaving here?

Even the Democrats when they promise to leave when a Republican wins the presidency, they don’t leave. They break their promise. We’re “just okay.” The New York Times doesn’t want you loving on your country. The New York Times wants you hating on your country. Now they’re doing video op-eds, because Millennials and younger generations are so picture oriented. They may not have the ability to read intricately woven webs of deceit that are usual New York Times op-eds and columns.


RUSH: Okay. Better get to the phones here. I haven’t grabbed a phone call yet. We’re gonna start Cleveland, Ohio. Fred, great to have you here on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Good day, Rush. What I’d like to comment on is the narrative that is just unfolding in front of our eyes. We couldn’t write it better. The hatred that the Democrats and the media have for this country is being shown on display, is just going to carry Trump in the 2020 election. During the debates when they all raised their hands and said illegals should have health care, I think that sealed the deal for Trump, and I don’t care who the nominee is. I can’t see Trump losing in 2020.

RUSH: Well, yeah. I agree, except the election’s not tomorrow.

CALLER: Well, you’re right, but they’re just going to keep going. They haven’t learned, and they’re not (crosstalk).

RUSH: They are. But look, let’s concede that for a moment. I want to get your thoughts on something else.


RUSH: Is the fact…? (sigh) I’ve gotta put this the right way. You realize them losing the election, if that happens, is not gonna stop this? They’re gonna continue. While they lose elections, they are succeeding in causing all kinds of misery and strife. People in this country… There’s a survey out from Gallup: “Americans’ Pride in the U.S. Hits a New Low.” By the way, is there any doubt this is coordinated with this New York Times piece? “Myth of America as the greatest nation on earth is at best outdated and at worst inaccurate.”

Here comes Gallup: “Americans’ Pride in the U.S. Hits a New Low.”

CALLER: I think —

RUSH: So you realize all this is happening here, Fred, while Donald Trump is winning and in the White House and improving life for people. This never-ending onslaught of how rotten America is, how unfair America is, is happening, and it is causing strife. It’s causing people to be unhappy. Even people who are gonna vote for Trump are fed up with this. They’re tired of it. They don’t want this to be what the daily news digest is, is how rotten this country is, how rotten they are.

CALLER: I think —

RUSH: It means more than just Trump’s guaranteed to win the election, and I’m not trying to slight that by any means. I mean, it is the objective. They have to lose elections. There’s no question. But more than that needs to be happen to these people, because losing elections doesn’t change them. Look at what happened in 2016. They lost in 2016. They still haven’t accepted that. They still haven’t acknowledged that. They’re still acting like they got screwed, that Trump cheated, that Trump’s illegal, that Trump’s unjust and immoral and this other stuff. Something more than just losing elections has to happen to these people.

CALLER: Well, I couldn’t agree more, but I think that they are catering to a small percentage of the country. Ninety percent of us out here love our country —

RUSH: Damn right they are, and… (sigh) They’re catering to noncitizens! They’ve decided to throw in with people that don’t even vote. “We’ve gonna give you free health care. All you gotta do is get into America, and we’re gonna give you free health care.” Who else do they think is gonna jump on that bandwagon? But they must think that they’re gonna win with it. Otherwise they wouldn’t be doing it. Unless they have another long-range plan

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