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RUSH: There are a lot of — and I wouldn’t say a lot. There’s a significant number of media people and others who are really worried (based on the Democrat debates last week) that they are moving so far left that it’s gonna be impossible for them to come back anywhere near the center in time for the 2020 election, and I don’t think there’s gonna be any attempt to move back to the center. They’re trying to take Biden out. CNN today ran a piece on Hunter Biden.

Now, they’re trying to save Biden in other places, but this hit on Biden is interesting. Something struck me the other day that I want to run by you. Do you find it interesting…? And you may not. You might think this is no big deal. Do you find it interesting that the media still can take out any candidate they choose when they want to, as evidenced by what we’re seeing with Joe Biden? There is no doubt that there are elements of the Democrat Party working in conjunction with the media that are trying to take Joe Biden out.

They are now… They’re dumpin’ on Joe. They’re dumpin’ on his gaffes. They’re highlighting his gaffes. They’re highlighting the highly controversial relationships between Hunter Biden and Ukraine and the ChiComs. These are things that you don’t normally see the left-wing media do with Democrat candidates, particularly frontrunners. ABC Good Morning America got it started, then it was picked up by a couple of other newspapers, and now CNN ran a piece today on it. But that’s not the fascinating part. The fascinating part is…

They’ll be taking other Democrats out besides Biden. They’re gonna have to decide who they want to be the nominee — and once that’s been decided, then they’re gonna start taking out a whole bunch of others. The media will be an active participant. My point here is they are going to be an active participant in defining, determining who the Democrat nominee is, and they want the same role for the Republican nomination. But that’s the interesting thing. They’ve been trying to take Donald Trump out with everything they’ve got since 2015.

This is 2019. We’re coming up… In fact, we’re past four years. He came down the elevator on June 16th of 2015. So we’re now four years into this Era of Trump. They have tried with everything they’ve got, as you know, and they have failed. Doesn’t matter. They’re gonna keep trying. The effort is still underway. But the fact that they can still do it is not up for debate. They can. They’re in the process right now of taking out Biden, and they’re gonna be starting to take out others as well. But they can’t convince people to abandon Trump.

Now, that is fascinating to me. And, believe me, it is frustrating as all get out to them in the Drive-By Media. That’s one of the powers that they constantly remind themselves they have. Ever since Watergate when they successfully participated in taking out Richard Nixon, that has been one of the constant objectives is to either take out or destroy or ruin Republican political careers. And if that means somehow maneuvering them out of office, then all the better.

Now, they’re showing how it’s done with Biden, and they are showing how it’s usually done with Trump. But Trump is the one guy they can’t take out. They haven’t hit Biden with anything near like what they have hit Trump with, and they are doing damage. But they can’t take Trump out. Now, I’m not saying they haven’t damaged Trump. What would Trump’s approval number be with this economy and all the other achievements if there weren’t all of this incessant, constant carping and criticism? His approval numbers would be over 60.

So they’re… I’m not saying they haven’t slowed down the Trump train, that they haven’t retarded his process and so forth. But they haven’t accomplishment what they want, which is getting rid of him — and I think they can’t because he’s genuine. He has a connection to people they can’t break. It really is no more complicated than that. Now, in addition to the effort… Grab sound bites 21, 22. In an effort to get rid of Biden, there are factions in the media trying to save him. I have a couple of sound bites here from CNN earlier today talking to a staff writer for the New Yorker.

His name is Adam Entous. Does that name ring a bell? It will not at the moment. I’ve told you about Adam Entous in one specific example. Adam Entous — and your memory will start trickling back here. Adam Entous was a guinea pig test project of the Obama administration. Before they all decided at the Obama administration to run this silent coup against Donald Trump, they knew that to do this they would need to be able to recruit the media to, basically, their team. To do that, they were gonna have to bridge a significant gap.

Because throughout the modern era, the media has been highly distrustful of the intelligence community, the CIA in particular. The Democrat Party and the media have hated the CIA, particularly during Republican administrations, because of all the clandestine, secret stuff they think the CIA does. Because they think the CIA is rogue and independent and can’t be controlled. And much of its budget is “black,” meaning nobody knows. They don’t like that. The Democrat Party’s former Indiana senator, Frank Church, actually had hearings back in the seventies how rotten the CIA was and trying to really rein them in and roll them back.

Well, the intelligence community was going to be a key ingredient in the silent coup that get Trump, and they had to somehow bridge the gap and bring the media in to be supporting of the intelligence community, because the intelligence community was, quote-unquote, going to be “the source” of many of the leaks. In the New York Times, the Washington Post, CNN, PMSNBC. You go back and you look, you’ll see that many of the anonymous sources are “former and current government officials with ties to the intelligence community.”

Now, the reason they wanted this, ’cause they thought that was instant credibility. If we had the intelligence community suggesting that Trump had colluded with Russians to steal the election, that would make it automatically credible. But with the media distrustful of the intelligence community, that wouldn’t work. So they ran a trial run, and they picked a reporter named Adam Entous. They concocted an actual false story just to see if Obama’s power with the media would get the story run.

And it worked. They told Adam Entous that the Russians had taken the Vermont power grid offline. Adam Entous ran the story without checking it, without questioning it, and it was a total lie. The Vermont grid didn’t even go down, much less because of Russian hacking, and there were a couple of other reporters that they ran a guinea pig test like this with to find out if the aura of Obama could cause media to accept anything anybody in the Obama administration said.

They would basically bring them in and put them on the team running the coup to get rid of Trump. I think they didn’t have to work that hard because most of the people in the press hated Trump to begin with. So there wasn’t really a lot to overlook here in terms of distrust with the intelligence people. When it comes to Trump versus the intel people, the media hated Trump 10 times as much as they were ever suspicious of the intelligence community. But ever since Obama, anyway, there had been a union of sorts, a joining of forces.

The media finally came out of its shell and admitted who they were. It’s a process began in 1988, but during the Obama administration they were so taken that they shed every attempt at objectivity and became clear activists and promoter agents of the Obama agenda and administration. Well, that’s Adam Entous, and he was the guy that was on CNN today doing what? Defending Hunter Biden!

The CNN infobabe is Kate Bolduan, and she’s got this New Yorker staff writer, Adam Entous, on. He’s got a new article on Hunter Biden. Here’s the question (impression): “I found it fascinating because I was really struck by the detail that he went into about his struggle with addiction. Uh, I mean, the years at various attempts at rehab and also just opening up on how bad it got at times.”

ENTOUS: I was surprised. I think, you know, frankly a lot of us have either dealt with this ourselves — or with depression and loneliness — or we know people that have gone through this. He’s living this, uh, under a microscope where, you know, unlike normal people who are — who are, uh (sputtering), addicts, if you will, and they just sort of suffer, uh, anonymously, uh, they had additional burden of going through this and knowing that with each leak, uh, to the press it — it was damaging not only his reputation, uh, but also his dad’s reputation. Uh, and so that’s — that’s kind of an added burden, I think, that he was going through.

RUSH: So here comes… This is pushback for the Biden campaign, and they’re pushing back trying to save Hunter Biden, and they’re chalking it up to addiction. “Oh, it’s so bad! It’s so bad! It was worse. His addiction was worse than anybody’s!” It’s like when Tiger Woods’ father died. To the sports media, nobody else had ever lost their dad, compared to how bad Tiger Woods felt when he lost his. When Tiger Woods lost his dad, we were supposed to say, “Oh, my God. The pain of that! We don’t even know what that is, Tiger Woods losing his dad,” Even though we all lose our dad.

In this case, “Hunter Biden? Aw, yeah! You know, he was really under a lot of pressure, and he became an addict, and he knew that that was gonna be harmful to his dad. Aw, the public… It was even worse for him.” So Hunter Biden’s addiction was worse than anybody’s addiction. It carried more weight than anybody’s addiction. “It’s so unfair!” So this is the push-back now, and I find it fascinating the reporter they’ve chosen to do this: Adam Entous. There’s one more here. Kate Bolduan said, “Well, this is really fascinating!” So Adam Entous continued…

ENTOUS: He wanted to make money. Uh, he — he had an expensive lifestyle that he was supporting. Uh, and he, you know, uh, took some of these deals. Uh, and he, you know, basically doesn’t (sputtering) at the time when he was doing it, he thought he was making the right decisions for himself and his family.

RUSH: Sure.

ENTOUS: Uh, but he — he didn’t realize how it would be presented down the road.

RUSH: No way! No.

ENTOUS: When he was doing these deals, uh, frankly, he thought he was doing what he — what he considered to be the responsible thing.

RUSH: Yes.

ENTOUS: And from my investigation of this —

RUSH: Yes.

ENTOUS: — I can see why there are questions being asked.

RUSH: Really?

ENTOUS: But you can also, if you look at the details, you — you see that there were precautions that were taken to kind of separate his activities from his father. And I see no, uh, credible evidence backing up these allegations that are made that his father somehow used his office in order to advance or protect his son’s interests.

RUSH: And there you have! “I haven’t found any evidence, I can’t see it, I don’t know where it is! I don’t see any proof that his father used his own office to advance or to protect his son interests.” Well, what about the $1.5 billion deal he got for a business that he knew nothing about? “Well, you know, I… (sputtering) You have to exempt that. You can’t talk about that.” So it’s fascinating they choose this reporter. (chuckling) It’s not fascinating. It makes perfect sense. The guy’s demonstrated that he could be used in this regard.

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