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RUSH: These people think… They probably are telling themselves they’ve already taken Donald Trump out. “It’s just a matter of the calendar, just a matter of getting to the election in 2020.” Just like they thought with Hillary Clinton. You know what we have a contest of here? We have a contest of genuineness and artificial phoniness — or maybe I should better call it real phoniness. The election of Donald Trump… At that Democrat debate, do you know what was on stage? The Democrat debate both nights, but especially the second night.

That primary debate epitomizes what I think so many people have come to resent and mistrust about politics. Everything that was stated was a programmed or preplanned comment. There was nothing authentic. There was nothing real. It was just politics. It was the usual political lingo. It was the announcement of this policy or that policy, spending this much money and that much money. It featured the never-ending assaults on the opponent. But it was right out of the playbook. There was nothing unique about it. It was as politics as politics gets.

You contrast that with Donald Trump, who was as genuine as anybody that you know: Same tie, same suit, same tan, same clothes, same voice no matter where he is. Wherever he goes, he’s the same guy. Whether he’s talking to the ChiCom leader, whether he’s talking to Kim Jong-un, or whether he’s talking to a bricklayer. It is the progressives. It is these people on the Democrat side. They’re the ones who are phony. They’re the ones who are snooty. They’re the ones who really don’t like people, despite their claim of standing up for the little guy.

They don’t want anything to really do with people except control them. But Trump authentically likes people, and it comes across. Trump is guy… He gets bigger on stage. He’s becoming… He looks younger as the years go by, actually. These people shrink or will shrink on stage compared to Trump, and many of them are complete frauds. Obama was a fraud. Kamala Harris is actually a fraud. Booker is a fraud. Julian Castro. These people all claiming that they came from the wrong side of the tracks. Most of them are rich kids who are trying to attach themselves to horrors of the past they know nothing about and did not live.


RUSH: Look at what Trump has done for the economy, and they’re denying it. Then they stand up and say that they are for giving health care to every illegal who crosses the border. Free health care but not for native Americans! Native Americans are gonna be facing all kinds of premiums and copays, but the illegals that cross the border, every Democrat’s hand shot up when asked if you support free health care for illegal immigrants. Every hand shot up! Then it was time to deny it, and here’s how they deny it.

This is a good illustration of how the Democrats play word games. Julian Castro was one of the leading proponents of free health care for illegal immigrants. They’re not even illegal. They’re illegal aliens! There was no question. That debate last week clearly established that the Democrat Party wants to repeal all immigration law. The Democrat Party was for open borders. The Democrat Party did not want to stop anybody from coming across the border — and whence they made it, they wanted to give them free health care.

The Democrats oppose any effort to prevent anybody crossing the border into the country, and the people who do cross the border should be given free everything. So Julian Castro tweeted, “Nobody’s called for open borders. That’s just a right-wing talking point.” You most certainly did call for open borders. You just didn’t use those words. But you don’t oppose anybody coming in. You don’t want to stop anybody coming in. You don’t want to deport anybody who’s here illegally. Furthermore, you just sent an engraved invitation to 200 million people around this region to come on in by saying anybody that gets in gets free health care!

It’s gonna make for some fascinating TV ads once we get to the actual presidential campaign.

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