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RUSH: Over the weekend, Beto O’Rourke  — that would be Robert Francis O’Rourke — went to Mexico. He used his “first international trip” as a Democrat presidential candidate to meet with asylum seekers from El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala. Robert Francis O’Rourke slammed Trump’s policy making asylum seekers wait in Mexico until their case is heard.

That policy was enacted for a reason! It takes years for a case to get before a judge. Under the old policy, migrants would come here, get lost in the shadows, and stay illegally after their claims were denied.

Almost none of them qualify for asylum under the law. But wannabe “asylum seekers” in the caravans have overwhelmed the system.

Now, Robert Francis doesn’t care about any of that. He thinks his Mexico meeting with these crying migrants will awaken America’s “conscience” – so we will reopen the floodgates.

Apparently, nobody close to Beto told him what happened at the Democrat debates last week. So, let me.

Beto. You’re done. It’s over. Time for you to say adios to your presidential aspirations. Did you hear what this guy said? They reason they are coming here is climate change.

See ya, Beto!

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