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RUSH: No. In fact, you know what? I don’t think Biden knows what his party has become. I got somebody asking me about Plugs here and various things and his seeming… It seems like he doesn’t know where he is. I think Joe Biden… If this is even possible. I can just go on what I see. I don’t know what the guy knows. I’m just telling you, I think Joe Biden is as… You remember James Webb in the Democrat debate of, what was it, 2016? James Webb’s up there and he’s a former secretary of the Navy. He’s up there with Hillary and with Crazy Bernie.

Hillary and Crazy Bernie are in a contest over who can be the biggest, essentially, socialist, and James Webb is asking himself why the hell he’s a Democrat on that stage and, basically, gets out of the race claiming, “I got nothing in common here. I don’t know what these people are talking about.” Now, he knew what he was getting into. He was trying to get the nomination based on not being one of these radical leftists, and it didn’t fly — and there’s part of me that thinks Biden doesn’t know what his party has become.

I say this simply based on listening to Plugs talk about things. Now, you could argue, “Rush, maybe he does. I mean, it’s why he’s the frontrunner.” By the way, Plugs still is the frontrunner. I’ve got people saying, “Rush, you predicted that they’re gonna take Biden out. You predicted Biden’s finished. But he’s still leading in the polls. He’s at 33% in a poll.” I forget which poll, but it’s a so-called credible poll, not some fluke, we-never-heard-of-’em outfit. I think all these polls this early are questionable anyway, as you know.

But as a snapshot they have some value, and Plugs lost five points after the debate’s last week. He went, in this poll, from 38% to 33%, and Crazy Bernie lost. They all lost. I don’t think any of them of any consequence gained any ground as a result of the debate. Plugs is still ahead by a sizable percentage. But I still think he’s toast. There’s nowhere for Plugs to go. He’s the frontrunner this early. The only where to go is down at 33%. It depends on, you know, who gets out when and where the support for the candidates that drop out goes, where their support goes.

But for, like, the second week in a row Biden’s comments opposing the federal funding of abortions. That’s a position he reversed himself on, and everybody else on that stage just jumped all over him. His attempt… Everybody knows what he was doing. He cites these two Democrat segregationist senators as examples of how he can work with people who disagree with him, and Plugs thinks that he is demonstrating his ability to bring people together, because he thinks that that’s what Democrats want. Now, that was one of the tenets of Obama.

Even though Obama was actively trying to transform this country, his language was not that. Obama was not full-blown honest about his intent. You had to know how to read between the lines. When Obama talked about, “We’re in a new era of decline. We have to be the managers of the decline. America’s great economic advancements are behind us. It takes the best and brightest like us to manage America’s new position in the world,” you had to know how to interpret that and you had to know who Obama really was to be able to interpret it — and, of course, I was that person.

A lot of other people thought Obama was simply not nearly the radical that he was and was simply trying to demonstrate that he was the new guy, young, could bring people together, forge America on a new path, blah, blah, blah. I don’t think Biden knows how far radical left the Democrat Party has become. I could be wrong about this. But I think that’s why he keeps putting his foot in his mouth. He did it a couple of more times this past weekend. He was at a.. You know, this is “Pride Month.” Well, June was “Pride Month.” You know what that is?

That’s the LGBTQ community having pride in themselves and their lifestyle and all of that. “During a fundraiser in Seattle,” this was on Saturday, Plugs was trying “to illustrate how far the United States has come when it comes to the treatment of the LGBT community… [He] claimed that just five years ago, it would have been acceptable for a businessman to make ‘fun of a gay waiter.'” Except the people in attendance mocked it. (paraphrased) “Not in our town, Joe! We’re in Seattle here. We haven’t been making fun of gay waiters in 20 years, Joe, not five years.”

Now, this fundraiser was at the home of a PR executive and gay rights activist, a guy by name Roger Nyhus, and he made it clear. (paraphrased), “No, no, no! Plugs is not talking about our town now. We haven’t been making fun of gay waiters in I don’t know how long. But Plugs thinks he could have gotten away with this five years ago!” I mean, people were actually shouting, “Not in Seattle! Not in Seattle!” at Plugs. Then he tried to rehab his image with race, only he got called out by Cory Booker.

Plugs at another fundraiser said, “[T]hat kid wearing a hoodie may very well be the next poet laureate and not a gangbanger.” Cory Booker wanted to know, what is he talking about? “This isn’t about a hoodie. It’s about a culture that sees a problem with a kid wearing a hoodie in the first place. Our nominee needs to have the language to talk about race in a far more constructive way.” Plugs thought that’s what he was doing! Plugs thought he was defending Trayvon Martin!

Just like the left says that that homeless couple there, “They could be the next Mary and Joseph! We better not mistreat ’em.” (sigh) they’re a bunch of sick people. But he just continues to step in these things and give the other Democrats opportunities to drop howitzers on ’em. It’s because I don’t think he knows how radical left the Democrat has become. He may well know it and is simply ignoring it. I don’t know. But nevertheless, the bottom line is they have become very, very radical, and it’s impossible, I think, for these people to change course and get back to whatever the Democrat Party used to try to pretend it was doing, which was being at the center.

I’ve got a piece here from Real Clear Politics by Frank Miele, M-i-e-l-e. (I pronounce it every which way to make sure I get it right.) “No Debate: ‘America-Last’ Democrats Will Lose to Trump — You cannot push against America and hope to lead it.” This is the pull quote: “The Democrats want to undermine Americans’ current success with foolhardy social and economic programs that represent not just a redistribution of wealth from the rich to the poor, but even from citizens to non-citizens. This is [a] fatal mistake. By taking the side of non-voters over voters, the Democrats have once again veered into ‘basket of deplorables’ territory.”

They’re doing it in California. They’re raising the gas tax in California today. It’s going up. It’s skyrocketing. It’s gonna cause another exodus, and the reason the gas tax is going up is to cover welfare benefits to illegal immigrants. So the Democrat Party is openly saying… Now, why would they do this? Stop and think a minute. Put your political consultant cap on and imagine that you are advising the Democrat Party. Who in the world would tell them that the way to win the presidency and the way to win other elections is to champion people who are not citizens, allegal immigrants?

And then promise them that they can come into the country, number one, and after they get into the country that they’re gonna get free health care, when no citizen is offered this! Bernie Sanders said that in his Medicare-for-all plan, the middle class is gonna see their taxes go up. Nobody is talking about taxing illegals, other than an occasional Democrat will say, “Well, they are paying taxes. You know what? They’re paying sales tax and they’re paying gasoline tax. Whenever they buy things, they’re paying tax.” They’re not paying taxes like citizens are!

So what in the world…? Seriously, folks. What in the world could make the best and brightest minds in the Democrat Party think that the route to the White House is to begin championing the cause of people who are not citizens? And then in the terms of the census question, the Supreme Court punted on that last week. You don’t want that question on the census if you’re a Democrat. You don’t want noncitizens to be identified, and you do not want them to be counted at the same time? What is the thinking? What could possibly explain that policy?

How in the world are they thinking that free health care and no taxes and no border for illegals is the way to win the president? The only thing I can think of is that their hatred for us is so deep and profound, that their policies are formed by listening to us and taking the opposite position. So we are against open borders. We are against illegal immigration. We want those laws enforced. We want them deported. We want changes in the asylum law so that we’re not a magnet for people to get here under false premise.

The Democrats hear that and immediately take the exact opposite positions and champion those opposite positions. Because their hatred for us is such that they must think everybody hates us the way they do, and simply opposing everything we’re for is their route to success. It has to be what it is. Because outside of that, there is no logical reason for these positions they’re taking. Essentially no border, an invitation to come on in and get free health care to boot. Not to mention free education. Not to mention a free place to live.

I mean, the Democrats are gonna take care of these people, and they’re asking for even more to come. Now, these people cannot vote, folks. Not legally! We know some of them are gonna be voting or people are gonna be voting in their names. We know that there’s probably extensive fraud (voter fraud) in the case of people who are not citizens. But not all of them are gonna be able to vote. So the very people the Democrats are promising free medical care to, free entry into the country, free existence after you get here… The vast majority of them can’t vote.

It has to be that their hatred for us has so poisoned them that whatever position we take, they take the opposite. Do you realize what an opportunity for us this is? I mean, how is it…? We are totally opposed to abortion on demand. We’re totally opposed. We’ve got limits on it. We think the federal government ought to be out of it. Roe vs. Wade ought to be gotten rid of it let the states decide this state by state. Democrats hear that, and they take the exact opposite position — and what are they doing? They’re now supporting abortion even after a baby survives one.

I submit to you that it is their hatred for us, their belief that everybody else hates us to the extent they do. So that their route to power is to simply take the exact opposite position of ours and then build on them. Whatever we are for, they’ve become against in ways that are irrational. Whatever we’re against, they become for in ways that are irrational, and that is what is happening here. I can’t think of any other explanation for this. I literally was… I mentioned this last week. I was blown away at the amount of hatred and anger on that stage, particularly on night two, Thursday night in Miami.

And then when that question was asked, “How many of you would support free health care for illegals?” every hand shot up. Instinctively! As though they were waiting for the question and couldn’t wait to go on record in the affirmative. I think they’re poisoned. I think that the hatred and the rage that they are carrying around has affected them. Hatred is a bad thing. It’s not productivity. It’s not motivating. It’s just destructive. It’s destructive in countless different ways, and these people are demonstrating this.

So now that’s why we’ve got this piece from Frank Miele. “You can’t push against America and hope to lead it.” Here’s another pull quote: “Fantasy was on full display in Miami last week when 20 of the top Democrats gathered for two nights to paint President Trump as a dangerous criminal who must be stopped. At times, they looked like they were rehearsing a scene from Toy Story 4 when Mr. Potato Head and the rest of the toys clamor to see who could most loudly condemn Sheriff Woody.

“(Spoiler alert: Sheriff Woody was wrongly accused and is vindicated in the end as a man of principle.) … Meanwhile, there’s President Trump waiting in the wings, dancing a jig with Lady Liberty, and celebrating our great American traditions, our great capitalist economy, our great Constitution and our great country.” Make America Great Again! Keep America Great! The Democrats think that they can beat that by running against it, and trying to hype opposition to it? This is what they’re doing? They’re trying to marshal opposition to a great American economy, a great American Constitution?

And doing so under the premise that America’s deeply flawed, that America is deeply unjust and immoral, that our Constitution is a hate document or what have you? I think we’ve got opportunity to demolish these people in 2020. I think the opportunity is gonna be huge. It’s in our hands right now to wipe these people out. Now, not California, not New York. I understand. I’m talking about terms of a popular vote that’s gonna translate to an Electoral College win. It’s just mind-boggling to watch this. Even Andrew Sullivan is writing about this, the well-known gay columnist and big-time Democrat. He can’t understand what the Democrats are doing here on immigration and free this and free that for people who are not even citizens.

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