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RUSH: Is Vickie ready to go out there, Mr. Snerdley?

One such caller who called and really reamed me, I mean, ripped me over the coals earlier this week for not talking about something. She was listening to the whole show and I had not brought it up. And she called to ream me a new one, and she’s Vickie from Austin, Texas, and she’s back. So to what do we owe this pleasure, Vickie? Thank you for calling back again here.

CALLER: (Chuckling) Well, mainly, Rush, because I started your week off yelling at you, I wanted to end your week by apologizing to you and tell you how sorry I am that I launched at you. And I took my frustration out on you, and I’m sorry about that.

RUSH: You don’t have to apologize. I understand, I understand. Look, I had an incident at home yesterday. I blew up over something. I started banging things with my fist. I spent the next hour apologizing to the staff who saw me do it. So I know how you feel, but it’s unnecessary. It’s totally unnecessary.

CALLER: Well, Rush, my husband and I, we’re 24/7 members, and he brought up my call on the internet so that I could hear it, and I thought, no wonder you referred to me as the disturbed, angry, irate Vickie from Austin, Texas, which I’m actually from Dripping Springs, but I thought I deserved that title. And I thought, a high point of my life is talking to Rush Limbaugh, and I come off like this screechy, you know, irate disturbed woman like you referred to me —

RUSH: Kamala Harris, right.

CALLER: Well, exactly. Exactly. But can I just say something to you, Rush?

RUSH: Sure.

CALLER: My nephew Scott, outside of Dallas, Texas, from Azle, Texas, told me what’s so profound about your show — and I don’t know if you know you have this effect on people — but he told me once that when he’s just had his fill of the lunacy of the left, as soon as he hears the music coming on the radio station that your show’s about to start, he says he swears his blood pressure goes down. And I think you have that effect on myself as well. So I just wanted to tell you that, whether you want that responsibility or not, that’s the effect you have on people.

RUSH: Well, you’re very kind, you’re very sweet. I appreciate that. And I mean it. You don’t have to apologize. I was just exaggerating a bit by calling you maniacal. For those of you that were not here, I think it was Monday, and over the weekend, beginning Friday, Trump was gonna have some ICE raids, we’re gonna be raiding a bunch of illegals and deporting them. And the number that was talked about was one million.

And then Trump canceled ’em, supposedly after receiving a phone call from Pelosi, who, she said, she told him that he was scaring the children. So Trump canceled the raids. And she had waited all day Monday for me to comment on this, and I hadn’t commented on it. She was on hold. And when I finally got to her call, she unloaded on me.

She was losing her mind over this, can’t believe that Pelosi was able to talk Trump out of it. And I gave her a theory that — you know, she was mad that Trump was now gonna delay it two weeks. And I told Vickie that maybe the reason for this was that Trump was gonna isolate the Democrats.

“Okay, you don’t want me doing this, fine. I’m gonna give you two weeks to come up with a legislative proposal to close some of these loopholes so that we can get this done, and, if you don’t, then I’m gonna do it.”

And I told her, and I’ll tell her again now, that I think what Trump was doing was isolating the Democrats and making it clear to everybody paying attention that it’s the Democrats who are standing in the way of this. It’s the Democrats who are unserious about this.

Then Vickie, later that night after the program is over, I ran across a news story that — and still haven’t been able to confirm it, but it was speculation that somebody in the Trump administration had sabotaged the raids by leaking them to both the Washington Post and the Washington Examiner.

And once they had been leaked, they had to be called off because the surprise element was gone. And it wouldn’t be the first time that a saboteur inside the Trump administration had attempted to derail Trump policy. We’ve had a couple of instances, maybe even more, of that happening.

This was supposedly the acting director of Homeland Security, a guy named McAleenan who had done it. Still unconfirmed, but it’s not out of the realm of possibility. And, just to answer you again, I don’t think this means that Trump is less committed to this than he’s been. I just think something happened that got in the way of this mission being accomplished. And I still think that he intends to do it.

But I’m glad you called. You don’t need to apologize. You really don’t. You were not that angry or maniacal anyway. In fact, I could totally understand. You have expectations of the program, and I didn’t meet yours that day. So I understand being called out on it. But I’m glad you called back. It’s always good to talk to you.

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