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RUSH: Folks, I have to tell you here, the Democrat Party is not just the country’s biggest hate group now, which I have said on previous indication. ‘Cause that’s what they were. It is what they have become. They are a little self-contained hate group. They have more hate than any extreme right-wing group they claim to be afraid of or opposed to than you can count. They have more hate than any of the hate that was at Charlottesville. They’ve got more hate for us. The difference in the world is that their hatred for us is somehow justified and promoted.

Chuck Todd in the debate last night, after Democrats make some extreme, wacko point, Chuck Todd smiles at ’em, says, “I hear ya.” After the debate last night Chuck Todd thanked them all, praised them all for having the courage to withstand the heat that the Drive-By Media dished out, particularly in a crowded format like this. “Y’all did good,” F. Chuck Todd said to the assembled candidates. “Y’all did good.” “I hear ya.”

It was like watching — why is there even a media here? There certainly wasn’t anybody functioning as a media last night in this debate. It’s just a group of Democrats in the room with one group assigned to ask the questions and another group assigned to answer them. There wasn’t any media in that room last night. There isn’t any media really seriously analyzing this stuff today.

They’re all talking about, “Well, did you see what Kamala Harris did to Biden? Wow, isn’t that cool?” But they’re not analyzing this for what it really means and how it is particularly being seen by the American people. But because they are the biggest hate group in the country right now — and there’s no contest. The Democrat Party is a nationwide political party. It’s bigger than any special interest group. It is bigger than any lobbying group. It is bigger than any 501(c)(3).

It is bigger than any group at all out there. And since they are a hate group, they are the kingpins of hate in the American political system. They are the biggest threat to civil liberties. They are the biggest threat to freedom of speech. They are the biggest threat to the Second Amendment. They are the biggest threat to the innocence of unborn life. They are the biggest threat to anybody who is not one of them. They are the biggest threat to prosperity. They represent the biggest threat to private property. They represent the biggest threat to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness that exists in this country today. The Democrat Party is that. That is what they have become.

They are a bigger hate group than the KKK, which has always been the military, quote, unquote, wing of the Democrat Party anyway. There isn’t a right-wing group that can hold a candle to these people. The entire Democrat Party, there is no grandfather, there is no reasonable place to go in the Democrat Party where you get some wisdom. There are no adults in that party telling these kids to stop behaving this way.

They’re all on the same page now. Their attitude, their views on abortion and human life is just shocking. There isn’t any comparison to the pro-life view and the pro-abort view that the Democrat Party has. And if you’re gonna assign hate to one of those groups, you’re not gonna find hate on the pro-life side. By definition, you can’t. But you can certainly find it on the so-called pro-choice side.

They seek control over life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, and they do so from a position of rage and anger. They are angry that the concepts of life, liberty, pursuit of happiness exist. And their mission is obviously to shut them down. Whatever it takes, for example, to save the planet from things human beings cannot and never have been able to control. But it will allow them to control people all over the country if they ever do achieve their climate change objectives.

We all saw it last night. We all heard that last night. You ignore what you saw and you ignore what you heard last night at your own risk. We are one election away from kind of a dangerous rhetoric and behavior. We saw last night tyranny taking over this country. One election away from it, folks. And it doesn’t matter which of those 20 people, if any of them, would win. It doesn’t matter which one we’re talking about.

They all are the same. They all represent the modern-day Democrat Party. They all hate us, and they all want to relegate us to a status of nonexistence and irrelevancy, and their hatred for us is propelling them. They believe that there is more hatred for us than support for us. They obviously think that they’re relating to a lot of people with these displays such as last night, because there’s no way that what happened last night is persuasive.

Nobody in their right mind would go out and try to persuade people to join their team with that performance last night. So they must believe they’re already the majority. They must believe that everybody hates Donald Trump the way they do. They must believe that everybody hates the NRA the way they do. They must believe that everybody hates big corporations the way they do. They must believe everybody hates the health care system the way they do.

They must believe that everybody wants to put the government in control of all of this the way they do. Because they certainly are not behaving in ways that would persuade people to the positions that they hold.


RUSH: To Flemington, New Jersey. This is Susan. It’s great to have you here. Hi.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. Thank you for taking my call.

RUSH: Yes, ma’am.

CALLER: I’m so honored to speak to you. I have a hypothetical question.

RUSH: Okay.

CALLER: What do you think would happen — and I know the chances of this are very remote. But what do you think would happen in a debate if some of these Democratic candidates were asked to name, let’s say, three or four or five things that they love about America?

RUSH: Well, now, five things is complicating it. You may have trouble getting past one.

CALLER: Well, see, that’s the thing. That’s the thing, isn’t it? They want to be president of a country that I don’t think they like.

RUSH: No! No, they don’t. They want to change this country. They… Look, this party is not the Democrat Party of even 20 years ago. This party has now been completely radicalized and it’s made up of people — from the oldest to the youngest — who really being the country was ill-founded.

CALLER: But that’s the best part our country, that it was founded to separate us from being lorded over.

RUSH: Oh, no, no, no. No, no. The founding of America is one of the worst things for blacks, it was one of the worst things for women, it was one of the worst things for gays, it was one of the worst things for prosperity. It’s what they think. The founding of America was the beginning of discrimination, sexism, bigotry, homophobia. Actually, the arrival of white Europeans to the New World and corrupting the Indians was when that all began, and then America got founded on those principles. I’m not…

Folks, I am not exaggerating this, and I don’t want you to think that I’m trying to get laughs. I’m trying to impress that they really do believe that the country is immoral from its very beginnings, despite the fact that all these grievances they hold have been addressed and they have been fixed primarily because the Constitution was written in a way open enough to allow for these remedial processes to take place. There is no slavery, for example. Women have the vote. The Constitution was a brilliant document. It is a brilliant document.

But because the country was founded with those things in it, America is not fixable. That’s the reason America’s got to be transformed. Capitalism was inherent in the founding and it’s gotta go. It’s gotta go. (sobbing) “It’s the essence of unfairness and inequality and mean-spirited and rich white guys,” and that’s why it’s gotta go. They don’t want to fix anything. In their view, nothing can be fixed. The modern-day Democrat Party is who I’m talking about, not the party of JFK or LBJ or Bob Strauss or any of these old guys from even 20 years ago.

This party is gone. It’s radicalized, and it really believes the United States is the problem in the world. The United States is destroying the planet, for crying out! Climate change. We are! Not the ChiComs. Not the Indians. Not any of the other polluted countries. We are destroying the world! Our people, our prosperity is destroying the world. These people are gone! They’re nuts!

So when you want to pose a hypothetical, I’d like to play the game: “Name three things you love about America.” I guarantee you we would be stunned at their answer. I’m having to think long and hard. It would… They will not answer this question the way you would. If I were… I don’t mean to put you on the spot. Give me not the favorite, just anything. What is one of the things you love about America?

CALLER: I love our founding, Rush. I love the fact that there were brave people who stood up and said, “We will not be taxed without representation.”

RUSH: Nah, this country was founded by a bunch of white guys that slept with their black slaves.

CALLER: And slavery didn’t exist in other countries?

RUSH: Oh, it still does!

CALLER: And blacks didn’t enslave other blacks?

RUSH: Doesn’t matter. We’re not other countries. We are the United States of America. It’s reprehensible. So when you start thinking, “What would they say? What one…?” If you ask them, if you really require them to come up with something they love about America, I guarantee you it would be something that they would cite that allows them to protest to change all of these grievances. They wouldn’t name something that descends from the founding itself. They wouldn’t name something like freedom. They wouldn’t name liberty or any of that. They would name something that allowed them to take protest-type action to fix something they thought was wrong.

CALLER: Either that or they would say, “I’m proud that they allow me — allow me, ’cause aren’t I great.” (chuckles) I don’t know. I just… I can’t imagine —

RUSH: That’s something Trump would say. Trump would say he’s proud of America because it produced “somebody like me.”

CALLER: No, but I… No, I don’t think so. Not that it produced somebody like me. I’m thinking they’re so egotistical that they would to want to take credit. I don’t think… If President Trump said something like that, I don’t think he would be taking credit for himself.

RUSH: Oh, no. Trump would be cracking a joke that they wouldn’t get. They’d take that personally.

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