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RUSH: My God, are those people mad. Trump is just creating more havoc than he even knows in this party.

Anyway, folks, here we are at the end of yet another busy broadcast week. It’s Open Line Friday. And, as I said yesterday, things that you think need to be talked about and aren’t being, well, this is your day to call and bring it up. If you have a question or comment, feel free. It’s 800-282-2882 if you want to be on the program. The email address, ElRushbo@eibnet.us.

Okay. No matter how you slice this last night, it was another big win for Trump. Kamala Harris tore up Joe Biden. Now, this is kind of amazing to me. What did Biden get torn up over? All of a sudden Joe Biden, who was the vice presidential running mate and vice president for the first African-American president in the country’s history, is a racist pig!

Why in the hell did none of this come up when Obama was president? Why did none of this come up when Biden was running with Obama in 2008 and 2012? All of this stuff predates this. I mean, if Biden’s a racist today, he was a racist in 2008. If Biden was embracing segregationists way back in the seventies and eighties, nothing’s changed since then. Joe Biden got a total pass on all of this. He looked shell-shocked last night.

This is another thing. What did he expect was gonna happen? He’s the putative, supposed frontrunner. He looked totally unprepared for what came his way. And forget staff and forget advisers. Where the hell was he?

So much of this last night was just mind-boggling and to take it all in, in a two-hour compressed hate fest. I mean, they all stuck their hands up, every Democrat raised their hand for giving millions, unending numbers of millions of illegal aliens unlimited health care, stuck their hands up, every damn one of them! For crying out loud.

Now, a lot of people think Biden’s toast, and I’m of that frame of mind too. But I remember these things change on a dime. Do you remember 1984, Mr. Snerdley? Some of you may not. The first debate between Reagan and Walter F. Mondull. That debate is what ignited talk of whether Reagan already had Alzheimer’s. He seemed so out of it, so ill-prepared, so just disconnected that after the first debate 1984 between Mondull and Reagan, everybody in the Drive-By Media and a lot of Republicans were getting panicky.

Then the next debate, with one comment, Reagan ended it and turned it all around. You remember what the comment was? He was asked to jump on Mondale for something. He said, “I will not use the youth and inexperience of my opponent and advantages of my age and experience to criticize my opponent.” The house came down, the roof blew off, and everybody thought Reagan is back.

So does Biden have something like that in him? I don’t think so. But time will tell. But no matter how you slice this last night, big win for Trump. Because the frontrunner was taken out last night for all intents and purposes. Again, I say this with a couple of caveats, but I don’t think Biden was ever gonna survive, and I got audio sound bites of my prediction about this. I think he’s too old, he can’t keep up.

Last night demonstrated every reason why I have never believed that Biden is gonna end up being the nominee, and that’s before you add to it that they’re trying to tag him now as a racist pig. I mean, even the Reverend Jackson dumped on Biden today on CNN. So I guarantee you the people in the Biden camp watching that debate last night were devastated, shocked, stunned, “Oh, my God. Where is our candidate? Where is our guy?”

He was even calling time-out on himself when Kamala Harris devastated him for hanging around those segregationist senators. He said, “Oops. My time is up, right is he was on the cusp of making some great point.” His advisers had to be scratching their heads over that. But here they all raised their hands, unlimited health care for an unlimited number of illegal aliens, free stuff in addition to health care for illegal aliens.

You know that stuff on illegal aliens, I’m telling you what this is. I’ve developed this theory, and I don’t mind it being true, don’t misunderstand. But I think a lot of this — because how senseless is that? Nobody in their right minds, I don’t care who you are, wants free everything for illegals over free everything for everybody else.

I mean, how did the illegal alien community become the number one chosen constituency of the Democrat Party? They can’t even vote, legally. How did this happen? How did they become the most the most important constituency? How sensible is that, that illegal aliens — this is the reason Trump got elected. So these people come along and they make illegal immigrants their number one constituency?

I am convinced that they do this because they hate us and they think that we want to close the border and shut down all illegal immigration, and they just don’t want us to win or prevail. And I think they get so caught up in hating us that they end up adopting all these extremist positions. Not that they wouldn’t hold some degree of these positions. But I think it’s their hatred for us that sends them outsides the bounds of sanity. I really do, folks. And it’s a problem.

At some point you could sit and laugh at it, and you can even feel, if you want to, some pleasure that we’re able to get under their skin so easily. But so much of their agenda, so much of this insane, irresponsible, would-destroy-this-country agenda if they ever got elected and implemented this stuff is rooted in their hatred for us. And by “us” I mean conservatives. Conservatives more than Republicans. But in the process they end up just giving Trump a huge gift.

I swear — you’re probably gonna hear me reference this frequently during the program today, the amount of hatred and anger that came out of every one of these people last night, spewing such hate in attacking the so-called hateful Trump. Donald Trump doesn’t hate anybody. Donald Trump doesn’t come across as hating anybody. Donald Trump doesn’t come across as angry at anybody. These people do.

There wasn’t one laugh moment last night. There wasn’t anybody with any kind of a sense of humor. There wasn’t anybody that was able to make a human connection. That was nothing but a red meat, raw emotion exercise last night. They were just throwing red meat to the people in the cages, outside the cages. Wherever they thought people wanted red meat, they were tossing it. There wasn’t any humanity last night to speak of. There wasn’t any sense of humor.

Bernie Sanders, even. Bernie Sanders became out of control. And there’s a great piece today that I’m gonna be citing as the program unfolds. Somebody has written a piece based on my premise the past couple days that these people are so old-fashioned, they can’t innovate, they can’t modernize, and it’s gonna be end up being their demise. And even if you point that out to them, they’re not able to correct it.

So don’t worry; we’re not gonna ruin things by giving them tips on how to change. ‘Cause they won’t. They’re so stuck in this mind-numbed hatred and anger. What are they so afraid of to pander like this? Biden and Crazy Bernie. Yeah, I’ll tell you, folks, I’m 68. I hope I never, never come off as bitter and angry and sourpuss as every one of these people was last night. And let me tell you this. People who are being honest with themselves on the left realize what a disaster this was.

There was nothing about this last night that said, “Come join us.” This was nothing about this last night that said, “We’re your team. You want to be with us, we’re the champions, we’re gonna win, you want to be with us when that happens.” There was none of that. These people were scary last night. They were shrill. They were angry. They were out of control.

Even Joe Scarborough, who now hates Republicans because he hates Trump, was talking about he hoped that nobody saw this last night, it was so bad.


RUSH: It’s still really, really early. It’s entirely that possible that Biden can rebound from this. It’s just way too soon to know. So all we can do is analyze it as it happens, and then if we want to hazard some predictions for the fun of it, we can do that. Of course, I am very good at predicting the fortunes of people politically and issues and so forth. I don’t think Biden’s gonna survive this and I never have thought Biden’s gonna survive it, and I don’t care what the polling data is.

There are a whole bunch of reasons Biden isn’t gonna survive it, and I think at the top of the list is (and we could see it last night) he doesn’t really want this. There’s a whole lot of people engaged in this. They’re doing it because this is the only time they’ll be able to do it, or because for some reason they think they should do it or there’s a reason to do it other than winning. It pads the resume here or there.

But beyond all that, there isn’t anybody that’s debated yet on this Democrat field that looks in any way competent to behave as a responsible steward of the United States Constitution and the country. All there is is an almost uncontrolled rage and anger. These people come off as radical authoritarians hell-bent on flooding the country with illegals, and then giving those people anything that they want. That’s gonna crash the economy! These people seem to be even okay with that. Why would they be okay with that? What do they want to do?

Create a radicalized, centralized, intolerant, single-party-run country with an unrecognizable Bill of Rights! Their rage and anger is at many things, including at the country and at the Constitution, which limits their authoritarian impulses and desires. Look at how they run their own companies. Look at these people running the social media companies. We can see their disdain for freedom, freedom of speech, privacy rights, rights of self-defense.

The people running the tech companies are a great microcosm of what they would do if they ended up in the White House. They’re using their companies as radical weapons and ammunition against people with whom they simply disagree. You give these people presidential power like that and we don’t have the same country we’ve got right now.


RUSH: Do you realize that with one tweet Barack Obama could end this misery for Joe Biden, and he doesn’t do it, does he? With one tweet. “I know Joe. Joe was my vice president for eight years. There’s not a racist, segregationist bone in Joe’s body. And if I put Joe on a bus to anywhere, he’d get on. So shut up.”

Anything like that, he could end this for Biden. He could get a little testimonial. He could send Michelle (My Belle) out to say this if he doesn’t want to say it himself. But zip, zero, crickets. Silence. Silence.

Jesse Jackson, the Reverend Jackson, who spent his career endorsing people like Biden, threw him overboard today on CNN, after supporting him for the entirety of his life. And Biden should have been prepped for this, he should have known this was coming, but instead what’s he doing? Sitting up there like the grand pooh-bah thinking he’s untouchable, for whatever reason. Thinking, you know, they really won’t go after me. It looks at least like he thought that.


RUSH: I made some notes. That’s an overview. I made some notes as this thing was taking place. And, of course, the Drive-Bys look at this thing as a horse race, so there’s a mad dash to declare winners and losers. The only losers was them. The winner last night was Donald Trump. Hands down, no contest.

The Drive-By Media can’t see it because, as far as they’re concerned, Trump’s already defeated, Trump’s already lost. They’re gonna get Trump out of office with impeachment; Trump colluded with Russia. Despite the fact the Mueller report doesn’t say that, Jerrold Nadler is on TV saying that it does say that. They’ve got themselves believing that Trump is gone, he’s history. They’ve got themselves believing that everybody wants that to be the case.

So last night when it’s all over, you would not be wrong if you concluded that the Democrat Party has chosen as its number one constituency illegal aliens. They seemed to care more about illegal aliens than anybody else in their party. After that, they became the party of free everything. Including the party that wants to take away your health insurance if you have it through your job!

Did you catch that? A whole bunch of them raised their hands. They want to take away private health insurance and turn everybody over to Medicare, i.e., the government. That’s not a persuasive position. They must think that already enough people to cause them to win the election already want to get rid of their health insurance and turn it over to government.

There’s over a hundred million people in this country with private insurance derived from their employment, and they are saying they’re gonna take that away. They raised their hands eagerly. They couldn’t keep their hands down. They were so excited say, “Yep, we’re gonna take it away.”

Bernie Sanders then said, guess what, you people in the middle class, after I take your private insurance away, I’m gonna raise your taxes. There were even some dummkopfs that applauded in that audience, maybe even some of the moderators. Now, Crazy Bernie realized, wait, I have to explain this. He says (imitating Bernie), “Yes, I’m gonna raise your taxes on the middle class to pay for Medicare for all. But it’s gonna be such a good deal you’re gonna save on it. Even though I’m gonna raise your taxes, you’re gonna be saving so much more because you’re not gonna have these deductibles and the copays.”

Anybody that believes that deserves to have what happens to them if the Democrats win happen to them. This is the party that’s gonna make gasoline unaffordable in their quest to get rid of it. That’s their brand. No matter the nominee, if you want to fulfill the transformation of this country to what the Democrat Party now stands for, the transformation that Obama wanted, then these are the people you vote for.

And how do you do it? You flood the country with illegals, you give them free health care, free housing, free everything. Even though you can’t even house your own 60,000 homeless in Los Angeles, it doesn’t matter, the millions crossing the border every year, give them whatever they want, ’cause it’ll really tick off those conservatives. It’ll really make Limbaugh and Trump and Hannity, and everybody else mad. And they delight in that. Open the borders, give the illegal aliens everything they want. Give taxpayers nothing that they want. Force it on everybody. That’s the plan for single party rule.


RUSH: During the course of the busy program today, I’m gonna go down the list of various candidates — some things they said — and react to it. Rather than do it all at once here, I’ll intersperse this during the program. There is one thing I want to point out to you. Breitbart had a story, the headline: “Joe Biden’s Campaign ‘Freaking Out’ About Poor First Debate — Former Vice President Joe Biden’s campaign is ‘freaking out’ over his poor performance during Thursday’s 2020 Democrat presidential primary debate, according to a report.

“New York Magazine’s Olivia” Nuzzle… Why did think “nuzzle” when I saw this name? It’s Nuzzi. “The Democrat Party’s early front-runner was forced to defend his record on race in the face of tough questions from Sen. Kamala Harris, the only African-American…” She’s not an African-American! This is another thing. I’m kind of getting ahead of myself. You know, Obama inserts himself into circumstances he’s not part of.

Obama wasn’t part of the civil rights coalition. He doesn’t have “slave blood.” He’s Kenyan and white, and she’s Jamaican (she’s not African-American), and yet they both act like they are members of the aggrieved slavocracy. They get away with this stuff. They get away with inserting themselves into these situations in America’s past like they were the direct sufferers. Anyway… If Biden’s guilty of all this race stuff now, why wasn’t he in 2008?

Why wasn’t he in 2012? Why didn’t you people in the Democrat Party bring this up when he was Obama’s vice president? I mean, that’d be really bad, right? You got a racist pig like Biden running with the first African-American — I’m sorry, Kenyan-American, whatever — president? Ah, let me get started on the phones. We’ll start at Salem, Oregon. This is Sean. Great to have you on the program. Hi.

CALLER: Good morning, Rush. Thanks for taking my call.

RUSH: You bet.

CALLER: I want to do two quick comments on the last two nights of debates. First comment: We’ve had roughly 20 candidates claiming the victimization card and how they represented themselves as potential candidates for the presidency. Various candidates representing LGBT, women’s reproductive rights, race, et cetera. (crosstalk)

RUSH: Okay, hold it. Let’s play a little game here. I know you’re not prepared for this. If you don’t want to answer my question, feel free. No pressure.


RUSH: You named all 20. You said they’re all playing the victim card. Let me throw you a name at you. You tell me how they played the victim card. Okay?

CALLER: All right.

RUSH: Mayor Pete. How did he play the victim card?

CALLER: The LGBT community, that he’s basically representing those who are marginalized in that community.

RUSH: Yeah, I agree with you on this. That’s why I’m asking. Mayor Pete’s up there; he’s saying, “I don’t know how these Republicans can call themselves Christians, thinking the things they believe. I don’t know how they can do it!” And I don’t know of any Christians that are out there ripping Mayor Pete for anything. He just making this stuff up. So Mayor Pete’s up there, and he’s the new John Kerry. “When I was in Afghanistan…” “By the way, I served in Afghanistan…” “As I did an Afghanistan…” And he mentions his husband that he kisses on TV all the time.


RUSH: So he’s obviously got a bug somewhere about being gay, and somehow he’s using that. He’s making himself a victim because of that. That’s what your point is, right?

CALLER: That’s correct.

RUSH: All right. See —

CALLER: Well, and even Miss Harris last night as well. They’ve all basically taken positions to represent the —

RUSH: Wait a minute. How did she make herself a victim, in your eyes?

CALLER: Race! She immediately used Joe Biden as the one who caused the pain —

RUSH: Oh, yes. “Mr. Biden, I don’t think you’re a racist, but I was that little girl that was bused, and you’ve caused me great pain.” Yes, you’re absolutely right.

CALLER: Exactly right. And my second comment is an observation is: You know, it’s curious. Republicans of the past who say they’re Reaganites, they reference the glory days of Reagan, saying that this is the type of Republican they would be. It’s curious too me that none of the candidates yet have directly referenced the glory days of their last Democratic president, President Obama. They’ve basically kind of avoided him, and even last night attacking his vice president. I think it’s proof that Trump has proven (they don’t want to admit it) that the Obama administration’s eight years were a failure.


CALLER: And I think they’re trying to avoid that.

RUSH: No question about that. I, too, have noticed that there are no accolades for Obama. There’s no… Remember when Obama was campaigning for Hillary? He said (impression), “If you want my third term, if you wish it could be me, then the closest you can get is to vote for her.” None of these people are saying, “If you want to go back to the great Obama days, elect me.” Now, part of that might be that doing that might elevate Plugs, since Plugs is now calling it the Obama-Plugs administration — uh, Obama-Biden administration. They may not want to do that. They may think that by citing Obama, they’re elevating Biden. But it’s still a good, good, good, good point. Okay. Glad you called. Glad I took the call.


RUSH: Let me return here to my spot analysis of the debate last night in an overall, generic sense. I want to start with Crazy Bernie. I want to remind you, too, I have a story that’s close to my large and beating heart today because of a riff I have been on since the Wednesday night debate and how it struck me that I’ve been paying attention to these people and politics for almost 60 years.

And it just struck me, and it’s struck me before, but it really, really coalesced for me how they haven’t changed a thing. They’ve become more radicalized. But their complaints, their arguments, the things they supposedly see and believe in, they haven’t innovated, they haven’t changed, they haven’t modernized, they just keep recycling the same sold stuff, the same old complaints, the same old grievances.

Here, for example, Kamala Harris. Here we are, we are in a record performing economy. We have the first quarter growth rate at 3.1%. We have record low, all-time record low unemployment, and especially all-time record low unemployment for African-Americans and Hispanics. And Kamala Harris in the debate last night is saying, “And the economy’s not working for working families. The American people don’t want to see a food fight among us. They want to see food on the table.”

What is this? This is not the Great Depression! This is not the recession of 2008! We are in a period of wonderful, great abundance with energy prices as low as they have been in recent memory. And energy prices being low fuels all kinds of other economic freedom, purchasing power, leisure time activity, career pursuits.

And here she was last night portraying the United States as a Dust Bowl era nation where there’s no food and people are going hungry and people are going thirsty. And it can’t be that she really thinks it, it’s just in the Democrat Party playbook that this is one of the things you must say if you’re running for president as a Democrat.

She said she’s gonna repeal the Trump tax cuts on day one. Why? They are the singular reason for the prosperity. That’s why. The question answers itself. I mean, a total disconnect. Now, it’s true that even in a very upbeat economy like this, not everybody’s doing well, but the vast majority of the country is.

I think one of the reasons Crazy Bernie is in big trouble, again, he can’t innovate. Look what Bernie is doing. Crazy Bernie is running the identical campaign that he ran in 2016. In 2016, that election was rigged against him, which he acknowledged that he knows yesterday. He knows this. He knows it was rigged against him. He had one opponent, Hillary Clinton. He was also running in an Obama economy.

So when Crazy Bernie’s out talking about the economic strife and the misery and the lack of abundance, well, it rang true because Millennials couldn’t find jobs, they were still living in the basement with their parents. We had all kinds of stories that it was good, maybe, that you didn’t work, you could develop better relationships with your friends and parents. Funemployment, it was called.

Well, now, the Obama economy has been zapped, we now have it replaced with Trump economy, but Crazy Bernie hasn’t changed anything. In addition to having one opponent, he’s got 19 opponents now. But Crazy Bernie sounds identical. He’s got the same enemies, the big corporations, health care companies, corporations not paying their taxes, the pharmaceuticals.

He hasn’t changed a sentence. And you can tell that it’s not resonating any. Crazy Bernie’s not the frontrunner. Crazy Bernie does not have the excitement in the campaign that he had in 2016. That’s only three years ago, folks. It’s only three years ago. And now the bloom is gone, the shine has been dulled. So what does Crazy Bernie do to try to reinvigorate?

He goes even further left. He told everybody he’s gonna get rid of private health care insurance and make sure if you like it you’re still gonna have to get rid of it and you’re gonna have go on Medicare for all! And that means if you’re in the middle class, your taxes are going to go up. He said he’s gonna raise taxes on the middle class, but they’re gonna get utopian health care, as will every illegal.

Every illegal alien’s gonna get free health care. Everybody’s gonna get free everything. But the middle class somehow are gonna have to pay more for it. He didn’t talk about raising taxes on the illegals. But he admitted he’s gonna raise taxes on the middle class. He says Trump is not standing up for working families. Well, here we are in the best economy since forever, and Trump’s not standing up for working families? They can’t not stop talking about this.

In the Democrat world, everybody is suffering. In the Democrat world, every working family — Kamala Harris, “That unemployment number, that’s bogus. I know people that have to have three jobs to make ends meet. You shouldn’t have to have to work three jobs to have a roof over your head.” Ms. Harris, do you realize some people like working a lot, realize some people are trying to get ahead?

She paints it like every job is a process of misery, every job is something every American has to do, and none of us like it, and it’s so unfair, and some of us have to do two of them, some of us have to do three of them, because this is a rot. Meanwhile, none of what they’re saying can be related to actuality or reality or truth.

And yet they keep saying it. It cannot connect. It can only connect with the small numbers of people who are Democrat who’ve become victims who then don’t try to help themselves because the Democrats have convinced them they can’t succeed anyway. So that’s their go-to voter audience.

Everything that I heard last night is a total disconnect with reality. But it doesn’t matter because the playbook’s the playbook and the agenda is the agenda and the plight of America is the plight of America, and America is a place of destitution, folks, America is a place of misery. There is misery running rampant.

Nobody is happy in America. Everybody hates Republicans, everybody hates the NRA, everybody hates Big Pharma, everybody hates health care, everybody hates corporations, everybody hates everything, everybody hates climate change, nobody’s happy about anything! And the Democrats are here to make sure that your hate gets validated.

Kamala Harris said Americans don’t want a food fight. They want to know how to put food on the table. Have you seen the numbers of people longer needing food stamps, Senator Harris? What does this mean? It means they’re able to afford it because they are working. This is not the 1930s. This is gaslighting, is what this is. This is telling people something that isn’t true. This is fake politics.

Fake politics with a dose of fake news, and that makes up a fake Democrat agenda. The economy is strong everywhere except in Democrat tent cities. And every tent city in this country is run by a Democrat. Democrat governor, Democrat mayor, Democrat city council. We are not in a depression. We’re not in a recession.

So what are they talking about? They’re just trying to make everybody think that everybody is miserable. And if you’re not, no big deal, your neighbors are. Bernie said he’s gonna cut prescription drug prices in half. But wait. I thought they were gonna be free? ‘Cause that’s part of health care. Everybody’s gonna get free health care, free prescriptions. But he’s gonna cut prescription prices in half. Why, if everything’s gonna be free?

The Democrat nominee will ask American taxpayers to pay for health insurance and health care for illegals. They’re not gonna ask. they’re gonna mandate that you do it. That’s the Democrat position. That’s a marker. “Raise your hands if you’re for free health care for illegals.” Every hand shot up. “Raise your hand if you want to ban private health insurance.” Every hand shot up.

And then Kamala Harris had to go, “No way, I don’t believe that.” She was allowed, she was permitted to revise her position today on CBS. She said, “I misunderstood the question. I thought I was being asked about my health care plan.” No, you weren’t. You were just following Democrat instincts. You want to get rid of private health care, yes, because we hate corporations, we hate CEOs. And here’s Kamala Harris and Biden ripping into Wall Street, I mean like they hate their guts. And 80% of their donations are coming from Wall Street.


RUSH: Here is from the debate last night. Jose Diaz-Balart is the moderator here, and after every question the place blew up. Every one of the candidates wanted to answer the question regardless who it was directed to. Then after the candidate answered it, they all blew up trying to reply — and it quickly got out of hand, and Jose Diaz-Balart is attempting now to put it all back together.

CANDIDATES: (all shouting)

DIAZ-BALART: We will let you all speak.

MAN: We can’t afford to wait!

CANDIDATES: (all shouting)
HARRIS: Hey, guys, you know what? America does not want to witness a food fight. They want to know how we’re gonna put food on their table.

CROWD: (wild applause and cheering)

RUSH: All right on! Made to order. A sound bite for a televised debate as phony as the day is long, as contrived and scripted for a debate as anything ever has been, made to look like it was a spontaneous reaction. Food on…? This is my point. Food on the table? There isn’t any starvation going on in America! There aren’t any tables in America without food on them! Even in the tent cities in Los Angeles, there’s food there. Up next, Savannah Guthrie. This is the question about what to do regarding health care for illegals.

GUTHRIE: A lot of you have been talking tonight about these government health care plans that you’ve proposed in one form or another. This is a show-of-hands question — and hold them up for a moment so people can see. Raise your hand if your government plan would provide coverage for undocumented immigrants.

CANDIDATES: (all raise hands)

CROWD: (wild cheering and applause)

RUSH: All right. Now everybody did. Everybody raised their hands — and they got applause! Everybody raised their hands. Government plan provide coverage for undocumented immigrants. (chuckles) It speaks for itself. People watching this who may not even have health coverage for themselves, Crazy Bernie says middle-class people are gonna face some tax increases to pay for their new health care benefit he’s gonna provide them.

Here these clowns want to give it away. They adopted last night… Illegal aliens became the number one constituency of the Democrat Party last night. Now, we haven’t mentioned this guy up until now, Eric Swalwell. He also had a planned assault for Plugs. Eric Swalwell of California had a planned assault waiting for the right moment to run this attack, and this was it, after a question from the moderator, Jose Diaz-Balart.

SWALWELL: I was 6 years old when a presidential candidate came to the California Democratic convention and said, “It’s time to pass the torch to a new generation of Americans.” That candidate was then-Senator Joe Biden. Joe Biden was right when he said it was time to pass the torch to a new generation of Americans 32 years ago.

CROWD: (applause)

SWALWELL: He’s still right today. If we’re gonna solve the issues of automation, pass the torch. We’re gonna solve the issues of climate chaos, pass the torch. If we’re gonna solve the issue of student loan debt, pass the torch. If we’re gonna end gun violence for families who are fearful of sending their kids to school, pass the torch.

DIAZ-BALART: Vice President, would you like to sing a torch song?

CROWD: (laughter)

BIDEN: I would.

CROWD: (applause)

BIDEN: I’m still holding onto that torch.

RUSH: “I’m still holding onto that torch.” Now, here’s the thing about this. Eric Swalwell is a classic Millennial. And you know what I think? And I’ve said this before. I think Swalwell is Biden-in-waiting. What is Joe Biden? Joe Biden’s a guy that’s never done anything but Washington, from the moment he got elected back in the 1800s, he has done nothing but be in the Senate, be in the House, it’s all he’s done.

Swalwell has done nothing. Eric Swalwell hasn’t done diddly-squat, but now he’s been elected to the House, and he’s gonna end up being Biden. He’s gonna be one of these career people that does nothing but that.

Now, it’s also classic ’cause he thinks just ’cause he’s a Millennial and he’s a young guy, and he got elected once, it’s time for him to be put in charge of things. It’s not true of every Millennial, but a lot of them do expect things just to be handed to them because they are future, they are the next generation and just gonna inherit it.

And Swalwell epitomized this last night. Swalwell hasn’t done anything yet but he’s demanding that Bite Me pass the torch? And notice the things that Swalwell says we need to fix. We need to stop school gun violence. We need to stop gun violence. We need to stop the climate chaos. We need to stop the shootings at movie theaters. We need to get guns out of the hands of people. We need to fix the gun crisis.

Everything that he had a problem with involved guns or climate. And I’m thinking, if you ask Swalwell name one thing about America you love, what would it be? The opportunity to get rid of guns, the freedom to get rid of guns, maybe.

Anyway, who’s next? Larry, Fort Worth, Texas. Your turn. You’re on Open Line Friday. Hi.

CALLER: Good to speak to you, Rush.

RUSH: Hey. Great to have with us, Lair, old buddy.

CALLER: Knowing that Hillary Clinton has an ego as big as the state of Texas, in your opinion, do you think that she’ll jump into the presidential race again at the last minute?

RUSH: I don’t know if she will, but I know she wants to.

CALLER: Oh, I know she wants to.

RUSH: Oh, you know. I know she’s sitting out there salivating. She is hoping an opportunity might present itself. And you know who else might be? That would be Michelle (My Belle) Obama. And I will guarantee you this. You know, Valerie Jarrett is denying it, that the Obamas, neither of them have any interest in returning to presidential power.

And on one hand you maybe can believe it because they both now have developmental deals, quote, unqoute, to make TV and podcast programs for Netflix and, who is it, Amazon or Apple, one of the two.

Now, if you have a developmental deal with Netflix, if they’re gonna allow you to basically have the Obama propaganda channel on Netflix, you might be looking at that, saying, “You know what? I might have more power doing that to influence than if Michelle (My Belle) ends up back in the Oval Office.”

But if they were thinking that, I guarantee you that Kamala Harris gave them pause last night. You think Michelle (My Belle) Obama would enter the place if the person she had to beat was Kamala Harris? Well, don’t be so fast and say no. (interruption) You don’t think under any circumstances that Michelle (My Belle) Obama will give up the high life for the drudgery and the sewer-like circumstances of a campaign? (interruption) Well, yeah, I know she says she hates it, and they both said they hated living in the White House, but I didn’t see them resign. I didn’t see ’em quit.


RUSH: Upstate New York and Tim. It’s great to have you with us, sir. Hello.

CALLER: Hi, Rush. I’ll make this quick. Something during Kamala Harris’ food fight comment, people are missing. She had said people are worried about how we’re going to put food on their tables. That’s key.

RUSH: Let’s see here. Where did I put that? I put that at the bottom here. I’m checking the transcript. Americans, they want to know how we’re gonna put food. You’re right, meaning you think she was speaking of them, government, how they are gonna —

CALLER: Government. Correct.

RUSH: That’s interesting. Because obviously there’s no problem at her house putting food on the table, so when she says we’re gonna put — they’re not worried about it at the Kamala Harris whatever her married name house is.

CALLER: Sure. It’s all about government and how they’re going to take care of people. So we’re going to put food on their table.

RUSH: Well, that’s clearly the implication she wants people to make or the inference that she wants, no question about it.

CALLER: When she had said that, you had made a comment that this was kind of scripted, a few moments ago, she was waiting for that moment.

RUSH: That’s right.

CALLER: So if that’s the case, she knew exactly what she was saying.

RUSH: Oh, I don’t have any doubt about that. What I meant was, this was not some improvised comment that came, you know, from the random firing of synapses and neons and all that in the deep, dark crevices.

This is something that she and the team had planned on, scripted, rehearsed, memorized, and was waiting for just the right moment to drop it on the rest of the field. So, yeah, meaning she said what she meant to say. This was not a slip of the tongue. That could be a good catch. Could be a good catch. Thanks.

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