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RUSH: We had two big Supreme Court rulings came down yesterday.

The case that got the most attention was the battle over a Census question. For now, the Trump administration cannot include q question on citizenship on the 2020 census. For now. The court said that they need more information. So, it’s a punt. For now. The Drive-Bys were hoping for a thumbs-down from the High Court. They were kinda surprised.

But the decision that will have the most impact is the “partisan gerrymandering case.” The court ruled that they’re staying out of it. They want no part of drawing political districts.

Now, this is a big, big loss for the left. Most statehouses in this country are now run by Republicans. So this ruling means that Republicans can continue to draw the political districts in their states, and the Supremes are not going to rush in and save the Democrats this time. The Democrats hate losing elections, they hate the consequences, and they run to the courts for salvation and redress every time they lose.

So you win some, you lose some, you put some off. At the end of the day — on the big case that mattered — the liberals lost. And believe me, this is good for America, at least until the next time this case comes up. You have to keep fighting this stuff, folks. It never goes away.

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