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RUSH: One thing that was very obvious last night. And this is another thing. There’s nothing new about this. For my entire life paying attention to politics, we’ll modernize the terminology for today. The Democrat Party last night was making a big pitch for the tent city vote.

As far as they’re concerned, everybody’s homeless, nobody has health care. The people that have health care hate it. People that live in America are unhappy. They don’t like America because there are Republicans in America who are trying to deny them a good time. I mean, that’s the sum of it all. People that live in this country are miserable because they hate their health care, they don’t like their health care, their health care’s being taken away, what have you.

Everybody lives in a tent, everybody’s homeless, everybody’s on the brink of disaster, everybody’s one paycheck away. The only salvation is climate change and illegal immigration. That’s the only two things that are gonna fix — and getting rid of Republicans. Got to get rid of Republicans.

So last night they’re making this big pitch for the tent city vote. Unfortunately, they created the tent cities. They’re preaching to the choir. When they want the tent city vote, they’ve already got it. They created them. They created the homeless. They created the economically indigent by virtue of their own policies.

The dirty little secret is they want people to remain economically dependent. They don’t want people to be able to solve problems on their own. They don’t want people to be able to advance economically on their own. That’s why they love illegal immigrants who don’t speak the language. That’s why they love the poor remaining poor. That’s why they love perpetual, never-ending victimology with more and more groups of victims for people to join.

And I guess, you know, being subjected to this my entire life, I’m worn out on it. I understand how it can be new and appealing to young people. What I’m trying to convey here is that there’s nothing new about it, and it doesn’t work. That’s the real take-away. What you heard last night is what the Democrat Party has been complaining about and whining about for more than the number of years I’ve been alive. And they continue to whine about it.

What does it ultimately mean? It means none of it ever gets fixed. It means that none of it ever improves, none of it ever evolves, none of it ever ends up being sent packing. And shouldn’t that be an overall indictment of these people?

And, by the way, their constituents: African-Americans, angry women, the gay lobby, now the transgenders thrown in, the homeless, you name it, every Democrat constituency group is angry, unhappy, miserable. Why? Because their problems never get fixed. Their complaints never end up actually being addressed.

And so your average Democrat voter has had to go now through life being satisfied by listening to Democrat candidates detail the problems and promise to get even with the Republicans for causing them. But the problems never get solved. Situations never get improved, except when somebody like Donald Trump gets elected president.

You know what the real irony of this last night was? That pretty much everything these people are complaining about has been dealt with, and everything, most of it these people are complaining about, improvements have been dramatic in the past two and a half years. That was the real irony.

They are complaining about things as though they live in a vacuum and they’re not even living in a country where these things are actually being addressed and fixed: 3.1% economic growth, lowest unemployment ever for African-Americans and Hispanics. The pay gap has narrowed. Trade deals have been redone. The balance of trade and balance of payments is normalizing.

You wouldn’t know any of that listening to these people last night. “Well, what else are they gonna do, Rush? For crying out loud, they want to get elected. They can’t act like they’re happy with what’s going on.” Well, let me take you back to 1960. I use this example now and then.

Coming off of the post-World War II boom of the fifties, everything is cooking, everything’s firing on all 12 cylinders. And we’re coming to the end of the Eisenhower presidency, and this young new generational Democrat, John Kennedy, wants to be elected president, running against Richard Nixon. Nixon, the vice president of Eisenhower. So Nixon represents more of the same. That’s not good for Kennedy. More of the same is an economic boom. More of the same is the postwar boom on steroids.

So what does Kennedy do? Kennedy doesn’t trash what’s your going on in America. That’s why Kennedy wouldn’t fit with the Democrat Party today. Kennedy said it can be even better. Kennedy said it can be even better because it’s time now to pass the torch to a new generation of youths and young people with renewed spirit, renewed energy.

Kennedy came along and didn’t trash the status quo. Acknowledged it. Said, “We can do it even better.” You don’t hear anything like this out of Democrats today because they’ve got themselves into such a bind, they can’t acknowledge that anything’s going well, except for the things that are victimizing people.

The only things going well, as far as the Democrats are concerned, involve people suffering, involve people in pain. The only things going well, according to the Democrats, are Republicans are being mean to people. When things are going well, that’s what the Democrats tell you is really happening. Republicans are being racist, sexist, bigots, homophobes, and we’ve gotta stop ’em.

The Democrat agenda has little to do with actually what any of these people were talking about last night. The Democrat agenda is simply getting rid of all opposition, pure and simple.

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