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RUSH: Wayfair. Do you know what Wayfair is? (interruption) You’re unsubscribing to them? What do you mean? You buy furniture from Wayfair? So Snerdley’s done. Wayfair is a big online furniture store. A nonprofit organization, not a government facility, but a nonprofit is rebuilding a facility in Texas that used to house oil workers. It is not one of the cages that the Obama administration people built. And this nonprofit that is rebuilding a facility in Texas to house illegal, undocumented immigrants contracted with Wayfair to make beds for the children who are going to come to this facility. Sounds okay up to now; right? You’ve got a nonprofit; you need some beds for the children. A nonprofit’s not a government organization. They want to buy beds from Wayfair.

Well, the workers, the employees, the people who make the beds ask the CEO not to take the order! The inmates running the asylum, the employees, told the CEO, “Don’t take the order.” They don’t want the company they work for to do anything that would help Trump! They want the kids not to have beds, apparently! They’d rather the kids not have beds for the photo-ops! The CEO said he was gonna take the order. So today the workers at Wayfair have walked off the job instead of making beds for babies. I think 11,000 unaccompanied children came through the border in April and May. And of course Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is thrilled. She was afraid that somebody would make a profit. They don’t want anybody making a profit helping Trump. There should not be a profit, say the employees who get paid from profit, there should not be a profit making beds for the children. What are they supposed to do? Give them away?

And so now since the workers have walked off the job, they may not be able to make the beds, and so the children will now have to sleep on the floor. And Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez tweeted the following: “Wayfair workers couldn’t stomach they were making beds to cage children. They asked the company to stop. CEO said no. Tomorrow,” — meaning today — “they’re walking out. This is what solidarity looks like, a reminder that everyday people have real power, as long as we’re brave enough to use it.”

So we can’t have beds made for these children because they’re in cages? This is not a cage facility. This is a facility that used to house people that worked for the oil companies. You have some people that work on the oil decks, the drills out in the Gulf. And some of them would live in these facilities in Texas. That’s what this is. They’re being remodeled and remade. They’re not part of the cage detention centers, which, by the way, the cage detention centers date back to the Obama administration.

Trump had nothing to do with it. But now these employees walk out, protesting the sale of beds to migrant camps. CNN business has the story. A pull quote… And they’re getting bad information. These employees are getting bad information. They’re getting information from the Drive-By Media and left-wing activists. But somebody told them that walking out and preventing the beds from being made would be able to hurt Trump, it’d be a way to hurt Trump and Trump’s policy on the border; so these employees are actually engaging in their own form of corporate blackmail.

And according to a woman identifying herself as an employee of the company, Wayfair employees learned last week that an order for about $200,000 worth of bedroom furniture was placed by BCFS, which operates migrant facilities for the Department of Health and Human Services. (paraphrasing) “BCFS set to open a new facility in Carrizo Springs, Texas, which will accommodate about 1600 unaccompanied minors. More than 500 employees sent a letter last Friday to the senior management at Wayfair asking the company to not do business with this company [BCFS]. They also asked Wayfair to establish a code of ethics that empowers Wayfair and its employees to act in accordance with our core values.” And here we go again. I can’t tell you how this irritates me, these stupid leftists claiming they are the definition of American core values and that, therefore, they ought to be mandated on everybody? When there’s nothing core about left-wing values in relationship to American values.

(Paraphrasing) “Wayfair employees announce on Twitter their plan to stage a walkout Wednesday afternoon in response to the company letter. The employees that spoke to CNN said the walkouts are not meant as a censure on Wayfair but as a way to show workers’ continued concern for the plight of the children at the border. They also are asking the company they work for to donate all profits made from the sale of the furniture to a nonprofit that reunites families at the borders.” So that’s what’s going on in Boston today, which is where the Wayfair people are walking out.

And it’s classic. “We can’t have the kids sleeping on beds if anybody makes a profit on it, can’t have anything, we don’t want to be involved, we don’t want anything to do with anything that’s helping Trump.” And the CEO so far is standing up. But what are the odds the guy caves? I mean, this is what happened. It happened at Disney. It happens in every corporation or company at one point or another. A bunch of malcontent leftist employees start standing up and make it look like they represent the vast majority of everybody doing business with the company. They demand that left-wing issues, political issues be implemented company wide, including how to do business. And everybody caves to ’em, instead of telling them to go to hell and shut down and go back to work. Just like parents that have lost control over their kids.

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