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RUSH: I want to stick with the phones here. I’m still in the process of organizing. I had so much stuff come in here at 11:59 that I still haven’t fully organized everything I’ve got here. And no, I haven’t had time in commercial breaks because I’ve been answering emails and stuff. (interruption) No, if I told you what about, you would… Never mind. Let me just stick with the phones here. This is Robert, Scottsdale…. (interruption) Like is beta 3 coming today? There’s no way beta 3’s coming today. We just had a public beta two days. There’s no way beta 3 is coming today. Anyway, Robert, what’s happening? How you doing, sir?

CALLER: Hey, Rush, it’s a great privilege to speak with you.

RUSH: Well, same here. I’m glad you’re here.

CALLER: Hey, you mentioned something last week, and I think it’s a great opportunity for Trump to do it and tie it into the border crisis. You talked about him going to Los Angeles, standing in front of all those 60,000 homeless people and making a speech. Well, I think if he went there, made a speech about all the homeless, why are we trying to put so much effort and energy into bringing illegals in this country and paying their health care and that stuff when we have 60,000 just lying in the streets of Los Angeles? He could blast Pelosi and Schiff and all those Democratic politicians in California where they all come from and talk about all the other issues in California with the feces in San Francisco. I think it’s a great opportunity. I thought you were very right to say that —

RUSH: You know, I hadn’t taken it to that specific point, but that’s not bad. When I made the original observation… Remember, now, it all started when the Los Angeles city council started complaining that the Democrat presidential candidates were not talking about homelessness in LA and some of the problems in California. And I said, are you kidding? They’re gonna ignore you. They don’t need you. They know you’re gonna vote Democrat. They don’t need to do a damn thing for you. Just like they don’t have to do a damn thing for African-Americans ’cause they get 92% of the vote every four years. It doesn’t matter. They can ignore you and they’re gonna ignore you.

In fact, they can’t point out the problems in California because they’re all tied to Democrats. And after having said that, I thought, “You know what? Trump ought to go there, even though there’s no chance of winning California, Trump should go once a month, maybe schedule a debate there, just go there to highlight some things.” Now, your idea of having Trump give a speech in skid row, I don’t know that the Secret Service would permit it. But skid row is where the 60,000 homeless people live. It’s where they’re building tents. Do you know the mayor of Los Angeles, Eric Garcetti, have you heard the latest plan of his? I’m not kidding. He wants homeowners of a certain wealth to actually build tents in their backyards to move homeless people into. This is Eric Garcetti, the mayor of LA; this is an idea he’s got.

Now, your idea of Trump going out there with visuals of the homeless people, that’s a great idea. And they want to bring more people from around the world into this state, into the country when this is the squalid conditions? One-fourth of the homeless population of this country lives in California. The filthiest street in America may be in California. The 300 block of Hyde near the Tenderloin in San Francisco. There’s any number of opportunities. I like that. That’s an action plan that I could actually see taking place. Thanks much.

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