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Jun 25, 2019


RushLimbaugh.com: My Guess on the President’s ICE Raid Delay -06.24.19
RushLimbaugh.com: I Was One Campaign Late! Crazy Bernie Promises to Forgive All Student Loans -06.24.19
The Hill: Press: Democrats form circular firing squad
CNN: Nancy Pelosi called Trump Friday night asking him to call off ICE raids
Townhall: Wait…Trump’s Acting DHS Director Leaked Information on Planned ICE Raids to Sabotage Them? -Matt Vespa
Washington Post: ICE raids targeting migrant families slated to start Sunday in major U.S. cities
New York Times: Emergency Aid for Migrants Badly Divides Democrats
Politico: Congress flails after Trump’s deportation ultimatum
Washington Examiner: Officials accuse DHS chief Kevin McAleenan of leaking ICE raids plan to sabotage operation
The Hill: Pelosi, Democratic leaders seek to quell liberal revolt over border bill
The Hill: Kevin McCarthy: ‘I believe the president’ on E. Jean Carroll allegation
Axios: “Trump slump” hits big media
ZeroHedge: Stunned Anderson Cooper Cuts CNN Interview After Trump Accuser Calls Rape “Sexy”
USA Today: Democratic presidential candidates are scaring off Never Trumpers. Big mistake. -Robert Robb
NY Post: Cuomo signs bill granting driver’s licenses to illegal aliens
AP: Candidate qualities that ignite excitement in Democrats
Treasure Coast Newspapers: Paul Ryan Complains about “Entertainment Wing” of the Republican Party
Politico: Democratic bigwigs fear debates will devolve into horror show
Forbes: Open Letter to Mark Zuckerberg -Steve Forbes
Vox: “She Fantasizes Being Raped by Three Men”: Bernie Sanders’s bizarre 1972 essay





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