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RUSH: Because of President Trump, Mexico is cracking down at their southern border. Now migrants are scared to cross it.

This is not good news, however, to the New York Times.

The Times is reporting on the plight of a poor family that wanted to come to America, via Mexico. The family started planning their illegal crossing in February. They borrowed $3,000 to give to a smuggler, and they set off from Guatemala last week. But when they reached Mexico’s southern border, they got bad news. There was extra security. So it was too dangerous to cross into Mexico illegally to get to the United States illegally.

See, it’s all Donald Trump’s fault, damn it! Mexico was forced to make a horrible deal with  Trump to avoid tariffs. Now they’re forced to secure their own borders — which they should have been doing for 20 years!

The New York Times is very sad because all this is working.

Migrants from Central America are now too afraid to cross into Mexico illegally, so they can’t cross into America, illegally — and it’s all playing out just as Trump said it would.

The New York Times doesn’t like it; neither, they think, should you. But the truth is, we are all applauding it.

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