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RUSH: Nancy Pelosi. As you know, the president last week said that he was gonna order these massive raids by ICE personnel to track down illegal immigrants and then deport them. Then, all of a sudden, he said he wasn’t gonna do it. He was gonna wait two weeks to see if Congress can get in gear, pass some kind of legislation that would accomplish the same thing.

Nancy Pelosi’s out there claiming credit for this. She’s claiming credit for getting Trump to pull back on this, by claiming that she told him that he was scaring the children. From this morning in Queens at the Elmhurst Hospital Center, speaker Nancy Pelosi.

PELOSI: Children are scared. You’re scaring the children of America, not just in those families, but their neighbors in their communities. You’re scaring the children. And I do think that some of the faith-based groups did weigh in with the president. I hope so, and now we have to continue to keep that pressure on to remove all doubt that we in our country respect people for their dignity and worth, their spark of divinity, respect them for their rights, being in the United States of America.

RUSH: What rights do they get for being in the United States when they’re not citizens? What rights do they have? Anyway, we’ll get into that in a minute. This idea of scaring the children. (imitating Pelosi) “You’re scaring the children of America, not just in those families, but their neighbors and –” you know what’s scaring the children of America? May I be a blunt force object right in your face with what is scaring the children of America? Climate change.

Climate change and the hysteria surrounding it is scaring the children of America, and I have proof. You know what I did last night? I’m almost ashamed to admit this, but I’m gonna go ahead and admit it because it’s worthwhile. HBO has this show called Big Little Lies. (interruption) You knew what? You watched this? Yeah, it’s a chick show.

It’s about an abusive guy that five women join together and kill by pushing down some steps at a grade school party, and then they all get away with it by denying it. They claim the guy slipped and fell down the steps. Alexander Skarsgard is the actor. He’s the son of Stellan Skarsgard, who was one of the primary characters in Chernobyl, by the way, one of the big, bad communists.

But, anyway, he’s an abusive, I mean, his wife in the show is Nicole Kidman, just beats the ever-loving sense out of her. And she’s typical. She loves the guy, can’t do without him, is going to a shrink to complain to shrink that she’s trying to remember the good parts about him. The shrink says, “The guy almost killed you, you gotta drop this.”

Anyway, on this show last night, one of the great characters is portrayed by Laura Dern, who was made famous in the eighties by breaking down on the Phil Donahue show in abject tears over the fact that kids of her age, 18, 19, were faced with global nuclear annihilation every day because of Ronald Reagan. She literally broke down crying.

That character has survived, and now she plays some woman named Renata Klein on this show. Her husband lost everything by taking everything they got and throwing it in a faulty financial scheme. It went belly up and she’s visiting him in prison, “I will not not be rich!” Screaming at the guy, then walks out.

Anyway, she’s part of the Monterey Five running this scam, killing this abusive husband. Well, last night on this episode, one of the teachers, an African-American teacher — and this looks to be something like second or third grade — is trying to illustrate to the kids how horrible climate change is. Now, folks, stick with me on this. The reason why I’m wasting your — I’m not wasting your time. The reason why I’m telling you this is this is HBO.

This is left-wing extremism central. HBO is the cultural definition of pop culture liberalism today. HBO defines it, personifies it, promotes it. Okay. This is very, very important to understand.

So in this scene the African-American, new to the series, teacher of second graders is trying to illustrate how devastating climate change is. And he’s trying to illustrate — I forget the exact example, but he said, “Do you know how many gallons of water it takes to make a pound of sausage?”

“No, teacher. How much does it take?”

“It takes a thousand gallons of water to make a pound of sausage.”

“Oh, my God!”

“And do you know how many gallons of water a thousand gallons is?”

“No, teacher, how much is a thousand gallons?”

“You would have to take 50 showers a day for two years to equal –”

“Oh, my God!” And then they cut to a closet where a second grader has fainted. She’s lying unconscious in the closet. She has attempted to escape the classroom. So they find her, they go in there, they take her to the hospital. The parents show up, of course in typical panic blaming the school, blaming the doctor, blaming everything. The doctor explains she had an anxiety attack. Her mother, who is a walking anxiety attack, asks, “About what?”

The doctor says, “She was scared to death about climate change.” This class on climate change caused her such anxiety, she fainted. I’m watching this in disbelief. This is HBO doing this. Then, this so affected the community that they decided to have a special nighttime assembly between the principal and this teacher and the parents, at which time the principal tried to explain that he may be going a little overboard here on climate change with these young kids, scaring them to death. The parents blow up and one of them demands to go speak to the group, and she has a meltdown.

The point is that if the left-wing cultural-defining network is making half an episode about how climate change is scaring the children, it means that somewhere within the left-wing cultural interface there is deep concern over this. It means this probably happened to somebody and it’s why an episode was written with this particular event happening in it.

Somebody on the writing staff, somebody on the production staff probably had a kid or knows of a kid that had a panic attack over this. Or it could well be that there’s somebody involved in this who realizes this stuff is all over the top and decided to write about. This is not the kind of thing that you would expect to see on HBO, which, as I say, culturally defines what pop culture liberalism is, what’s acceptable, what the trends are, what you should accept, what you should not mock, laugh, and make fun of. Of course, there are no boundaries.

They’ve gotta show called Euphoria, which is all about teenage sex and drugs glorified. And it’s got parents scared. “This is what my kids are facing every day. Oh, my God. I didn’t have any idea.” But even without this episode, there’s no question, you can read young Millennial blog posts, Twitter posts or whatever on climate change, they’re scared to death about it. I have tried to emphasize this I don’t know how many times over how many years. They literally think that this planet is not going to support human life in 40 or fewer years.

And it’s the epitome of irresponsibility. And in the case of climate change, it’s just one of many issues that the left pushes this way, forces on people. All they do is create crisis. They fearmonger, they crisismonger. There is no laughter, there is no late-night comedy anymore because there is nothing funny anymore. It’s all a hate fest. And who can get the most applause for the most creative brand of hatred. Usually it’s always aimed at Donald Trump and conservatives.

But it just reinforced the idea of what’s really scaring kids is not what’s happening with immigration, particularly illegal immigration. There isn’t a kid in America who thinks the government’s coming for ’em. The idea of Pelosi trying to say that this is what Trump is creating is literally factually absurd. But every kid in this country who is exposed to any pop culture is convinced that the planet is in the process of being destroyed and almost unsavably so. And that’s just the epitome of irresponsible. All to advance a political agenda.

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