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RUSH: Well, the month of July is coming up, which means the month of June has gone by pretty fast. And there are other aspects of June that are just creeping along. You know, like I participate in the Apple beta software program. I could get a new beta every day, as far as I’m concerned, but it’s every two weeks, every three weeks, June just plods along.

And then I wake up today and find out this is Christmas week for the Democratic Party, meaning we’re at the end of the month and the debates begin. We got two Democrat debates today. We got the big kids’ and the little kids’ debates this week. And it just means they got nothing but to offer things to give away.

So here comes Crazy Bernie — I was a campaign late on this. I predicted that Hillary Clinton would offer to forgive all student loan debt in the 2016 campaign. I was right, but I was wrong by one campaign. It’s Crazy Bernie that’s gonna do it.

And then here comes Fauxcahontas. You know what she wants? She wants reparations for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer. That’s what the LGBTQ means. And can we say that? Can we pronounce what Q means? If we’re not, I mean – (interruption) Well, it better be permissible ’cause I just did it.

Reparations for all the discrimination that has taken place over the years. Warren comes out for gay reparations. Legislation’s been equated to gay reparations. Under the Refund Equality Act, same-sex couples would be able to amend their past taxes, readjusting with jointly filed tax returns. Oh, this is the Ilhan Omar bill where you get to marry your brother in order to be able to file your taxes jointly and save money, then you divorce your brother after you get permitted to come into the country, and then you marry somebody else as your real husband for a time. You get to do that because the Minneapolis Star Tribune provides you cover as your security company for engaging in in this kind of –


And now here comes Crazy Bernie. They’ve run out of things. It’s why Plugs had to come out yesterday or last week and say he’s gonna cure cancer because everybody else is giving everything else away. Crazy Bernie’s gonna give away college tuition, gonna give away student debt. Some other’s gonna come along and give away life. You don’t have to have a job. You don’t even have to go to school. We’re gonna give you universal basic income.

Here comes Fauxcahontas. If you are gay, we’re gonna give you reparations on the fact you haven’t been able to file joint taxes as a married couple all these years. They’ve got nothing to do, nothing to offer but freebies, giveaways, and now abject fear and panic.


RUSH: We’re talking about the pain this week of the upcoming Democrat debates. And, you know, I’ve gotta do an attitude adjustment on this. I’m looking at this as pain. I gotta look at it as fun.

If you don’t remember, I’ll tell you. I have had a friend of mine, a name you would all know, but I’m not gonna mention the name for privacy and security reasons, but I had a guest in town back in March for a local golf club member-guest tournament. This guy’s big in the news business.

So the tournament runs Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. And on Friday night there was no organized social activity as part of the tournament, so we had the night off, which was a blessing. And so my guest says, “We’ve got to watch the Democrats town halls on CNN.” They were in Austin, Texas, South by Southwest.

I said, “No! No. You watch ’em. I’ll set you up. I’ll set you up in there in the theater and you can watch ’em on the 14-foot screen.”

“No. We gotta watch it, we gotta watch it.”

I said, “We don’t gotta watch it. We know what’s gonna be said before we watch.”

“I gotta watch it,” he said.

So I, as a great host, decided to watch it with my buddy. We watched two hours of this. Two hours on CNN, presidential town hall, the first hour was Tulsi Gabbard, member of the House of Representatives from Hawaii, and the only thing she said — if we were playing a drinking game we’d be getting plastered and we’d have never seen the second hour. The only thing she said was that she wants to serve the people, to be in service, to be of service, she wants to serve.

It became a joke. The second hour was Mayor Pete. Mayor Pete Buttigieg from South Bend, Indiana. And I remember about halfway through it I turned to my famous big-time news buddy, and I said, “You keep a sharp eye,” ’cause he was laughing at Mayor Pete. He was kind of chuckling and he was making some notes.

And I said, “Be careful of this guy. Be careful. This guy is excellent at hiding how radical he is. His radical tendencies look very likable.” I said, “You make sure you make a note here.” So it was after that, the following Monday I came here, I said, “Keep a sharp eye out on Mayor Pete.” And I literally think I’m one of the reasons why Mayor Pete started getting some attention. I will never be credited for this, of course. And I don’t want the credit for it.

I’m actually kind of embarrassed that it happened, but I’m not denying that I played a role in this. So Mayor Pete came off extremely well, came off as extremely — he had not kissed his husband, did not kiss his husband on this town hall. That was to come later. This he was just smooth as he could be. He had the appropriate slicing and dicing remarks about Trump. And as I say, his real talent was hiding the fact that he’s no different than any of the other radical leftists running for president. He just doesn’t come off that way.

So I was actually kind of glad that my guest made me watch this stuff. And I got the same attitude about these debates starting this week. We got the big kid table first, and then the little kid table, got two debates. They can’t squeeze ’em all in there on one stage on one debate because nobody’d have a chance to say anything. So that means two of these things I gotta watch. And I’ve got the same attitude. “No. Don’t make me.”

So I’m doing an attitude adjustment. Rather than looking at this as the obvious pain that it’s gonna be, I’m trying to look at it as at least the potential for having a lot of fun, if you can find fun in listening to a bunch of people literally tell you how they want to destroy the principles and concepts of the founding of this country. And that’s really what you have to sign up to listen to.

And in that regard let’s go to the audio sound bites. And here is Crazy Bernie. We’ll start with audio sound bite number 2. I was off by one election. I predicted in 2016 that it would be Hillary Clinton who would propose forgiving all student debt, just paying it up for everybody and being done with it. And she didn’t. And I remain stunned to this day that she didn’t.

But Crazy Bernie did it. He did it today in Washington, outside the Capitol building. He held a press conference to talk about his plan to cancel all U.S. student debt. You know how much it is? One-point-six trillion. Do you realize how much money these people are openly advocating spending and giving away? The idea that we have a budget deficit and a national debt, we ought to just broom it from the conversation because it clearly is not a factor. Neither of them are.

There is no restraint on spending whatsoever in many ways from either party. There is no concern about the impact of the spending, the impact of the spending on borrowing, the impact of the spending on interest rates, the impact of the spending on the overall economics of the country. There’s no more concern over the national debt, not seriously. There’s very little concern about the annual deficit. It’s just spend, spend, spend, spend, spend. There is literally no limit you would think on what we have and how it can be spent.

And the longer this goes on — and I think we’re already there — the more Americans adopt that opinion, that there’s no reason for restraint, that there’s no limit on how much the government can spend because the government is helping the people, the government is doing what it’s supposed to do. The government is to promote the general warfare, all of that rotgut, people are beginning to adopt it, and now with no politicians showing any kind of fiscal responsibility whatsoever.

And in a way you can’t blame ’em because the people who did — you go back to the eighties, the nineties, all the way through the 2000s, there was constant concern over the deficit. I remember one year I was invited to speak to the Bakersfield Business Conference. I was never invited back, by the way. Remember this, Snerdley?

I was invited to speak at the Bakersfield Business Conference, and I preceded the former secretary of whatever for the Kennedy administration, Robert S. McNamara. The day before — I spoke on a Saturday because that’s when the event was — the day before Tom Foley and Bush and somebody had just announced a gigantic success story. They had just fixed the deficit crisis. In their words, they had just come up with a budget agreement that had solved the federal deficit.

So when I went on the stage, I acknowledged this, and I thanked everybody, and I said, “We owe a great deal of credit to speaker Foley, President Bush, and everybody involved, because there will never be any deficits anymore.” And the crowd kind of looked at me and cocked their heads, and I could see the curiosity on their faces as if to say, “What are you talking about?”

I said, “Just listen to what they said. They fixed the deficit problem. They solved the deficit problem. They have fixed the Social Security problem. They fixed it. It’s all in the budget deal.” McNamara gets up there — I got the hook after 16 minutes. (laughing) I got the red light to leave. I was supposed to go 30. I got the hook after 16 minutes.

And that was because I had ripped one of the journalists who had interviewed me prior to when I went — anyway, McNamara said (imitating McNamara), “I must very strongly disagree with Mr. Limbaugh. The contention here that the deficit has been addressed is an ongoing problem, and I don’t believe the recent legislation agreement portends any permanent solution to the deficit.”

Making my point! I was trying to be sarcastic and sardonic at the same time. And they all thought that I was serious. I was just repeating what they had said. They had this gigantic press conference. “We fixed the deficit, we’ve solved the deficit.” Anyway, my point is, back then was about the last time anybody was ever seriously concerned about it.

I gotta take a break and we’ll come back with Crazy Bernie’s audio, so don’t go away.


RUSH: Here we go, Crazy Bernie outside the U.S. Capitol today.

SANDERS: This proposal completely eliminates student debt in this country and ends the absurdity of sentencing an entire generation, the Millennial generation, to a lifetime of debt for the crime of doing the right thing, and that is going out and getting a higher education. Now it is time for Wall Street to come to the aid of the middle class of this country. This Wall Street tax will have the added benefit of controlling Wall Street recklessness and reducing the likelihood of another major economic crash.

RUSH: Uh, I don’t know where to start, but then again, getting too deeply into the weeds on this is gonna be missing the point. What Millennial college graduate will oppose this? No, no. You have to look at it that way. I mean, here’s a Millennial college graduate or — but there’s always another add-on question. What about people who have paid off their loans? (interruption) Same. Well, it sounds like you support this. (interruption) It’s capped at 50? It doesn’t matter how much it’s capped at.

What about people who’ve paid off their loans just last year, the year before? (imitating Sanders) “Well, we have to start somewhere. We have to draw the line somewhere. We can’t do it for everyone.” Oh, yeah, that’s right. Only the ones who have debt, so you can turn ’em out to vote. This will be very difficult for a Millennial, a self-absorbed, self-focused Millennial to oppose. But the idea that this is gonna improve Wall Street’s finances and guard against another, what did he say, major economic crash? He’s gonna cause one! Not stop them!

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