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RUSH: Speaking of Cuba, I happen to have a story here from the Wall Street Journal in my formerly nicotine-stained fingers: “Cuba Ration Lines Grow Tense as Economy Flails.” But the people there are not gonna overthrow anybody. They don’t have any means to do so and they’re too hungry! They don’t even have the energy to do it! This is socialism on crack! Cuba is now breeding ostriches to feed the starving masses. Cuba now is telling its people that the “steaks,” quote-unquote, that they buy are delicious and nutritious.

They’re actually made of dried grapefruit, folks. The Cuban government is telling its people that the “steaks” — and I don’t know where they go to buy these, but they’re telling them they’re steaks and they’re actually dried grapefruit rinds. For people that figure it out, the Cuban agriculture commissioner is encouraging people to eat rodents. He says they taste better than beef anyway. With all this going on, the government is rationing food. There’s a quote from a Cuban person/citizen here: “They treat us like cockroaches. They step on us.”

It’s woman on the line, referring to Cuba’s ruling establishment. She said that she been waiting for about two hours. “Everything in Cuba is political, even the chicken. They have everything, and we suffer.” She’s talking about the Cuban government. The headline of the story is: “Cuba Ration Lines Grow Tense as Economy Flails.” That’s a misleading headline. The Cuban economy has never succeeded. It’s been a socialist-communist economy ever since the “revolucion,” 1959. “Cuba Ration Lines Grow Tense as Economy” Continues to Flail.

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