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RUSH: California Senator Kamala Harris is struggling as a Democrat candidate. So she’s proposing “the 21st Century SKILLS Act.”

There’s nothing 21st-century about it. It’s just another throwback, 1960s-style, Big-Government welfare program that Democrats are famous for.

Senator Harris wants every unemployed or underemployed worker to get $8,000 for “job training.” She says this could benefit 78 million people. They’d line up, stick their hand out, and get eight grand and somehow be trained for a job. Or a better job.

That adds up folks, to $624 billion dollars!

Her office says the $8,000 won’t cover the full training costs, so I guess more money is supposed to materialize out of thin air.

But here’s the thing. We have record low unemployment under President Trump, despite Democrat predictions of disaster. Even manufacturing jobs are roaring back. The opposite of what happened under the Obama Regime.

Yet here’s Kamala Harris, teeing-up a budget-busting welfare program for the unemployed. Meanwhile, people are perfectly capable of finding jobs all by themselves!

Amazing what the U.S. economy can do when Democrats get their hands off it! And it’s amazing the Democrats can’t see it when it’s happening right in front of their face.

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