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RUSH: This is Richard in Lido Beach, New York. Great to have you on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: How you doing, Rush? I’ve been listening to you for over 30 years. I can’t believe I got through today.

RUSH: I’m glad you did.

CALLER: Thank you very much. I appreciate that. I read both your books. My son was a guest on your TV show, as president of the Republican club of St. John University —


CALLER: — Yeah. And all my kids are strict conservatives. Pro-life, and we vote Trump.

RUSH: Well, you’re doing great out there.

CALLER: The reason I’m calling today, Rush, is this Cuomo and the other 12 states that are giving illegal aliens driver’s licenses is leading up to possibly a voting problem in the country. Is there anything that the attorney general could do to stop this?

RUSH: Well, you know what’s happening in New York state, in upstate New York, the clerks at the DMV are refusing Cuomo’s order to grant driver’s licenses to illegals. They’re saying it’s against the law. We’re not doing this. Now, in Manhattan, I’m sure they’ll just sign anybody who walks in wants a driver’s license, (impression) “Where are you from? Guatemala. Great! And while you’re at it, here’s your voter registration card, already got Democrat marked. Just put your X on there and you’re good to go.”

But in upstate New York a bunch of DMV type clerks are refusing to do it. But because it’s the law. It’s just that simple, it’s against the law, and they say Cuomo’s executive order, gubernatorial order here doesn’t overcome it, they’re refusing to do it, because they get what’s going on.

Look. Fox News all last night and today has been playing a clip of me from yesterday’s program in which I made an observation about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez comparing our illegal alien detention centers to concentration camps. And what I essentially said was, the woman’s either stupid or just likes irritating us because she loves attention and can’t go a day without any. It’s one of those two things. And so somebody at Fox wrote a short little opinion piece about that lances for their Fox Now website, and they’ve been running that clip all day as a conversation starter for various panels that they’ve had discussing it. I have been reading around… You know what?

I found two tech blogs defending Cortez. (impression) “She didn’t see Nazi concentration camps. She said concentration camp, and if you look up concentration camp, we are running concentration camps.” She’s got her defenders, and they are as loco as she is. I think, Richard… I don’t know what the answer to this is. I really think that this push for driver’s licenses for illegals, the push for abortion after a baby has survived an abortion, after a baby has been born alive, I think that the left is motivated, not fully, but in part simply by the sheer joy they get irritating us.

Now, I’m not saying that if we weren’t around, if we weren’t around to irritate, if we weren’t around reacting, that they would stop this stuff. But I do think that, from their position of superiority and condescending arrogance, I think they just love irritating us. So saying that they’re gonna legalize driver’s licenses for illegals, I think Andrew Cuomo sits in his office saying, (impression) “Conservatives are gonna blow up for this.” That’s part of the fun of doing it, in addition to – it’s not in replace of — furthering the voter registration efforts, getting these people registered as Democrats.

That’s the overall big concern, bring in people who will become part of the permanent underclass. The Democrat party needs a permanent underclass that is in constant need of the things you need every day to live. And they want to be the entity. The Democrats in government want to be the entity providing all that. That’s how they want to buy loyalty and their power. And so that’s the overriding reason they do it.

But Cortez is coming along and concentration camps… I guarantee you that she and her buddies love, just love irritating conservatives, and hey, I love tweaking the media. I’ve become an expert at it. You people… I even let you in on the fact when I’m gonna do it. It is fun to do. It’s fun to play them. And I think part of this is playing them, although it’s not a substitute for their actual political objective; don’t misunderstand.


RUSH: I mentioned a moment ago that they’re playing this clip of me talking about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her ridiculous claim that Trump illegal immigration detention centers are concentration camps. So they’re playing the bite, and then they assemble panel discussions. So here we have two bites. This is… Take your pick. The one we have here is Harris Faulkner this afternoon on her program, Outnumbered Overtime, and she’s got the editorial director of the Daily Caller in there, Vince Coglianese, to comment about her take and my take so here’s the first bite…

FAULKNER: Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh is arguing that Ocasio-Cortez may be addicted to attention or worse.

RUSH ARCHIVE: I think this woman gets off tweaking people on our side. I don’t think she means this for a minute. I think she’s just having fun watching people blow up. If she does believe it, then she’s so stupid that there’s nothing to do about it. But I think there is a part of her that just can’t go a day without getting noticed.

RUSH: All right. It’s really cut-and-dried — I mean, harmless — little analysis. Here’s Harris Faulkner — who, by the way, does not like me. So keep that in mind as you listen to this. But here’s her take, and then she throws it to The Daily Caller editorial director Vince Coglianese. Here we go…

FAULKNER: It’s great to see. Boy, that’s quite a binary decision, uhhh, between either you misinformed or thirsty [sic] or stupid.

COGLIANESE: Yeah. No, I mean, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez clearly craves attention and the Democrat Party doesn’t actually know how to handle it. She’s a bit of a mascot for their party so they don’t really want to attack her. She’s well liked on the left and she’s definitely loathed on the right as, kind of, the worst-case scenario of a young liberal. And every time she opens her mouth you obviously have people on the right who attack her, and that’s why the left, oftentimes, closes ranks around her.

RUSH: Why, is that not the same thing? That’s exactly what I’m saying. She craves the attention that it gets her! She loves tweaking us. And if she really thinks that, if she really thinks we’re running concentration camps, that’s just stupid. There’s no other way to describe it. I didn’t say “thirsty.” I said stupid! She may be thirsty, I have no idea, but I didn’t say that. She’s either tweaking us or… But you hear him say here, “Yeah, she craves attention. The Democrat Party doesn’t know how to handle it. “She’s a bit of a mascot…”?

You can call a woman a mascot now?

I guess so.

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