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RUSH: Everybody’s blowing a gasket over Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez comparing our illegal immigrant detention centers to concentration camps.  Of course, there’s righteous indignation from people who are offended by the comparisons to the Holocaust. “She doesn’t know what she’s talking about.  We have some of the most humane conditions… To compare what’s going on at the detention centers here? This is…” I think this woman gets off on attention.  I think this woman gets off tweaking people on our side.  I don’t think she means this for a minute.

I think she’s just having fun watching people blow up.  If she does believe it, then she’s so stupid that there’s nothing to do about it.  But I keep thinking this is just — and I’m watching this parade of people. “I am offended!  I am outraged.  Does she not have any idea what…?”  She may not know what went on in a German concentration camp.  She may not know! I wouldn’t be a bit surprised.  This woman comes from public education.  I think you’d be stunned at what this woman doesn’t know, coupled with what she thinks that she does know.

But I think there is a part of her that just can’t go a day without getting noticed, and, like anybody, if you get used to that and then people get used to you — and so you “getting noticed” kind of starts to decline — then you have to rev it up. It’s kind of like having a line or a boundary.  It’s there for a while and you don’t have to cross it to get noticed.  But then after a while, people are so accustomed to your either stupidity, or your shock value, or whatever that no longer shocks anybody. So you gotta go over the line.

I think in her obvious hatred for Trump — and this business, by the way… The left is trying to live off this silly idea, “Trump is separating families at the border! We don’t do that.  That’s against our values.”  Well, it’s not hard to… If you believe that, you could also believe that we are committing Holocaust-type murder in these places. It’s absurd, and I just… If I were people, I wouldn’t give her so much satisfaction.  I would just treat it as, “Why are we listening to this woman?”

Instead of getting all outraged and convening panel discussions of endless analysts, just kind of pooh-pooh it and say something along the lines of, “We don’t need to be wasting our time with this kind of stupidity.  If the Democrats want this kind of stupidity on their side, then let ’em own it. Let ’em have it.”

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