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RUSH: Yesterday I told you about urban schools losing budget money. Fewer illegal immigrants are applying for welfare benefits. So taxpayer “riches” that illegal immigration brought to the schools are dwindling, and educators are mad. They blame President Trump for that.

Well, here’s Part Two of that story. Why, all of a sudden, are fewer of these illegal immigrant families claiming benefits?

The Trump Administration is now warning sponsors of immigrants that they’re on the hook for welfare benefits the immigrants use. ICE has given notice that if immigrants tap into welfare before officially becoming citizens, their sponsors will have to reimburse the government in full.

Trump didn’t pull this out of thin air. It’s been the law for a long time, did you know that? It just wasn’t enforced.

Simply announcing plans to enforce existing law is having dramatic consequences. Immigrants, both legal and illegal, are now wary of accessing the welfare system. This has major repercussions, including in schools where liberals have built huge empires on riches from taxpayer-funded welfare benefits.

You want to know why liberals are so ticked off at President Trump? There’s lots of reasons, but number one is follow the money that they used to get and now might not.

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