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RUSH: As you know, the president is threatening to send more troops to the Middle East. There’s some saber rattling going on with Iran. And this is also something that I want to put in perspective before the program ends, not just with Iran, but the whole situation with trade, the ChiComs, and any number of other things happening out there. And there’s a lot of people, “Oh, no, Trump, we don’t want another war with Iran.” Trump doesn’t want a war with Iran. That’s not what this is about.

But I want to share with you a montage that we put together, sound bite number 12 followed by 16. Those two go together. We have a montage last night and this morning, Fox News, CNN, PMSNBC, the BBC, all these people talking about the intelligence community’s take on what’s going on in Iran and so forth.

Keep in mind, now, these are the same people who, for the last two and a half years, have told us that any criticism, any questioning of the intelligence agencies was akin to treason and undermining the precious institutions of democracy. So when the intelligence community told us that Trump was colluding with Russia, we had to believe them, you don’t question them. The same people saying that, listen to this montage.

TUCKER CARLSON: This is not the first time the Secretary of State has expressed total confidence in the sinister intent of a middle eastern country. Colin Powell made a very similar case.

BARBARA STARR: The case against the Iranians still will have its doubters.

JAKE TAPPER: Do these new photographs prove anything?

ERIN BURNETT: Team Trump wants the world to blindly believe the CIA.

PHIL MUDD: I have more questions. I got burned by the Iraq scenario.

JANE HARMAN: I believed the NIE on Iraq. It was wrong.

KATTY KAY: Well, show us the evidence.

MARTHA RADDATZ: European nations are demanding more evidence.

RACHEL MADDOW: There’s been no evidence.

DAVID AXELROD: There is some doubt being expressed by some of our allies about the quality of the intelligence.

MIKE MORELL: Let’s face it, says falsehoods every day, particularly out of the White House, and that has undermined our credibility.

RUSH: This is unbelievable! These are the people that have been swearing by intelligence for two and a half years and now when the intelligence community’s telling us something about Iran, here come these people, “Well, you guys misled us during the Iraq war about weapons of mass destruction.” For two and a half years they’ve told us we cannot question the intelligence community. It’s akin to being un-American, unpatriotic, how dare we, we cannot disparage these people this way, we cannot cast doubt on these people, they are what’s separating us and keeping us free.

And now these people dump all over the intelligence people. So you can’t trust ’em, since when do we trust the CIA? That was Erin Burnett. Team Trump wants the world to blindly believe the CIA? You just did for two and a half years.

Now we move on to Phil Mudd, the former CIA deputy director, some such thing, counterterrorist center, deputy director there. He was on CNN this morning, New Day. Question: “It seems that the situation’s getting more precarious. I wonder if you can tell us what the U.S. strategy with Iran is.”

MUDD: I can’t. We have a nuclear deal we stepped away from and the Europeans are saying, “Why’d you do that? The Iranians are complying.” I think the globe is looking at us saying we don’t want to go with you because you’re threatening stability in the region for a country that is Iran who was on the path to doing nothing on nukes. I think a lot of people are saying what the heck is up with this?

RUSH: Can I translate this? This is the good old stand by you can count on it line of thinking in the post World War II order where the United States is always suspect. The United States is to blame. The United States should never huff and puff. The United States should never project its power. The United States should never display its superpower status. The United States needs to always be humble, and that’s exactly what this is.

We don’t want to go with you because you’re threatening stability in the region. Like we’re threatening the stability in the region with Iran, we’re threatening. Blame us. It’s always. That’s what Trump has turned upside down and these people cannot deal with it.

In Trump’s world we’re not to blame, it’s not our fault, we’re not the bad guys. The Iranians are the bad guys and giving them nuclear weapons in the future was a stupid thing to do and we’re not gonna do it. These people have had their policy turned right back against them. They can’t stand it. They can’t deal with it.

And that’s why they’re so hypocritical. For two and a half years the intelligence agencies are infallible, but now the intelligence agencies are telling something that Trump likes, and the intelligence agencies should not be listened to. We can’t trust them. Do these people know how they sound, I wonder.

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