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RUSH: The New York Times is warning about the plight of “immigrants” who once “brought riches” to urban schools. Now those immigrants are in the shadows. And the schools are suffering. Well, boo hoo.

Keep reading and you find out a couple of things. One, these immigrants are here illegally. Two, the “riches” they supposedly brought to the schools are from American taxpayers. These kids were poor and didn’t speak English, so school districts had to spend billions of dollars to accommodate them.

Flash forward. The Trump Administration is now cracking down on illegal immigration and on benefits accessed by illegal immigrants. More of them are choosing not to ask for welfare, for fear they’ll be deported.

Here’s where the “suffering schools” comes in. Administrators are “suffering” with dread that their huge budgets are going to shrink.

They need illegal immigrants to keep getting these riches. They don’t want to even think about spending less, and they’re furious, they’re mad, at Trump, who is blamed throughout this stupid fake news article.

But if anybody should be angry, it’s the taxpayers whose “riches” are taken from them to pay for this mess and then having that transfer called riches that the illegals bring with them.

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