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RUSH: Give me Line One. I want to go to this guy in Brooklyn. He has a good point. This is worth considering. Michael, great to have you. I’m glad you called. We’re putting you at the top of the list here, because what I think you’re gonna say is something I would say next. So what is it? What’s on your mind here today on Open Line Friday?

CALLER: Okay. I’ll tell you what’s going on. Am I on?

RUSH: Yeah, you’re on.


RUSH: Here’s your big showbiz break right now. In fact, you go ahead. I’m gonna light a cigar here.

CALLER: (laughing)

RUSH: It’s gonna take me about 15 seconds.

CALLER: All right. I’ll tell you —

RUSH: Fifteen seconds. Go!

CALLER: Very good. There are three reasons I think even though Trump will win, it will be close or it will be a squeaker. And basically, one is the comments like yesterday where they’ll be mischaracterized. No matter what he says, the narrative will be that he’s a collusion person, that he’s gonna do things like that. It’s like Charlottesville. No matter what happens, they’ll say that, you know, “You’ve got good people on both sides.” It will just go on. People will hear it and that’s gonna be a problem.

The second thing is, there are a lot of people who are gonna be upset he broke his promise at the border. They’re gonna say, “Why go and vote? The country is broken, anyway. Forget it.” So a lot of people might stay home. He’ll lose a lot of people, and the other thing is there are gonna be illegals voting and all these people he’s letting in is gonna make it very tough. So all these reasons combined I think it’s gonna be a lot harder even though the economy’s great and all the guys are crazy socialists and people aren’t ready for that yet and all of that, it’s still gonna be a tough sell.

RUSH: See, that’s great. All of that is a mouthful and I want to thank you because I had time to get my cigar lighted properly, evenly around the entire barrel, around the entire circumference.


RUSH: Most callers could not have gone on as long as you did, as cogently as you did. So I thank you for that.

CALLER: All right.

RUSH: You, A, are exactly right. The guy never said what they said he said at Charlottesville, and it won’t go away. They still bring it up. What he said about taking info from foreign actors is all hypothetical. He’s not done it; they have. You’re right. They’re never gonna let anybody forget that. It’s never gonna go away — and there was no reason for this!

Why in the world was George Stephanopoulos allowed in the White House after what he did to Romney, after what he does to every Republican candidate? Why was somebody’s radar not up? Now, your other point, this is the thing I have been biding my time, and I have been… I made reference to this, I think, early this week or late last. I have been waiting for somebody who is a Trump supporter to call here and start talking about this, because you can’t…

I was looking at the Drudge Report yesterday, and one of the reasons I highlighted that is illegals are popping out of the manhole covers in El Paso! They are laughing as they walk through the open fence and open borders throughout the southern border. ICE is releasing them the minute they catch them. There doesn’t seem to be… Well, even at that, there is a lot of apprehension. There are a lot of them being caught and turned away, but the numbers of people getting in and the news coverage each day makes it look like any effort to reduce the number or stop the number at our border has had no effect whatsoever.

And I have been waiting, I have been wondering — this is the reason I think Trump got elected. Build the wall, the symbolism of stopping illegal immigration — I have been wondering how patient Trump voters are on this because I don’t care how you slice it, there is no visual image, there are no pictures, there’s nothing you can report that shows success on this front. The only thing you could say is, “Well, if the Democrats had won, there wouldn’t even be any talk of shutting it down.”

And that’s all true. But you raise, I think, what is a really crucial point that the media hadn’t gotten onto yet. The media’s still trying to destroy Trump on his unfitness for office and this collusion stuff, but the reason Donald Trump got elected was shoring up the American culture, protecting it, defending against this invasion. This is illegal immigration. It’s the thing that kept his coalition together and his base glued together.

CALLER: And there are gonna be a lot of people who are very frustrated that are just gonna say, “You know what, it doesn’t matter anymore. This is our last chance. This is our hope. And all that’s happened is we got more people in there. The swamp’s too big. They’re not gonna change the immigration loopholes and that’s it, so good-bye. I’m just gonna stay home or I’m moving.” And there’s nothing you can do about it. But I don’t think that you’re gonna be able to –

RUSH: Well, see, there is that risk. I mean, there is a risk that people who were enthusiastic about this are gonna conclude that gosh, if Trump can’t do it then it isn’t gonna get done because there isn’t anybody else like Trump who even wants to stop it, who wants to arrest it, who wants to put whatever the barrier is that stops this massive invasion-sized number of people from getting into this country illegally. He’s the only one that’s ever seriously talked about it. And if he can’t do it, then it can’t be done. You’re right. Some people might end up being dispirited.

And you could say, “Well, but look what Trump made the Mexicans do at their southern border.” Yeah. At their southern bor. What about ours? We hear stories, we don’t know what to believe. ICE overwhelmed every day, overwhelmed so much they’re just basically engaging in catch-and-release now. It’s just something I’ve been waiting for people to reference. I’m glad you did. I appreciate it, Michael.

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