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RUSH: Folks, there’s a great new feature coming. I was just telling Snerdley and the boys about it in there in iOS 13 new phone operating system in September. It’s called “Silence Unknown Calls.” It’s in the phone settings. And what it does is, if you get a call, a spam call, you get a call from a number that your phone doesn’t know, meaning that number is not in your contact database, it’s not in an email anywhere, it’s not in an iMessage, then the phone call is automatically sent to voice mail.

Your phone never rings. You never hear the spam phone call ring. If you want to set it up, you get an alert that such a call has come in, you can click on the alert and then go “block the caller” if you want. But the point is, silence unknown never rings. The end of spam calls. You have to have a pretty extensive database. You’ve gotta make sure the numbers that call you in spam are not in your contact book.

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